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Creative brief is the base of any marketing or advertising campaign. It acts as a treasure map for the creative that they follow to discover golden ideas. Creative brief helps everyone in the organization to better understand and reinforce the aims of a company’s public communications, including advertising and public relations campaigns. The creative brief extracts the clients’ demands and condenses them, tests the samples, and devises communication tools accordingly. It is used to guide the marketing staff regarding the aims, targets, and strategies to be followed to achieve specific goals. For Apple and Volvo, it is important to advertise and market their new products and the services and let potential customers know about the latest technologies, new features, and design of their products.
This paper is aimed at preparing a creative brief for the Apple Inc. and Volvo to help their staff realize the advertising concept and make it influential. Different strategies and methods will be discussed, imagining what the companies would follow during the process of launching their new products. Many creative ideas are based on news reports and customer reviews. For Apple, the customers of different ages, gender, and income levels were surveyed about the features, services, and designs they demand to have in their smartphone. Based on their views, the new Apple product launches have been made.
For Volvo, the creative strategy focuses on recapturing the belief among consumers and industry experts that their passenger cars are the height of human safety and innovative engineering. During the 1990s and early 2000s, Volvo’s position as the market leader in safety was undermined by the mishandling of the brand while under the ownership of the Ford Motor Company. In 2010, when it was purchased by the Chinese firm, Geely, senior managers and engineers at Volvo were allowed to take day-to-day charge of the company. They are now on a course to recapture the safety title by announcing a campaign to realize a bold goal by 2020.

Overview of Apple

Apple, engaged in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of media devices and mobile communication, portable digital music players, and personal computers. Apple deals in different services, software programs, accessories, third party applications, and networking solutions. In addition, the company also deals in the digital applications through the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store. The Apple products and services are supplied all over the world through its online stores, retail stores, and direct sales force. Apple products and services are also sold through third party cellular network carriers; value added resellers, retailers, and wholesalers. In addition, the company supplies several third-party iPhone, Mac, iPad, and iPod compatible products, which includes various accessories, and application software by means of retail and online stores. These products and services are sold to small and mid-sized businesses, consumers, government and enterprise customers, and other organizations.
IPhone is the company’s best revenue-generating smartphone that provides several features and services to its clients. It is installed with the company’s licensed operating system iOS. One can listen to music, access the internet, play games, watch videos and movies, read books, and access thousands of applications though the app store. Besides availability of various features and services in iPhone, the company has to prepare a competitive marketing plan and strategies to compete with the market rivals. Samsung, Nokia, and other cellphone brands are the biggest rivals of Apple. Although, the company still has high market share, it must make detailed plans each time it launches new series of iPhone. Recently, the company launched new series of iPhone including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The company has introduced various new features and a new design in comparison to the last generation of iPhone, that is iPhone 5s.
According to the customer reviews, the people had to face certain issues in the previous versions of iPhone series that were affecting its sales. First, it was not user friendly for the middle to older aged people mainly because of the size. People faced problems while typing a message or browsing. Therefore, large number of iPhone users only belonged to the younger age people. Secondly, the previous versions of iPhone series were lagging in the video capability of the camera. The photos used to be fine, but video quality was not up to the high level. These issues were considered by the design team of the iPhone. The team introduced iPhone 6 series with improved designing. However, the sales of the smartphone depends on the marketing staff; how well they develop a creative brief and follows it ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Evan Kypreos</Author><Year>2015</Year><DisplayText>(Kypreos, 2015)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Web Page">12</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Evan Kypreos</author></authors></contributors><titles/><title>iPhone 6 Review</title><periodical/><dates><year>2015</year><pub-dates/></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(Kypreos, 2015).


Advertise the launch of new iPhone 6 to achieve high market share
Objective/ Purpose of Communication
The primary purpose of communication plan for iPhone 6 is to market the product over the entire world. The organization would use different techniques and marketing strategies to achieve high market share and sales target. By means of this communication plan, the organization staff would also be able to collect the views of people regarding the iPhone. This communication plan will inquire the customers and explore the bugs and any other problems in the set faced by the customers. After the company identifies the problems, then it would find the solution and make improvements in the design, according to the customers’ request.

This communication creative brief is prepared by the marketing team of the organization of about 20 members.

