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Enlightenment Paper

Voltaire was elemental in the popularization of the English writers and science to other French readers. As such, his contribution to reason and science was significant. Most of the clarifications of Voltaire were through his letters about the English Nation. One of the aspects that make Voltaire’s clarifications essential is his explanations of the issue of Bacon. Bacon conforms to the readers that they had heard about the manner in which Bacon was accused (Kramnick 15). He says that this accusation was far from being the crime or offense of a philosopher, that is, of being a victim of corruption by pecuniary gifts. In his letter, Voltaire related this aspect to the manner in which the house of peers sentenced him to pay a fine and lose of chancellor. As such, Voltaire relates the science of leadership where he suggests that the sentence would be degrading for Bacon from the dignity and rank of a peer.
Voltaire says that at that time, English revered his memory to a degree that only with the great difficult could an individual conceive him to be in least guilty. In order to provide his opinion on the subject, he carefully said that he would incorporate a famous saying, which according to him, for the truth of which individuals appeal to phenomenal figures without trespassing against the decorum goals (Kramnick 15). As such, Voltaire critically clarified arguments and relationship between science nature through evidences and references to significant figures or happenings then.


Rousseau was also another elemental figure in the age of enlightenment. His clarifications were also significant in the understanding of the relationship between reason and the nature. He provided clarifications according to the laws and regulations governing the existent regions. Through his clarifications, Rousseau provided that individuals might endeavor more especially with the traces that the geniuses practice in the sciences that descend periodically from the profound and abstract theory to the delicate and learned applications (Kramnick 19). He added that with these endeavors, simplifying the means and proportioning them to the wants and concluding by spreading the advantages would plunge into remote speculations.
Rousseau said that individuals might remark that various arguments are made against the utilities of the theories involved in these arguments. As such, he draws a clear relationship between reason, which is the arguments and the nature or sciences involved, which are the utilities of arguments employed in these arguments. As such, Rousseau best clarifies the relationship between reason and science or nature. He does that by providing concrete examples such as the concepts of arguments in relation to those of the utilities of theories (Kramnick 15). For instance, he said that people might prove that it is the imperfection rather than the profundity of the theories in arguments that they ought to attribute the unhappy or inutility effects of many of the applications. He maintains that the observation lead to a single truth that in all the modifications and results of the theories, there exists certain inaccuracy sources that are inevitable (Kramnick, 26). As such, the aims of individuals with reference to these inevitable inaccuracy sources should be rendering such effects insensible, without the indulgence with the chimerical hopes of removing them. According to Rousseau, a great number of data relative the wants of individuals; their means and expenses must enter a relative problem of real and immediate practice.

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