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Geography deals with the study of the weather, the earth, the rocks and their formation, and the geographical processes. However, geographical scenes could have either a positive or a negative impact. For instance, the earthquakes always affect the citizenry negatively by causing deaths and displacing the people. On the other hand, the migration of animals from one region to another promotes tourism. The geographical scenes, for example, the ancient rocks and mountains also attract tourism in a country leading to more increase revenue from the tourists thereby an upsurge in the economic growth of a country.
Thesis statement: an analysis in some recent articles in the U.S and Canada paints a clear of the significance of the processes.
In the article,” Why we need a North American Passport,” by Andres and Daniel, the authors emphasize the need to issue the North America passports to control the immigration level. However, the emergence of the oil and the natural gas has triggered the reaction from the authors as a way of protecting its borders. Both oil and natural gas form part of the geographical scenes that earn a country a foreign exchange. Reports have shown that, “North America has become a fastest growing producer of both oil and the natural gases,” (Martinez & Kurtz).Therefore, the government should protect the geographic significance of the oil and the natural gas by issuing passports to enhance commerce with the neighboring countries.
The government should enhance the social ties especially with the Mexicans to help reduce the racism level. Strong social ties reduce the internal wrangles thereby improving the public image of the country. As a result, the trade of oil and the natural gases increases because the other neighbors also feel secure with the well treatment of the other people. The sharing of the mineral resources encourages competition among the neighboring countries. Additionally, it triggers the economic growth rate of the nation. Due to the potential North America has in the production of the natural gas and the oil, the government should protect the resources in the country because they contain the geographic significance.
Consequently, the North American Free Trade played a great role in the promotion of equality in sharing the geographical significance of the resources. For this reason, the authors state the need for the government to grant more people with passports to help in exploring the geographic resources for the benefit of all (Martinez & Kurtz). The lifting of the migration ban would lead to the increase of the labor, which in return increases the profitability level from the geographical resources. The government should never under- exploit the natural geographic resources because it leads to loss of opportunities that would help propel the country forward.
However, in Canada, the changes in the oil prices contributed to an upsurge in the layoffs. However, the increase in oil production in the country is one of the reasons behind the reduction of the oil prices. Additionally, more countries have also started to produce oil, and it increases the oil supply in the market. As a result, the increased oil supply and the normal demand lead to a decline in the prices due to the high competition levels.
In his article,” Job losses from oil’s collapse not showing up in the data yet,” by Geoffrey Morgan shows the effect of the oil prices in Canada. The overproduction of oil and discovery of more oil sources has influences a reduction in the oil prices greatly. However, some of the major oil manufacturing companies did not feel the effect in the price reduction. For this reason, some people lost employment due to the layoffs because the companies cannot meet the expenditure levels in payment of salaries (Morgan). The failure to reflect the price effect on the leading companies depicts the stability nature of the large companies.
Conversely, the fear of losing loyalty from the public could contribute to the lack of showing the data. The management could opt to keep the data away from the public to maintain its public image. Offering the job employment opportunities to many citizens helped the companies’ hedge against competition from the other companies in the industry. As a result, it drew more clients to the companies thereby an increase in the profit levels. Oil is one of the geographical resources that contribute to the economic growth of a country significantly. However, the companies should show flexibility by adjusting accordingly to avoid massive financial losses.
However, people have continuously lost jobs in the oil industries due to the reduction of capital. Therefore, even the major oil manufacturers in Canada would at one time adjust accordingly by lying off of the employees. Nonetheless, the increase in the oil and the discovery of the oil also offer employment to the citizens thereby balancing the figures of the number of the employees who lose jobs from the companies (Morgan). Nevertheless, the government should take precaution measures to reduce the layoff rates by encouraging trade and commerce with other countries. As a result, increase in commerce intensifies the oil export thereby increasing the oil demand. With an increase in the oil demand, the government could regulate the oil prices thereby reducing the layoff rates.
In conclusion, the governments and other regulatory bodies should protect the geographical sites and resources because they help in generation of income to the nations. The geographical sites have significant values thereby the necessity to protect them.

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