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Fork Union Military Academy (FOMA) is a Christian boarding military school for only boys in grades seven to twelve and postgraduates. The institution was founded in 1898, covering an area of thousands yard, and has currently gained over five hundred students and a thousand yards campus. FUMA provides many golden opportunities to students to join activities, such as a chess team, debate team, band, the military parade, woodwork, and sports teams so on. Their motto “Body, Mind, and Spirit” encourages the students to learn remarkable leadership, top quality knowledge, and strong belief. Not only the military system makes students’ lifestyle attractive, and regularity, but also this excellent environment comforts people when they miss home. The paper sheds light on the unique characteristics of the FUMA institution that makes it similar or different from the ordinary high schools by providing a daily routine.
FUMA is located in Fork Union that is a small town in Virginia. Trees and flowers encircle the campus and hence creating an environment where people can always smell fresh air everywhere in this place. The cannon no doubt is the most attractive and symbolic building, its set just beside the gate. The cannon had been used in World War I, and it is still solid without any harm at all, it might be still working. Go past the gate, there is a circle, and a shiny American flag placed in the middle of the grass which is divided by four paths. At the north of the circle, there is Main Building for the faculty, students, and the officers. It had been built since FUMA was found, and it is impossible to count out how many cadets have been taught in this building. Behind the main building, there is Science Building for Biology, Physic, Mathematics, and Astronomy classes. Each class has advanced laboratories, especially biology and astronomy classes. Those samples and devices make the institution more different from the other high school. At the west of Science Building, there are middle school barracks and classroom, middle school area is off limited to upper school students.
Next to the middle school, there is a Dining Hall, which provides a healthy meal for students and faculty every day. However, dining hall services are only available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The salad bar has all kind of fresh vegetable such as broccoli, carrot, and celery, also the beverage bar only has diet soda, milk, and cereal. The Dining Hall also serves special meal once a week. Sometimes it serves buffet pasta, which student can choose from the variety of pasta, sauce, and meat, which is similar taco meal and fried rice meal. The most delicious meal is a steak dinner; it is only for senior once a year. Every faculty officers are going to be waiters and serve senior. It is only chance to order officers to do things as a cadet.
The Military school also excels in athletic like many other high schools. FUMA’s football team has been played on ESPN before. The football field is next to the gym, which has four basketball courts, three weight rooms, a wrestling room, and a swimming pool. Opposite of the gym, there are huge barracks named “Jacobson Hall”, a dormitory for upper-class students. Jacobson Hall has five companies, which separate freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and postgraduate. The five groups are named as Echo, Charlie, Bravo, Alpha, and Delta respectively. The rooms are all equal, and each contains a bunk bed that has two lockers inside, two desks, a phone, television, sink, and mirror. For cadets who are ranked lower than the sergeant, they need to share a room with other while the upper cadets can have their own room. Furthermore, the battalion commander is allowed to have more privileges such as having refrigerator, sofa, and larger size and good vision room. This instruction encourages cadets to compete for higher ranking.
At six o’clock every morning, a harsh whistle breaks every cadet’s dreams even during the weekend. Cadets have to be dressed in their uniforms and fall out in ten minute time. The platoon leaders will report to the company commanders after their platoons are ready. Then company commanders yell command and march them to the circle then report to the battalion commander. After he says dismiss, each group will march to dining hall step by step. Cadets will have thirty minute to eat, and after that they can walk back to barracks. At seven, cadets will have clean up time; they have to clean up their room that will be later inspected by an officer every day. In addition, cadets need to shine their shoes make sure they can past the personal inspection, which is common to many military schools and barracks. Personal inspection requires cadets be tidy on aspects such as shaving, haircut, shoes shining, and uniform. Cadets go to class from eight to two and a half, including lunch time and chapel severs.
FUMA’s academic program is different from other high schools. For a period of one week, the cadets are required to take only one subject in FUMA while other high schools consist of different subjects. During this period, the cadets do not have any other class’s project or homework. The aim of the institution is to allow the students to focus on one thing at a time. Regardless of the religion of the cadet, all cadets are required to attend to the chapel in every Tuesday and Thursday. However, some cadets, who do not have to report for Physical Training, are allowed to join clubs or activities after school. Similar to many high school schedules, cadets have free time after four o’clock, and they utilize this time in having dinner, taking shower, and playing sport. To mark the end of the free time, the whistle is blown at half past six, and this is a recall for retreating. Similar to the morning session, the battalion commander gathers everyone around the circle, and then orders the cadets to face the flag and present arms to the flags. As a trumpet goes on, flag will be lowered smoothly, and the cadets put down their hand after hearing “Order Arms” from the battalion commander. From this point, the cadets gather at the study hall, which they call “CQ” starting from seven o’clock. All cadets are required to open their doors and avoid neither talking nor asking questions. At thirty minutes past nine, cadets acquire another free time, but they are not allowed to leave barracks until ten. Once the sleeping time whistle is blown, cadets have to go to their bed without any issues. Subsequently the platoon leaders will check each room in their platoon. Each and every day follows the same schedule whether it is a snowstorm, rainstorm or typhoon.
Military system is the most important characteristic of this school. FUMA has ED that is a group of punishing the cadets who break rules. Tour is their punishment for those who get in ED. For example, when a cadet who is being rude to his teacher, the teacher can stick him for disrespectful, which worth twenty tours. One tour is equivalent to forty-five minutes for running hill, doing push up, rolling truck’s tires, and marching around campus. Any other actions such as smoking, absenting any activities, disobey order, fighting, or room in disorder will cause to ED. Even more serious offense such as smoking alcohol and marijuana, homosexual activities, or plagiarism will be sent to Honor Council. The council consists of twelve officials who conduct the case and then decide whether or not to send the offenders to the president’s office.
FUMA provides a regulated and enhanced daily routine for students, and especially the teenagers. In present life, most teenagers sleep after twelve and wake up early for class, and consequently sleeping for less than required eight hours. As a result, toxin in their bodies is unable to be clean out, and hence affect the hypogenetic and other symptoms. Also, students who have their meal are on an advantageous side. The meal should include diet food and soda, which provides less fat and enough heat, and hence helpful to those who work out a lot. Therefore, in FUMA students are subjected to such regulation in order to be more independent. In addition, ED makes student think the consequence of what they’re going to do and let them decide whether or not their actions are worth those tours. FUMA also brings closer relationship between students by helping the cadets solve their problems together. Also, the intense competition is very similar to our society; people who work harder are highly motivated and appreciated by rewards such as better treatment and higher authority.
Fork Union Military Academy is not only a place for getting top quality academic, but also improving athletic abilities and leadership skill. It is the first choice for young men who want to be successful and more independent. The institution ensures that boys who join their irregular daily routine are converted into responsible men. FUMA provides outstanding opportunities for excellence, success, and transformation, which are embedded in Christian values. The above descriptive analysis confirms that successes begin at Fork Union Military Academy.

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