Fleet Management Discussion Essay Examples

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Published: 2020/12/23

Most Important factors in fleet management, anticipated problems and mitigation.

Important factors for good fleet management include an effective strategy, procurement, maintenance, running, and disposal. A strategy helps align fleet management to organizational goals and should be well documented since it helps tailor the fleet to an organization's purpose and set future goals. Procurement involves acquiring vehicles, parts and support services, and thus requires evaluation of the items to ensure they are financially and functionally viable. Maintenance involves coming up with a proper system to ensure vehicle maintenance is done in a timely, legal and professional manner, and ensure that service quality does not fall below standards. Running of the fleet deals with securing value for money for items such as insurance, tires, fuel, and vehicle hire. It also involves tight controls on expenditure, effective procurement and close work relations with other organizations and suppliers. Finally, disposal deals with getting rid of vehicles at the end of their operational or contractual life. A good disposal policy is required to provide a framework that ensures the disposal process runs smoothly, and replacements are acquired in a timely manner.
The problems in fleet management include volatile fuel prices, vehicle recalls, regulatory compliance, growing operation costs, safety, and fleet data management. Possible mitigation for these problems includes using fuel efficient vehicles, critical vehicle evaluation during procurement, adapting to regulatory changes, getting value for money on parts and support services, preventive maintenance to ensure safety, and finally adopting technology solutions to aid in fleet data management e.g. using monitoring software to analyze GPS data.


Medicare should be expanded to cover all US citizens instead of senior citizens only since most of the people in need of medical aid cannot really afford it, and others are uninsured. If the funding were to be cut, it should be done for people who undertake cosmetic surgery for beautification, and rich citizens who can afford private insurance. If not feasible to cut the funding, then rich people should pay more Medicare taxes. If FICA taxes were all cut, an alternative way to fund Medicare is to come up with a monthly fee for different income groups for one to be eligible for Medicare. People who have very low or zero income would be exempted.

Research Paradigm.

Considering this is a discussion assignment, the research paradigm used is critical theory since it involves creative thinking, critiquing ideologies, and use of action research which involves a reflective process work together and discuss in a community/forum on the best way to approach a problem.

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