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Experiment 1: Perceived and Actual Volume
Question 1: Describe exactly what you did for the experiment.
I got two glasses, one short wide glass and a tall skinny glass. I prepared half cup of water to be poured in each of the two (2) glasses. Then, I poured exactly the same amount of water, as instructed, into each of these glasses.

Question 2: Describe your results.

When I viewed the contents, the tall skinny glass appears to have greater amount or volume of water than the short wide glass.

Question 3: How would the article you read explain the results you found?

In the article entitled “Bottoms Up! The Influence of Elongation on Pouring and Consumption Volume” written by Wansink and Van Ittersum, the authors revealed from the experiments conducted on children and adults in cafeterias that the volume of juice that was consumed was greater when the short and wide glass was used even though they perceived that the volume was perceived to be apparently more in the tall and slender glass. The results apparently mean that “the elongation of glasses negatively influences consumption volume in a singles erving context” (455). The results confirm the perceiption that liquids poured in tall and slender glasses were perceived to be greater; as such, less are consumed in contrast to pouring the same amount of liquid in short and wide glasses.

Question 4: How does this apply to consumer behavior?

The personal experiment and the results conducted by the authors in the article could be applied to consumer behavior through the design of strategies that would encourage repeat purchase and increased consumption. As revealed, using short and wide glasses were confirmed to have increased consumption and therefore, sales and profits accordingly. Through knowledge of these perceptions and consumer behavior, organizations could design strategies that assist in generating sales and net income in the long run.

Work Cited

Wansink, B. and K. Van Ittersum. "Bottoms Up! The Influence of Elongation on Pouring and Consumption Volume." Journal of Consumer Research (2003): Vol. 30, 455-463.

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