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The importance of competition for the deepest foundations of a functioning market economy is enormous, wrote about many academic economists. Competition as a factor governing the relevant private and public interests, as the "invisible hand" of the market (A. Smith), equalizing the rate of profit in order to optimize the distribution of labor and capital. Competition - perfect market economic category, form mutual rivalry subjects marketing system and the mechanism of regulation of production carried out. As a social form of interaction of subjects competition a precondition realization of individual economic interests of each entity involved in the struggle between two more or less clearly defined business rivals. The competition also serves as a tool to eliminate and prevent monopolies. Competition in the electronics market is now the most urgent. At home, at work, in cafes, everywhere we are surrounded by products of the electronics market, simplifying our lives. An integral part of this market are smartphones that come into our lives for a long time and its hard to imagine without them. Fierce competition in this area of the market is forcing manufacturers constantly and hard work in the sphere of their products is constantly improving them and come up with something new for consumers. Therefore, in my opinion the competition in the electronics market because of its significance is most interesting for consideration.

Analysis of the Smartphone Market

In 2007, at the presentation of the company Apple, senior director of the company at that time, Steve Jobs introduced the world to an innovative product that promises to change the industrial market for smartphones - iPhone. This year the company has sold 3.3 million units of smartphones, which is not very much compared with the market leaders BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola. But already in 2008, iPhone sales have increased more than three times and reached 11.42 million units, which gave us the 3rd place in the smartphone market.
But closer to our days, according to the company International Data Corporation, in the second quarter of 2011, Apple has a leading position in the smartphone market. The company shipped 20.3 million smartphones, which is 41.1% higher than last year. But the company's main competitor - Samsung, in the same quarter do much more breakthrough sales than Apple. If last year, Samsung sold 3.6 million units, but this year the number was 17.3 million units, and gave us the 2nd position in the global smartphone market.
According to the third quarter of 2012, the smart phone market by 45.3% compared to the same period in 2011. Around the world there have been sold 179.7 million units of smartphones worldwide. The main suppliers were last year's market leaders are Apple and Samsung. Almost all Samsung devices are based on the operating system Android, which allowed the company to become a leader of the market. Apple using its operating system iOS took second place in the quarter, but with the recent release of a new product the iPhone 5, which in its first week it sold more than 5 million units will strengthen and possibly corrects the position of the company in the fourth quarter of this year.
What is the secret of Samsung? The South Korean company produces smartphones, as previously stated, on the basis of the free operating system Android. The company produces a wide range of phones as well as smartphones that allows you to vary in price and design for the consumer. Samsung has in its range of simple and inexpensive devices, as well as a very powerful smartphone for the more affluent segments of the population. Availability allows the company to sell their products in the wider community, which gives a large market coverage.
Apple in this regard remains at his old company slogan "Think Different" - which means "think differently." For many years, the company's products used exclusively for working with graphic resources, people who were involved in the arts. Perhaps this was due to well developed details and only recognizable design of Apple, perhaps with a well-developed operating system, which is also characterized by high quality. So it was in the 80s, so it remains today. Apple designs their smartphones exclusively in one design, and eventually it has not changed. This 3.5 inch screen Multi-Touch, all recognizable button "Home 'at the bottom of the screen, to the right on the toolbar buttons adjust the volume and switch to silent mode, the top headphone jack and a button" Sleep / Wake ", at the bottom of the speaker and microphone, camera and the back label company. Since 2007, the design of the phone has undergone not a very big change, and in principle has remained the same. Therefore, the company has a variety of problems. According to the research center Apple - this is the most comfortable design for a smartphone - "perfection". And for goodness you have to pay. Apple's iPhone are behind often several times more expensive than their counterparts from other companies. Because of what the company loses no small share of the market relying only on wealthy people and fans of the brand. But many consumers think the price justifies the means. Thanks to the development of all components of one of Apple with weaker stuffing achieves very high performance of their devices, even when compared with powerful devices Samsung.
Sony with its new series of smartphones Xperia beat out the top three global market. Phones are presented in different price categories and all work-based operating system Android. The technical characteristics of the smartphone or no way inferior to its competitors, and in some cases even superior. The company has only to make up for lost time after the collapse of Sony Ericsson, but was able to leave its competitors such as RIM, Nokia and HTC. Analysts believe that this is due to the strong policy of the Japanese manufacturer in Spain, Germany and France.

