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The research paper focuses on Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic which are two island
territories located in the Caribbean, in particular in the Greater Antilles archipelago. Both countries
are similar in many aspects, however, some factors differ significantly. The research compares and
contrasts location, climate, environment, population, status, governmental structure, culture,
religion, education, healthcare, lifestyle, media, economy, industry and military of both regions.

The commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are neighbor territories. Both

of them are situated in the Caribbean and belong to the Greater Antilles archipelago. Puerto Rico
consists of many islands (the main island, Vieques, Culebra, Mona). It is located east of the

Dominican Republic, which by its population is the second largest island in the Caribbean. Puerto

Rico is the third largest country by the population in the region. Both territories have tropical
climate. The weather is warm all year round. The highest temperature in Puerto Rico was recorded
in 2014 in Arecibo which was 98.96 F°, the lowest in 1923 in Adjuntas Aibonito Corozal in 1923. It
was 39.92 F°. Dominican Republic highest temperature was recorded in 2014 in Mao, the lowest in
1923 in Valle Nuevo, Constanza, 109.4 F° and 25.7 F° respectively (Nation Master, 2014).

Puerto Rico is the United States of America territory, while Dominican Republic is an

independent state since 1924. Puerto Rico has two official languages, Spanish and English.

Dominican Republic official language is Spanish. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, Santo

Domingo the capital of Dominican Republic. The Commonwealth is characterized by variety of
ethnic groups while the Republic has only three ethnic groups. Governmental system of both states
differs since Puerto Rico is part of the federal government country while Dominican Republic is
unitary presidential state. Legislature of both states consist of upper and lower houses which have
different structures.
Puerto Rico population is 3.67 million people including 18.4% of residents under 14 years
and 16.4% over 65 years. Population of Dominican Republic is 10.22 million including 28.5% of
people under 14 and 6.9% over 65 years. Population growth rate is negative in Puerto Rico and
positive in Dominican Republic, -0.47% and 1.28% respectively (NM, 2014).

Average monthly salary in Puerto Rico is1 703.52 which is 43rd result out of 145 countries of

the world compared to Dominican Republic being 104th in the same list with the salary $491.37 per
month (NM, 2013). These numbers demonstrate that Puerto Rico citizens have higher standards of
living compared to their western neighbors. In Puerto Rico, however, they have to pay more for
water, gas and electricity. Their average monthly bill is approximately $250 while Dominican

Republic residents pay a little bit more than $70 for the same utilities. As for food prices, they are

lower in Dominican Republic. Loaf of bread, for example, costs $1.33 while in Puerto Rico one has
there costs $64.68 while Dominican Republic restaurants offer the same menu for $40.91.

MacDonalds offers its meals for identical prices in both countries. Local fast food places, however,

differ in their pricing policy. Clothes and shoes cost almost the same, brand items sometimes are
even more expensive in Dominican Republic. One bedroom apartment rent prices in the center and
outside it are $321.79 and $219.01 respectively in Dominican Republic compared to $583.33 and
$405.33 in Puerto Rico. Prices for public transport are lower in Domenican Republic while taxi
fares there are higher than in Puerto Rico (NUMBEO, 2014).

Gross National Income indexes of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are $42.05 billion

and $18.95 billion respectively. Puerto Rico GDP per capita is also higher, $28.529 compared to
$5.879 in Dominican Republic. Both countries have high unemployment rate, 16% in Puerto Rico
and 14% in Dominican Republic where 34.4% of people live below the poverty level. Puerto Rico
exports a lot more than Dominican Republic, $67.30 billion compared to $9.08 billion. Total cost of
commodities imported to Puerto Rico is $49.00 billion, to Dominican Republic $17.76. Inflation
rate is lower in Puerto Rico,2.6% compared to 3.7% in Dominican Republic (The World Bank,


Dominican Republic has more agricultural land and grows sugarcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa,
tobacco, rice, beans, potatoes, corn, bananas, cattle, pigs, diary products, beef. Most common
agricultural products grown in Puerto Rico are sugarcane, coffee, pineapples, plantains, bananas,
livestock product, chickens (NM, 2010). Farm workers in Puerto Rico number to 19 000, in

Dominican Republic to 491 000, while it has twice less agricultural machinery than Puerto Rico

does. Dominican Republic is 22nd out of 204 countries of the world by agricultural production index
while Puerto Rico is 171st out of 204 countries. Dominican Republic produces 890.195 metric tones
of cereal each year, Puerto Rico 607 metric tones (NM, 2012). As we can see, Dominican Republic
is an agricultural country, it benefits from the land as much as possible, grows and reaps harvest
which helps to support the economy.

