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Published: 2020/12/26

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The human consumption for different products has led the world into a place where exploration of natural resource has become a common human process. The aim of this paper is to undertake a survey in order to understand the patterns of consumption. Also, the video clip entitled, The Story of Stuff has been closely assessed for the change that has been introduced in the American society. There is much factual information that has been given to the audience of the video clip.


The video clip is relevant to the societal life of people because it enables one to see the truth and factual information. The video and survey that has been conducted for the aim of this paper provides clear understanding about the futuristic approach of people i.e. people have no idea about the patterns in which they are causing damage within the environment. The need of effective policies is very much needed in order to allocate sources among people effectively.


There are three respective things that I have learnt from the video clip and the survey. Firstly, there is a lot of inequality present in the world we live together. It is a fact because one can see many movements concerning the equality but even then there seems to be a lot of confusion of inequality within the world. Secondly, one has a tendency to make damage to the society and therefore, it should be stopped. Finally, the consumption patterns should be a decision undertaken after thorough planning and assessment because the direct impact is observed by the people who are living below the poverty line. These people work so hard all day and all night that it becomes difficult to take care of their other needs in life such as health etc.


The first social issue that has been discussed in the video clip is the greed of people to get rich. In this way, they are ignoring the real need of equality of resources.

The increased number of slaves that is being done without knowing the damage that is being made to the society.

In no time, natural resources will be scarce. People are needed to understand the value of the natural resources.


I have been making use of very few products as I am a very simple-goer. However, at the same time, I got to know that I have made twenty nine people as slaves who work for me so hard that they are living a very disturbing life. It is news for me because I never realized. In fact, I wonder there are many people who make use of various products and facilitations. They are making a major damage in the society.


I have learnt a lot of factual information after reviewing the video clip as well as the survey. I would rather suggest people to undertake the survey so that they can understand the number of slaves who are working for them. At the same time, the video clip has shared some of the most astonishing facts about life so far. At one point, people may think that they are not making damage to the environment because they do not smoke or burn trees. However, damage to the environment is in many forms.

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