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A visual rhetoric is a framework that theoretical and is mainly concerned with the description on the communication of visual images. Visual rhetoric is also encompassed in visual literacy. Visual literacy is the ability of a person to read an image. This is to mean; it is the capability of a person to interpret and understand what the image is trying to communicate. To understand the communication of the image a person should be in a position to analyze the object placement, coloring and shading. Just as writers always organize their ideas and make a chose on the words depending on any rhetoric number considered, the author of a given visual document also think the same way as the writer. Whether a designer is making a website, taking photos, creating an advertisement they are always determined to make sure that the designed product is rhetorically effective and visually appealing to the viewers or customers.
The You Tube video for the advertisement of the best family pricing has been recorded in an environment that seems to be public. This is because in the recording various people can be seen trying to purchase, inquire or select various items from different locations. The environment is a shop dealing with the selling of communication devices for example the cell phone. In addition to that, there is also a lady who is one of the sales person in the cell phone shop this is so because seeing keenly on her top is a barge that indicates her name. She can be heard providing assistance to a family of three children. A boy and a girl at their teen age standing next to one of the tables and checking on a tablet on the tables while discussing something. The third child is the one carried by the parents and she or he seems to be sleeping.


The first reaction observed is the movement of the sales lady towards the couples carrying a sleeping a child. Her movement towards the couple was very quick a sign that the couple needed some assistance. The next reaction is seen when the lady called on the couples to ask if they needed any assistance. The couple turned very quickly but in a uniform way towards the sales lady. This is an indication that what the sales lady said attracted their attention. The couple placed their hand in a manner that they that they wanted to stop something and made a “shh ” sound which the sales lady responded by lowering her voice. The “shh ..” sound was to communicate a message to the sales lady that she needed to lower her voice because a quite environment was needed for the sleeping child not to wake up. The third reaction is seen on the movement of the couple as they sway their body in a uniform manner from the right side to the left side. This was for them to provide the child with a comfortable environment or feeling that will prevent him or her from waking up. The body swaying is also adopted by the sales need a sign that she understands the need of the child to keep on sleeping. The fourth reaction is seen in the process of the couple swaying the body while talking in a low tone with the sales lady. They abruptly stops swaying their body at the same time and the man raised his voice, “what! Get out of here” he shouted. This rise in voice and abrupt stopping of body movement is an indication that the couple was not pleased with what they heard from the sales lady. The fifth reaction is observed when the sales lady lowered her voice trying to remind the couple the need for a lower voice when communicating. This was to tell the couples that they will wake up the sleeping child. The last reaction is when after the couple has been reminded of the need for a low tone conversation they start to sway their body again and talking in a low tone an indication that they have remembered the importance of communicating in a lower tone. Target
The targets are the viewers to be very attentive and keen in listening to the advert offered by the company. This is so because the major part of the conversation was of a very low tone and the because of the viewer’s curiosity to hear what the communication is all about he or she becomes more keen. Colors
The building was painted with a bright color for it to be appealing to the viewers and to show how clean the environment is. This is an indication delivery of quality product to the public. Aim
The aim of the YouTube video was to advertise the low rate of talking massage that is available to the families. This is why almost all the conversation was of a lower tone a sign of indication of low and affordable rates. Conclusion
Rhetoric analysis of visual can clearly convey the information to the viewer’s when it is properly understood.

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