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This concept refers to a battle that is or is similar to one of a race in Greece that was strong and aggressive with the Olympian gods. Gigantomachy or Gigantomachia is a Greek word meaning fight with Olympian gods. Giant or ‘giantes’ is reference to a race that is known for their strength, being aggressive to the extent of daring the gods to a challenge.
This concept may be taught through the use of images and cartoons of the ‘giantes’ people and some explanation in very simple English language so that they can understand and connect with the history on gigantomachial.t may also be translation by various writers and poets of the Greek morphology and explanation of the way things happened. To a third grade student, they most probably have a notion about the gigantomachia wars and stories from l cartoons watched such as Avengers, Guardians of the galaxy, Hercules among others where the titans are portrayed as antagonists most of the time. This therefore makes it a good way to teach them, explain to them why the titans were called titans and how the battle between the ‘giantes ‘people and the gods happened as they watch therefore capturing their attention ,focus ,interest and ensuring they understand their sessions. This medium is available to them through local television stations that air cartoons such as Avengers by Marvel and Hercules. This medium may also very much include video games that portray how the ‘gigantic’ fought with the gods and how Zeus the god of thunder and lightning struck the Titans .This includes video games such as God of war one to three. This medium is relatable, attracts attention and will work more effectively in teaching the third grade students.
Through detailed explanation the third grade students will see you as a professional teacher, well versed therefore amplifying one’s strengths and shadowing the weaknesses that might be
This is a lot that only hear or imagine of the Greek history of ‘gigantic ‘and the titans. You may use a film or a movie then deliver a speech or you can deliver a speech then show the movie. The grandparent /non-expert will understand the movie and then catch your explanation of how the Titans were defeated by their own children the Olympians and how humans are referenced to Titans and the various interpretations by the various authors, writers and poets. By explanation, the non-expert fills in missing gaps and gets to ask questions about the whole Greek history. This audience will comprehend how the story goes and will view one as an expert in that field considering they are non-experts. One’s strengths are portrayed. The history should be detailed out from the time the time the people who were half man and half god existed and an explanation of their strength and how they rebelled against the gods and fought. This should be commensurate to the film watched thus bringing cohesiveness and blend of the story. The audience should understand how the Titans covered in white clay or gypsum as interpreted in modern and ancient interpretations made a person known as Dionysus was captured, tortured and his limbs burnt. This explanation and film watched is relatable, the film is easily accessible to this audience and will capture their attention. This medium is good and effective for this audience as they are not experts and require simple explanation to understand. This medium will be better than a detailed source of information to this audience which may not fully understand the contents.
This is possibly an expert audience therefore the literature delivered or used must be detailed and specific. Here one may use a website and a speech interpreting the different versions of poems on Gigantomachy or Gigantomachia. A good illustration may be a website with graphics of war between the Titans and the Olympians and how the Olympians won and specific descriptions and information in the site for this audience to take in .A sharp speech explaining how the war started and how Zeus ,the god took wrath down on the Titans using thunderbolts. This may also include a detailed explanation of how humans emerged from the Titans and how the human body is referenced to the Titans signifying perseverance and the soul to the human spirit .This would sink in the minds of this audience and play one’s cards to one’s own favor as the audience will be convinced of the teacher’s knowledge and depth of understanding of the’ Giantes’ history. The teacher or instructor may also detail out specifics of the history such as the detail on Chronus who was King and had Rhea as his wife who was also his sister. He/she may also explain how Chronus was fooled to drunkenness then taken to a cave where he was for eternity. Interpretations of the last fragments –poetry by Plato, Pindar and Oppian explain that humanity sprang out of the Titan corpses’ smoke after the thunderbolts by Zeus after killing of Dionysus whom Zeus ,the god, left the throne to. Such detail and information may be articulated by the teacher thereby exhibiting prowess on the subject to the experts or workers on the television show Game of thrones which has a few similarities in history to the Greek kingdom hood,


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