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There are a number of important and significant differences between the artists Rembrandt and Durer. In Linear and Painterly, the difference between the art of Rembrandt and the art of Durer is that the former is painter while the latter is draughtsman in general formulation. The linear style shows the line of the object while the painterly style may show other artistic aspects such as the masses. Rembrandt is, by and large, a painter; his work focuses on the artistic expression of an idea through paint. This is not to say Rembrandt is more of an artist than Durer, who is primarily a draughtsman. Durer gives the viewer a sense of line work that Rembrandt does not, and projects an image of shape and form, rather than an impression of the depth and complexity of the world as a whole.
I concur with the author that the meeting between the scientist, artist and industrial played an important role in improving their recognition in the society. They came with ways through which they could participate in what was happening in the society using their expertise. I disagree with the author that it is not possible for the industrial body to engage in political activities. The author argues that so long as the public opinion is not influenced by fine arts or sciences, engaging in political activities are practically impossible.
However, art is a strong form of communication that artists use to express their views on different matters that are going on in the society. It is almost impossible to say that it has no place in political happenings given that people continue to interact with artistic work in the daily lives through paintings, drawings, among other forms. Industry plays a significant role in the creation of art. As the industrial world expanded, so too did its impact on art; the architecture; during this time, world saw an increase in high rises and other technical and engineering masterpieces.
Art plays a crucial role in the advancement of mechanical age of reproduction. Many innovations came up that improved artistic techniques that were at the centre of transforming the entire society through new methods of doing things. With the use of a brush, many genius ideas came up that helped to transform the society socially, politically and economically.
The inclusion of art into a number of different realms is very important; art cannot be contained or constrained by the normal societal restrictions that are commonly put on it. Art can and should be a complex and difficult entity to understand, and this is why art takes so many different forms for a variety of different types and reasons. Without variety in art, art cannot develop.
As art develops, it becomes an important social commentary woven into the very fabric of society and culture. The culture of art is important to the further development of humanity; as can be seen in many of the pieces discussed this semester, art is a way for individuals to integrate and develop. It cannot be pigeonholed into any particular idea or ideal, because art is very unique to the people who create it and the society in which it is created. Understanding art and art’s impact on society is the fundamental purpose of art history and the development of the field gives a deeper understanding of the idea of art and society as a whole. The interaction between art and society gives everyone a greater understanding of life, humanity, and culture.

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