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The current research explores the bills filed by Texas legislators – representatives of the Democratic and Republican political parties in 2013. The project examines, in particular:
the Democratic party bills: Bill H.B. No. 18 titled “Relating to the creation of a Texas resident driver’s permit, provisional Texas resident driver’s permit, and Texas resident driver’s instruction permit; authorizing fees; creating an offense”, Bill H.B. No. 216 titled “Relating to electronic voter registration”;
the Republican party bills: Bill H.B. No. 9 titled “Relating to posting certain information regarding compensation of state agency executive staff on the Internet”, Bill H.B. No. 972 named “Relating to the carrying of concealed handguns on the premises of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education”,
and their compliance with the Democratic and Republican parties’ values and principles.

Democrats Bills

Bill H.B. No. 18 by Roberto R. Alonzo
This bill has been filed by the Democratic party’s representative – Roberto R. Alonzo (The Texas Tribune). The document intends to establish the driver’s permit and provisional driver’s permit of the Texas state to grant them to special categories of persons upon their requests and application. The bill sets forth the requirements to the applications and the amounts of fees for the issuance of the Texas state driver’s permits and the cases where such permits shall be deemed invalid (Texas Legislature Online). The official site of the Texas Legislature does not provide the information with respect to bill’s sponsors.
As it follows from the bill’s text the goals of enactment are to amend the relevant provision of the Transportation Code and give the opportunity to the persons having lived in the territory of Texas state for at least 1 year without any immigrant documents authorizing them to abide in the United States, to gain Texas resident diver’s permits. Summing it up, the bill is aimed at the illegal immigrants.
Bill H.B. No 18 corresponds to the Democratic party values and principles: the Democrats claim that their party emphasizes the unified efforts and work of all the individuals that are governed by identical rules in their actions. The party does not support activities and policy forced by greed in any form (Democrats). So, the aforementioned bill initiative fairly strives to empower the persons who have lived in the territory of Texas without any violations and convictions.
Bill H.B. No. 216 by Carol Alvarado
The bill has been submitted by the Democratic legislator – Carol Alvarado (The Texas Tribune). The act was expected to bring amendments to the procedure of the voters’ registration by laying down the responsibility of the state’s secretary to adopt the necessary procedure and rules to promote the improvements in the election laws. The official site of the Texas Legislature does not provide the information with respect to bill’s sponsors.
The primary goal of the bill H.B. No. 216 is to introduce the electronic procedure of the voter registration. The documents prescribes that for the electronic registration the person may use his driver’s license in force or a personal identification card obtained in the state of Texas. In addition, the voter during the electronic registration process would have to allow the relevant authorities to use his digital signature (either from the driver’s license or from the personal identification card). Pursuant to the bill, the right of the person to the electronic voter registration shall be ensured by the duty of the state’s secretary to elaborate the required procedure of electronic registration. To implement these enactments, the bill intends to bring amendments to the Election Code (Texas Legislature Online).
Since the Democratic party has always been proclaiming that the independent America must be grounded on the equal rights and freedoms of all the individuals living in its territory, the Bill H.B. No. 216 is sure to be an attempt to make this conviction more realistic. By introducing the electronic voter registration, it is possible to gain the objective and unbiased data about the American voting population and minimize the mistakes in the course of collecting information on the individuals having the right to vote (All Things Democrat).

Republicans Bills

Bill H.B. No. 9 by Dan Flynn
The present legal document has been offered by the Republican party member – Dan Flynn during the legislative session 83(R) 2013 (The Texas Tribune). The bill deals with the issue of Texas state executives’ compensation system. The bill applies to the establishment of the determination compensation system and its public release on the agencies websites. It means that the state agencies would have to stipulate the graduation and determination system of assessing the work cost of the persons occupying the executive positions. Under the official information the bill has no sponsors.
The goal most significant goal of the present bill is to adopt the transparent, fair and understandable methodology of determining the work compensation of the high executive officials employed by the local government agencies and authorities. The enactment could promote the public awareness as to how, where and how much tax dollars are spent. Furthermore, this bill could be expected to ensure the exercise of one of the basic constitutional rights of the American citizens – the right to get a free access to the information on the work of the government. Bill H.B. No. 9 has been analysed to incur no additional expenditures and burdens on the local budget of Texas (Texas Legislature Online).
The aforementioned goal of the Bill H.B. No. 9 is embedded in the Republican party platform and values – reforming the government. The Republicans stress on the contemporary need not only to improve the services rendered by the governmental agencies but to adapt the government mechanism to the modern challenges to ensure the exercise of the constitutional rights and freedoms and contribute to the nation’s prosperity (GOP. Republican Party Platform).
Bill H.B. 972 by Allen Fletcher, Flynn, Lavender, Burkett and Bell
The given bill has been submitted for the consideration by five legislators from the Republican party during the legislative session 83(R) 2013. This document seeks to create the right of the individuals to carry the licensed handguns on the territory occupying by the higher educational establishments whether these establishments are public or private of the independent nature. The higher educational organizations are allowed to stipulate their own rules respecting the carrying out of the licensed handguns on their territory. However, the bill prescribes that it shall be prohibited to carry the licensed concealed handguns on the territory of the preschool, secondary or elementary school organizations. The document aims to amend the relevant provisions of the Government Code. According to the official data, the sponsor of the bill is Birdwell and the co-sponsor is Campbell (Texas Legislature Online).
The main goal of the Bill H.B. No. 972 is to protect and extend the right to bear arms. The bill has been scrutinized and checked out by lots of the agencies concerned to ensure its constitutionality.
It is widely known that the Republican party especially focuses on the practical enjoyment of the constitutional rights and freedoms encompassed by the Amendments. In accordance to the official site of the Republican party, the matter of the governmental authorities adherence to the constitutional Amendments is one of the primary conviction of this political party (GOP. Republican Party Platform). The Republicans consider the right to bear arms to be given to the individuals by God.


1) All the bills having been analysed and mentioned did not become valid laws, unfortunately, pursuant to Texas Legislature official data. Since 2013, the bills considerations have been pending. Though to my point of view, if they had been enacted they would have improved certain fields of public and social life: take into account, for instance, the essential public release of the compensation system of the governmental agencies executives or the electronic voter registration.
2) Summing it up, those possible enactments comply with the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties. Only one of the bills has got sponsors – Bill H.B. No. 972 by Allen Fletcher, others do not.

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