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The Early Minoan II era appears to be one of the significant periods in the past, particularly for various places on Crete. It was during that period that a huge amount of pottery was discovered. The Early Minoan II era which is the period between 2600 and 2300 B.C. is likewise embodied by the discoveries of the settlement at Myrtos, specifically on the hill situated in Fournou Koryfi (Explorecrete.com). This place is believed to be located approximate the borders having Herakleion Prefecture. The Goddess of Myrtos is one of the most interesting potteries discovered. The pottery is a libation vase that has the figure of a woman. The body takes the shape of a bell with a hollow internal feature, devoid of limbs, and has a long, thin neck that supports the small head. The pottery also shows the facial details loosely designed. The Goddess of Myrtos figure appears to be a woman that holds a jug with a beak-mouthed shape. The right arm of the woman touches its left hand. In addition, what appears to be its clothing structure was painted. In one aspect, it can be said that the clay statuette appears to show a goddess holding on tight to an object from which the liquid was poured.
According to Christ (“Turtle Goddess”), the statuette was discovered in a place where only 120 people live. The Goddess of Myrtos appears to be holding a container. Ritually, liquid is poured to the container. Calling her a Goddess signifies that the figure is that of a female. The Goddess of Myrtos has breasts as well as a pubic triangle or also termed as the sacred triangle (Christ, “Turtle Goddess”), As Christ would describe it, there is a cross=hatching on the pubic triangle as well as squares drawn on the body which may signify her woven cloth. This only tells of the kind of life that the past civilizations had in Early Minoan era. It can be said based on the squares drawn, that the women belonged to a community of weavers. The various loom weights and spindle whorls that were seen from the area also gave proof of the significance of weaving at the place of Myrtos. According to an archaeologist named Marija Gimbutas, the lines seen at the vessels were recognized to be representative of flowing water. The pitcher may have been designed to pour liquids and drinking water and to pour libations of milk, wine, water, and oil that were constantly used during rituals. On the other hand, the long neck as well as the loosely designed face of the Goddess could be representative of an animal figure that lived within the area where the pottery was found. Some associated it with snake while others associated it with a turtle. However, as linked by Christ in one of the pictures she found, the turtles were depicted to be creatures that were interested and curious about life. The squares drawn next to the pubic triangle were linked to the patterns found on the shell of the turtle. In addition, the stitching on the sides of the figure was believed to be the intersection of the upper and lower halves of the shell.
Although there is no concrete evidence as to what exactly the Goddess of Myrtos’ statuette represents, it is clear that the image of the pottery seems to depict the way of life during the Early Minoan era.

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