Implementation of Different Ads
Apple has made great ads for the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It released two new ads; one for iPhone 6 and the other for iPhone 6 Plus. The company has appointed Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon in the new ads to create massive hype of the new iPhone series by advertising about its advanced camera functions and screen sizes. IPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen and iPhone 6 Plus has the 5.5-inch screen. These new features are specially being highlighted in the advertisements by emphasis on the huge screen. In addition, the ad also highlights the new iPhone’s camera capabilities. It advertises editing extensibility, time-lapse photos, and slow-mo features. There are certain other camera capabilities introduced in the iPhone 6 series like photo integration, 240 fps slow motion video, and A8 image processing. These new features are the trendsetting technologies in the smartphone market that will bring great changes in future. It is important to advertise these features to let people know about its unique capabilities; how people will be able to make their lives easier with the launch of new iPhone series ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Darrell Etherington</Author><Year>2014</Year><DisplayText>(Etherington, 2014)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Web Page">12</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Darrell Etherington</author></authors></contributors><titles/><title>Watch Apple’s First Timberlake And Fallon iPhone 6 Ads</title><periodical/><dates><year>2014</year><pub-dates/></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(Etherington, 2014).
Apple is also intelligently using the medium of magazines to advertise their new series of iPhone. Apple got the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ads on the Rolling Stone magazine’s back cover. The magazine advertisement also emphasized the size of the iPhone. It compared the size of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone 5s. Currently, about 1.5 million people have subscribed to the Rolling Stone magazine, so it was the good marketing technique to let people have a better look of iPhone 6 series and make comparison of their sizes with the previous ones. Since, the ad covered the complete back cover of the magazine, so the actual sizes of the smartphones are presented on the entire cover page. Thus, the primary focus of the organization in any kind of marketing strategy is on the size of the iPhone 6 series. Similarly, the radio advert of the iPhone 6 series emphasize on the size and especially the camera capabilities ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Kelly Gulmont</Author><Year>2014</Year><DisplayText>(Gulmont, 2014)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Web Page">12</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Kelly Gulmont</author></authors></contributors><titles/><title>Apple Features 'Actual Size' iPhone 6/Plus in Rolling Stone Ad</title><periodical/><dates><year>2014</year><pub-dates/></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(Gulmont, 2014).

Target Audience

Apple’s iPhone 6 and most of the previous series used to target the special class of the customers. Since, the prices of Apple products and so the iPhone 6 series are higher than other smartphones; therefore, usually higher or middle class customers opt to purchase iPhone series. Other variables including, age, income, and gender have an impact on the customers’ purchasing decision. Most of the previous iPhones’ series were famous among young customers. It was because, the old age people used to find it difficult to practice on and type on the small screen of iPhones. However, since, iPhone 6 has introduced a larger sized screen; therefore, it would easier for the old age or people above 30s to understand and handle the iPhone. For this reason, the iPhone 6 series ads has this time targeted the old age employees as well. Males are usually more interested in trying the new technology; therefore, most of the iPhone customers are male. According to an estimate, it was observed that 70 percent of the customers in iPhone 6 queue were male. Therefore, the organization also targets more to the male customers. Apple operates and usually targets the developed countries for their sale. It is for the reason that in developed countries, people usually have the potential to purchase an expensive smartphone. However, in developing countries, where the majority population is middle class, considers purchasing an expensive smartphone as luxury. The sales of Apple products may be compromised in such countries, if the organization targets it for selling their new series of smartphones.
In addition, the iPhone 6 series targets the customers with interest in the new technology, fashion, self-images, reading, music, or business activities. However, iPhone6 is the smartphone for the people of all ages and for those with almost any kind of interests; since, the iPhone 6 user has an access to thousands of applications through the App Store. Apple’s iPhone 6 is now launched in three colors that are silver, golden, and space grey; thus, people can choose the color that goes with their personality. The golden colored iPhone 6 is getting most popular among the female users. Other services include iCloud, iTunes store, and bookstore. These features and applications that are being offered by the Apple’s iPhone6 series have expanded the number of targeted customers’ line. Therefore, now Apple would have to increase the marketing efforts to communicate the message of new iPhone 6 series all around the world.

Brand Positioning Statement

The iPhone 6 series primarily emphasize on the size of the smartphone. The organization has been marketing mainly the size of iPhone 6 series in its TV and magazine adverts, and on posters and radio. Even the brand positioning statement of iPhone 6 series is chosen to be “Bigger than Bigger”. The statement means that this smartphone is not only bigger in size, but also bigger in features and services. It is thinner and still power efficient. According to customer reviews using iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, this smartphone is big, but not that big that makes it difficult to hold or handle.
Similarly, the secondary brand positioning statements are related with specific features of the iPhone 6 series like Apple Pay feature is advertised with the positioning statement “Your Wallet. Without the Wallet” ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Year>2015</Year><DisplayText>(Apple, 2015)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Web Page">12</ref-type><contributors><authors/></contributors><titles/><title>iPhone 6</title><periodical/><dates><year>2015</year><pub-dates/></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(Apple, 2015)
Apple Inc. clearly differentiates between the two iPhone 6 series smartphones, and the previous versions based on their sizes. The sizes and specifications of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been provided for the ease of customers. In addition, the organization offers great services on the purchase of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. It provides one-year hardware repair coverage with 90 days complimentary support and limited warranty. However, AppleCare+ services extends the customer’s coverage up to two years. In addition, it includes two incidents of accidental damages. AppleCare+ charges an amount of $79 + tax for the service fees. The organization provides free technical support to customers 24/7. It also includes software support services.

