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Along with the influence of media, the advancement in technology paved the way for controversies concerning the ethics of plastic surgery. Men and women alike developed an image of a perfect body and appearance. The surge of doctors specializing in cosmetic surgery also contributed to the increasing number of people, teenagers, in particular, to embrace the trend. While this may sound unacceptable to many conservatives and religious individuals, fanatics of cosmetic and plastic surgery no longer take heed. They say that plastic surgery helps in boosting one’s self-confidence and improving one’s self-image. I say that plastic surgery is not even a necessity but a mere capriciousness that has been the norm for a number of individuals.
Berer says that plastic surgery can increase the confidence level of individual. I say, there are other forms to improve the appearance. A lot of individuals enhance their looks by wearing beautiful clothes, adornments, and jewelry. Other people improve their appearance by styling or putting colors. Still for others, application of beauty of products would suffice. Some people argue that plastic surgery is the fastest way to achieve the looks that one desires. However, I say, plastic surgery does not render natural beauty. Plastic surgery is simply giving profits to the healthcare sectors. A lot of people do not realize that plastic surgery has negative effects as well.
In a Forbes article titled “The Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery” written by Jenna Goudreau, the author enumerated the different dangers that modern beautification process brings. Goudreau claims that while plastic surgery has become a $10 billion USD business, it is no longer a simple procedure of face lifting or nose lifting. At present, a lot of women who undergo surgery are “going under the knife.” Jenna emphasized that 4% of the cosmetic procedures performed on women include liposuction. Majority of those who engaged in this procedure are female groups ages 19 to 34. These groups of women are considered as new groups of trend seekers who want to trim their body one-inch. This includes getting rid of unwanted fats from the breasts of the things and the abdomen. Liposuction may reduce fats in the desired body area. This procedure results in other problems. Liposuction may reduce the presence of fat cells. However, when women start to gain back their weight, the fats distribute in an uneven manner. This often grows in areas that have been flattened such as in the upper abdomen, arms, and back. Some experts are sending warnings to those who want to undergo plastic surgery saying that by changing the feature of one part of the body, this leads to throwing off of the appearance of other body parts. For instance, by tucking the tummy in during the cosmetic procedure, the thighs may appear to be disproportioned. Plumped lips cause nose to appear obtrusive.
Older women try to get rid of their wrinkles by undergoing the Botox procedures. They say that this type of procedure is the fastest way of reducing fine lines on the face and forehead. I say that there have been several cases of Botox procedures that led to the paralysis of the facial muscles. More terrifying is the possible deformities that may be brought by the procedures. There was one instance when a patient underwent a procedure to fix a problem in her eyes. Her eyes are surrounded by wrinkles. The patient underwent Botox procedures. The procedure damaged the nerves in the eye area.
They say that plastic surgery increases confidence level. I say that not all plastic surgeries. There are possibilities of failures. When this happens, the process will merely make the individual more insecure. Rather than having an enhanced appearance, a failed procedure can lead to a terrifying look. Moreover, while plastic surgery seems to be a plausible remedy to an ugly feature in the body, cosmetic surgeons sometimes fails to take into account the preparedness of the individual. They fail to consider the emotional and mental costs that the procedure brings. Plastic surgeries can lead to anxieties, stress, and lack of sleep, as well as recuperation that includes swelling, pain, and fatigue. Following a surgery, the patient may likely undergo depression during the healing process. Those individuals that still fantasize having a great physical change would lead to seeking greater attention. Moreover, despite having a successful procedure, these individuals may still feel discontent particularly when the procedure had some imperfections. As for other obsessed seekers of plastic surgeries, the moment they figure out that the procedure was successful, they will never stop to seek for more enhancements in the body.
Plastic surgeries will render temporary happiness, temporary satisfaction, and temporary good feelings. After gaining back the wrinkles and the fats, the patient will start to feel depress again. Options that they are likely to take are to undergo another surgery or just suffer the ugly after-effects of faded surgery results.
On the other hand, another ethical concern is undergoing reconstructive surgery after an accident. Reconstructive surgery is typically performed to restore the functions of a certain body part. People need a functioning body to be able to work. In various workplaces, it is a requirement to be physically fit because there are tasks that necessitate the use of a certain body part. In the absence of that part of the body, work will not be carried out properly. This will leave the person unemployed because of his physical infirmities. Surgery for the purpose of beautification equates to being vain; hence, it is unethical. Reconstructive surgery for the purpose of restoring the function of a body part due to an accident is ethical because the sole purpose of the person is to gain back the function of the affected body part and find work.

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