The Competitive Advantage of Apple in the Smartphone Market

What are the advantages of the Apple over other manufacturers of smartphones? It will have to delve into the history of the company. The founder of the huge corporations today is Steve Jobs, who once had the idea to create a computer that is really personal. Then he and his friend Steve Wozniak succeeds, and in 1975 was ready to show the public the first model of "personal computers". But the public was not yet ready for such changes, all imagined a computer like a huge closet, and the fact that it can be small and compact anybody had not occurred, and Steve Jobs was forced to create his own company, which would develop these computers. Some time later, Jobs manages to attach multiple computers Apple 1 store that sells computers, and as a result - guys get an order for the production of 500 pcs. And the store was ready to buy a PC at a price of 500 in. e., and sold at a price of 666.66 USD (sale price determined Steve Jobs himself).
Simplifying the use underlay products Apple. Not to start producing company everywhere she is trying to achieve ease of use, since computers to players. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and despite the innovative touch screen Multi-Touch it not revolutionized the market. Only with the release of new models and refine the product Apple has made the spread of its smartphone worldwide. Steve Jobs was not a genius engineering industry, he was well versed in marketing and the company was able to raise with the tribes of 2 times. Creating Apple, he gathered a cult among users, delivering their computers to schools to the next generation is getting used to their products and the slogan "Think Different" (think otherwise), helps the user to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This move did not bring big profits, but still remained in the company. Compared with other companies Apple releases smartphones basically the same design, almost nothing has changed in them. But this design according to the company's most convenient to use with one hand. 3.5 inch screen allows you to reach every corner of the screen with your thumb while holding the device in one hand, and "Home" button at the bottom of the screen turns off all applications. The company also strives to be an innovator in the field of smart phones. The popularity of touch screen is brought to the market Apple, before this function is only used on a PDA with a stylus. After that, all companies also began to produce smartphones with touch screens. The operating system for the iPhone was designed for extremely easy to manage users interface device. Many well-known part of the Android OS is that it is a copy of the plan submission interface. But the biggest plus from Apple is that the company produces everything itself. That is, design, filling and software made by Apple without relying on other companies. this ensures the highest level of optimization software allows you to give the best performance. Just did not disappoint beautiful design smartphone in the world, it is considered not just a mobile device, and emphasizing the luxury status of the owner.
Do not forget about multifunctional device that is also a distinctive characteristic of iPhone. AppStore is the official application store for iPhone contains the largest database applications for mobile devices Apple. Since different graphic editors, office applications continuing to list all sorts of navigators and programs for students, completing the list of games that are already being squeezed game consoles such as PSP and Nintendo. At the same time everything is done just that even 5-year-old child will understand how to use iPhone'om in seconds, making it easy to interface Apple removes all unnecessary, and users need to install directly "under his breath." Just not long ago the company was represented by voice control program smartphone called "Siri", that at the time of release, there was no competition. Thanks "Siri" you can call, type messages, set the alarm clock, reminders do exclusively and more with his voice, with this smartphone will answer you enjoyable human voice to your requirements. Together with the "Siri" feature the company introduced iCloud, which is also still does not meet the competition, at least in a set of standard programs. This will allow the utility to synchronize your notes, bookmarks, photos, music and more between your Apple-device. that is, if you photographed something on your iPhone - this photo was immediately sent to your computer or any other device supporting utility iCloud.
You cannot pay attention to the display, because nowadays it is an essential part of the smartphone. Apple in its latest model uses the so-called Retina display, due to which even after repeated zooming it will not be visible pixels. Resolution and largest displays iPhones inferior to its competitors, but it is thanks to Retina displays often they look better than widescreen HD display. For many consumers is not an important factor in the number of small accessories products. So for the iPhone produced perhaps the largest number of accessories ranging from different types of covers to large dock with powerful speakers. All this is achieved by uniformity of design and the phone to connect one output. Therefore, the manufacturer of accessories do not have to worry about the form or the output of the future of the smartphone, as all consumers the iPhone and even iPod outputs are the same, so accessories are universal, which is not a small plus.


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