Overview of Volvo

Volvo originated in Sweden and produced its first car in 1927. Since that time it has grown to become a leading manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment. In the last two decades, globalization forces saw the company move onto a bigger stage. Its passenger car division was purchased by Ford Motor Company in 1999 for $6.5 billion, a move that was thought by some analysts to threaten Volvo’s brand cache as an elite, global auto company that placed safety at the top of its production concerns. Ford, having a track record of safety problems with several of its model lines — the Pinto being a leading example — thought to boost the reputation of its domestic models through association with Volvo, which was known for its high-tech pursuit of passenger safety features. While not much has been written about this strategy, the consensus seems to be that Volvo’s safety luster failed to impact the reputation of Ford’s other models. In fact, some argued that the connection with Ford had damaged Volvo’s brand.
In 2010, as Ford struggled to survive through the Great Recession, it sold Volvo to the Chinese holding company Zhejiang Geely for just $1.8 billion, taking a loss of over 72%. Some consumer comments in social media and blog posts of the time reveal the general opinion that Volvo was no longer a premium brand and that its cars had ceased to offer safety features that were over and above those found in competing models, and certainly beyond legal requirements.
Here’s a sample of the consumer perceptions of the time, taken from a blog post on Jalopnik, a leading blog on the auto industry that is owned by Gawker Media: “Volvo started making safe cars in the 1940s, with the PV444. If you care enough to buy a Volvo, you're usually thinking about safety. People in Fords and BMWs get cut up. People in Volvos generally don’t." (Jalopnik, 2010).
This paper examines how competing brands, notably Subaru, took the opportunity to capture Volvo’s market position as “first in safety” and the way in which Volvo is attempting to reclaim this niche through its breakthrough marketing campaign, “Vision 2020.”
Vision 2020 is more than a mere marketing campaign. It’s a daring promise to consumers and the society at large to achieve this ambitious goal: “By 2020, nobody will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo.”
The Vision 2020 creative brief plan is prepared by the senior marketing team of 5 members of the Volvo organization along with Volvo’s agency of record, Mindshare, a division of WPP.

Objective/ Purpose of Communication and Target Audiences

The overarching goal is to startle analysts, journalists, policymakers and consumers by making — and in time achieving — a bold promise to build passenger cars that are so safe that five years from now NO deaths or serious injuries will occur to any person riding in a new Volvo. Volvo expects this breakthrough statement to cut through the advertising and social media clutter to achieve three objectives:
1) Disrupt the ‘business as usual” mindset of industry analysts, highway safety bureaucrats and journalists by capturing their attention and garnering positive news stories about Volvo.
2) Engage auto aficionados and important car bloggers by demonstrating, not merely stating, that the Volvo brand is still the reference standard for safety and innovation.
3) Capture the attention of upper-middle income consumers with families who are looking to purchase a new, premium automobile. Families are the key segment of purchasers, as safety is a primary motivation of car-buying parents.

Implementation of Core Communications

There are two communications vehicles that are “core” to the Vision 2020 campaign:
Campaign Promise Video
A two-minute video intended to be played at auto trade shows to reach car aficionados, including consumers, bloggers and journalists, with the news of Volvo’s stunning promise, as well as a reminder that Volvo has owned the “safety” territory for nearly 80 years. The Volvo brand is not “back;” it never left. We have been making passenger autos that are the epitome of safety since the inception of our company. A secondary purpose of this video is as a point-of-purchase tool to support local Volvo dealerships in making sales to consumers who are browsing in their showrooms.
The video will depict the major safety advances in Volvo cars, starting with our steel cage design in 1940, including innovations such as side impact protection in 1991, and culminating in today’s promise of no deaths or serious injuries starting in 2020. Historical footage will be used liberally, as will clips of laboratory crash test demonstrations with dummies who “survive” the accidents. The crash test “survivors” are included to directly challenge the current spate of television and magazine advertisements by our competitor, Subaru, called “They Lived.” Click here to see the Volvo video. Also important to this video will be the selection of an upbeat, rock soundtrack with crescendos and other bold musical devices to underscore the breakthrough attitude and courage that Volvo expresses in making this announcement.
2) Portfolio of Still Images
Because today’s digital media are heavily image dependent, we will provide a large array of arresting color photographs of Volvos through the years, designed to accompany written articles and blog posts about Vision 2020. The stills will illustrate Volvo safety innovations over the years, as well as the unique designs of our passenger cars. Photo captions will highlight the boxy lines of our iconic late-20th century models, positioning them as designed for safety and protection of human life. We can’t hope to undermine the view of this design as stodgy, but we can hope to make “stodgy” acceptable by interpreting its functionality.
A secondary use of the photo portfolio is for social media strategies carried out by our in-house marketing department, for use in promoting contests, polls and other engaging campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Click here to browse the portfolio.
Finally, it is worth examining the advertising campaign of Volvo’s competitor, Subaru, in order to understand the emotional impact that is required of the core Vision 2020 video, as well as in the photo illustrations we plan to supply to journalists and bloggers. See the Subaru ad here: Clearly, Subaru is pursuing Volvo’s traditional audience of families who seek safer automobiles. The creative on the Vision 2020 campaign must counteract these advertisements by showing that Volvo has always been concerned with safety. The Volvo track record assures consumers of our enduring commitment, as well as our engineering bias toward innovations that have as their primary purpose the safety of human life.


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