A Friend In Need And A Friend In Deed Essay

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Published: 2020/11/26

We consider those friends who are ready to stand by us in any situation, regardless of their personal feelings. Once feel a very real need for communication, support, and advice, and we address those needs to the closest people of us, who are usually our friends. The “friends in need” principal serve an excellent example of absolute friendship.
Usually, we choose people to be friends with based on a set of criteria like: similar interest, or similar moral beliefs. One can find friends in need among our classmates or group mates, who study together and have the same issues as us. Often we talk to people who seem to express their interest in what we study and in doing so find that we share plenty of common interests.
Similarly, it is frequently true that our friends are often people who we have known since the early childhood. For others, however, friendship began during the high school years and will continued well into adulthood. What drives such long-lasting friend relationships? My personal answer to that question would be the feeling of support that friends express when one encounters hardships.
Although, friendship often begins because of common interests, these similarities are often lost as people age, and in some cases old friends lose touch because their lives are going in different directions. When something bad happens to one of the participants in the friendship, however, even estranged friends will recognize a friend in need, step in, and show their solidarity with you. You, in turn, should express your gratitude for the support and offer the same support to your friends when they find themselves in need. This kind of friendship can provide lasting support, and great benefit for those who maintain the relationship over many years.
Although, one has to remember that besides shared interests friends are likely to have different opinions on various subject matters. And that’s what leads to a fruitful discussion with the outcomes, when both sides would be satisfied with the results. Besides, friends are likely to involve in the conflicts when the winner will only one of the participating bodies. Such competitions may also lead to the friendship destruction.
Another dividing factor in terms of friendship is one person starting a family when the other is not. This often causes friction because spending time with family requires the shift of personal priorities, and time spent on the friendship is often limited, or scaled back. Friends need to work to find a common balance between the two and think of the possibilities for spending time together or actively pursuing shared interest. This is best handed together, to negotiate the new terms of the friendship.
Besides, friends are intrinsic in finding factors that might lead to arguments that could destroy the friendship. When this happens, preserving inner peace and restoring balance within the relationship is essential. Sometimes, major altercations happen for no foreseeable reason, so people have to be aware of the fact that you are stepping into the discussion with someone who is really close to you and think of the possible future impacts from that particular disagreement.In general, friends in need are the greatest supporters one can wish for. That’s why it is paramount to develop and preserve your friendship, and sometimes it even requires the integration of those relationships in other activities of your personal life. Friends are the biggest treasure, especially in need, so let’s appreciate their presence in our lives.

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