Let's take a look at the industry of both countries. In Puerto Rico gross value added by

constructions is 1.5 billion, 48.21 billion by manufacturing, 50.27 billion by mining, manufacturing
and utilities. Statistics shows same results for Dominican Republic, 3.05 billion, 12.92 billion and
14.4 billion respectively. As we can see, Dominican Republic excels it neighbor in construction
industry while has less developed manufacturing and mining. Its annual industrial growth rate is -
2.5 while Puerto Rico annual growth index is 0.5 (Economy Watch, 2013).
Employment rates are 25.4% in Puerto Rico compared to 53.3% in Dominican Republic.
Labor force in the first country involves 1.25 million people, in the second 4.5 million. Labor force
respectively in Puerto Rico and 17%, 24.3%, 58.7% in Dominican Republic (International Labor

Organization, 2010-2014).

Puerto Rico has no local military forces. Their functions are performed by the National
Guard and Police Force. Dominican Republic military consists of the Army, Navy and Dominican
Air Force.
Most common environmental issues in Puerto Rico are erosion and drought while
Dominican Republic suffers from soil eroding into the sea and deforestation. Both countries lack
fresh water. Air is less polluted in Puerto Rico, the air quality index is 62.5 compared to 39.29 in

Dominican Republic. Drinking water quality is higher in Puerto Rico as well, the quality index is 75

compared to 37.5 in Dominican Republic (NM, 2013).
Total population literacy in Puerto Rico is 94.1%, In Dominican Republic 84.75%. In

Dominican Republic kids can go to preschool when they turn 3, in Puerto Rico after 4 years.

Preschool lasts for 3 and 2 years respectively. Quality of the preschool education can be compared
Dominican Republic. Both primary and secondary education last for six years in two countries.

Duration of compulsory education in Puerto Rico is 13 years, in Dominican Republic 9 years.

Governmental education expenditures in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are 6.68% and 9.7%
respectively (NM, 2010).

Birth rate in Puerto Rico is 13 per 1 000 of people while in Dominican Republic the rate is

23.58. Average age of a woman when she becomes a mother is 25 in both countries. Teenage birth
rate is higher in Dominican Republic, 98 compared to 54.5 in Puerto Rico. Men life expectancy in

Puerto Rico is 75 years while women life expectancy 83 years. In Dominican Republic men live

approximately 75 years, women almost 80 years (United Nations Population Division, 2011-2013).

Ninety percent of all population have access to medicine in the Republic, however, its death rate is

higher compared to Puerto Rico. According to the UNPD, men death rate index in Puerto Rico is
132.55 (121 out of 143 countries), in Dominican Republic 206.3 (74 out of 143 countries) (2011).
Infant mortality rate in Puerto Rico is 8.07 deaths (out 1 000 live births). The situation is worse in
Dominican Republic where the same rate is 22.22. Government spends $295.69 per capita for
health care in Dominican Republic. According to the World Development Indicators database,
health care system location conveniency index in Puerto Rico is 78.57 which makes it 29th out of 85
countries in the world. Healthcare cost index is 69.64 (29th result out of 85). Health care system
quality index is 60.53 (50th out of 85). Modern equipment indicator is 76.92 and Puerto Rico is 51th
in the list of 85 countries (2014). As for health care quality in Dominican Republic, there is only
one hospital bed and 1.88 physicians available per 1 000 of people compared to 3.32 beds and 1.75
physicians in Puerto Rico.11.7% of children under 5 years suffer from malnutrition, 6 and 8 people
per each 100 000 of population suffer from malaria and tuberculosis in Dominican Republic (NM,

More than 30 national and private television stations broadcast in Puerto Rico while there is

only 1 state owned broadcast media in Dominican Republic. Rest of them are private which still
allows quality media. Number of radio stations differs significantly, 125 in Puerto Rico compared to
300 in Dominican Republic. More than 97% and 75% of households have television in Puerto Rico
and Dominican Republic respectively. More than 40% of people use internet in both countries.
81.75 out of 100 people are subscribed for mobile cellulars in Puerto Rico and 88.75 in Dominican

Republic (NM, 2012).

Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are both large countries by territory and population.
They have different polity and aren't both independent. Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. It
has better economy indicators, including salary and GDP indexes. Dominican Republic
predominates in agriculture, more people there work and benefit from the land. Quality of
healthcare is higher in Puerto Rico while education is comparatively at the same level, however, it
seems that people are more protected by the government in Puerto Rico rather than in Dominican

Republic. People in both countries have access to modern technologies, communications and lead

an active lifestyle. Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are both very attractive countries. Their
climate and location turned the territories into destination places for thousands of tourists all over
the world. The nature of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic is beautiful. Waterfalls, dry forests,
reserves, islands, beaches and canyons are real wonders waiting to be explored.

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