Good Research Paper About Project Management Certification: Its Importance And Benefits

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In the field of project management, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Certification is one of the most important recognitions that a project manager can achieve in terms of career development. This certification is an imperative leap for project management professionals and a prudent career progress that will be beneficial for their own advancement in the said field. The demand for those who have project management certifications is far above the others, especially since companies can manage to be discerning in selecting prospective candidates for certification. This kind of certification is exceptionally helpful, while in many industries, it is even a necessity. It enables project managers to further assess the skills and efficiency of their subordinates. Applying the advantages of the certification, applicants for PMI Certification had the chance to weigh up their own strengths and weaknesses during the phase of their certification procedure. This is one of the reasons that they want to grab the opportunity of gaining this kind of certified recognition. Furthermore, they can choose among the five special certifications presented by the Project Management Institute, one of which is the Project Management Professional or PMP, and which is also the most popular. In addition, they can gain a wide span of knowledge in order to become effective project managers.

Requirements in Obtaining PMI Certification

In obtaining this kind of official recognition and be considered in the certification process, applicants must convene definite educational requirements and be in agreement to the compliance of ethical codes and standards of PMI. Moreover, they must also have specialized and trained expertise in handling managerial assignments. The skill needed basically depends on the education conduit to PMP certification, the most common certification in PMI. Specifically, experiences in project management should be above eight years prior to proposing an application for certification. These experiences are considered necessary prerequisites to gain such kind of certification. PMP also offers courses that generally take a few months to complete, as required by the Project Management Institute.
Subsequent to passing all of the qualifications and requirements needed, aspiring candidates must pass an exam, which most likely consists of multiple choice questions. These exam questions are prepared and formulated by PMP certified professionals who are members of the PMI. Passing this exam will be the ticket to becoming a PMI certified professional. In order to get positive results, PMI is also offering reviews and training courses before the examinations. Meanwhile, every applicant of PMI must also know and have a concrete knowledge on how they can initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close certain projects so that they will be able to do well in terms of project management (Egeland, 2009).
Though no one can say that project managers with certification are inevitably the best project leaders, provided that the aptitude and qualifications they have is a sign that they are serious and determined to be successful, some companies dynamically persuade their employees to apply for the PMI certification. By doing this, they deem to get the advantage of the competency and the knowledge that each employee can acquire within the certification period and the professional services that they can render for the company’s sake after passing such qualifications. In addition, this will test or check the determination of each aspirant on whether or not they will be accepted and granted with the highly acclaimed certification.

Importance of Project Management Certification

The Project Management certification has attained global recognition for several years now. At present, employers are currently looking for potential candidates with established knowledge about Project management, including earning a PMP certification. Industries that need or particularly look for PMP certified professionals are the Information Technology sectors, Health care industry, Pharmaceuticals, the Construction industry, and the Government among others. The project management profession is developing at a hasty pace because of professionals that strive hard to uplift the quality of their projects and other undertakings. It has been acknowledged as a rightful asset when it comes to the skill sets that are important in many companies that aim to widen the scope of their respective businesses.
The Project Management Institute affirms that the PMI certification may direct to enclose an increase in salary because of promotion and career advancement. Also, obtaining the PMI certification will accede to companies or employers that an applicant is determined about becoming competent in project management and aspire to take a nudge higher in the corporate function (“PMP certification - why all pm’s should consider it,” 2010). Hence, having this professional certification is noteworthy for those who want to progress in this field, as this will allow them to showcase and improve on what they really got. It also encourages them to strive harder in climbing the corporate ladder, as well as putting their best foot forward in every part of their role as project manager.
The most indispensable factor to identify with the PMI certification is that those on the lookout for it have got to have a sturdy foundation and awareness in project management as well as the drive to continue with this career. Since it ascertains a common language among project managers, having the years of managerial experience, educational attainment and credentialing requirements is a must among all aspirants of the certification (Nelson, 2014). Aside from that, people behind the corporate projects of companies can take advantage of the understanding they obtained on or after the duration of the trainings.
Moreover, the certification points toward professional commitment. Project managers may exert all efforts needed to achieve PMP certification if they would want to have that recognition. As project management professionals, they must admit to being the victors of project management as a career. It is also their obligation to make certain that project management is acknowledged as a legitimate principle, so that other people may realize and value its substance.

Benefits of Earning a PMI Certification

Undoubtedly, similar to different sorts of certifications, a PMI certification appends acclaim to applicants’ resume and makes them more viable and competitive than the others who don’t have this kind of recognition. Many employers nowadays split up applications into two -- those who have and those who don’t have a certification. The certification itself can be a differentiator against other competitors for the position if they have the same credentials. When employers are selecting the best among the applicants, the person who has a certification can have the advantage over the others who do not have this certification (Reiling, n.d.). Skill and experience wise, some companies consider the PMI certification as an advantage. This just connotes that this certification will be a great edge in every project management applications.
Moreover, PMI certification significantly facilitates or spikes up their skills in project management as well as in other important project development phases, such as project purposes, desired assets, and perils. Also, formal training is a must for it endows with consistency and best practices that are needed in the sector of project management. Taking hold of the right comprehension with regards to the notion of being a project manager is very critical for completing a project successfully. In addition, PMI certification augments the profession and career opportunities of every holder. The certification program upholds professional growth and advancement (“Advantages of PMI certifications, n.d.”).
Project managers also have the same outlook that the conceptions of credentialing can integrate their careers by means of formulating sets of outline or agenda. These are used in executing different projects for various industries or field of work to perk up their performance (Levinson, 2010). Preparation for the professional field of project management is indeed indispensible. The knowledge about its methodology is necessary to an apt demeanor and overall performance of all project managers. Obtaining this kind of professional certification is the finest way to get ready in assuming larger tasks and demonstrate commitment to the work and to the company or business.
However, the PMI Certification holders are not the only beneficiaries of the positive gains of having a PMI certificate. Companies that are supportive with regards to the PMI certification can also be benefited through their employees who have been certified by means of different PMI formal trainings. This gives the company a competitive advantage in the field of project management. In addition, Project Management Institute acts as major contributor in the project management line of work. The certification comprises of thorough methods that correspond to the uppermost quality in specialized principles. Hence, the certification instituted by PMI is indeed of great worth, credit and significance.


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