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A review of the harry potter film series

The harry potter film series are series of eight movies based on the seven fantasy harry potter novels by J.K Rowling. The novels revolve around the story of harry potter who is an orphan that lives with his uncle and aunt as he discovers that he has magical powers and that he is no ordinary boy. Harry potter then gets enrolled into Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry to be taught about witchcraft and to learn more about his life and his family. The books and the movies takes the audience through harry potters journey of self-discovery as he learns about his abilities and his ultimate role to defeat great evil which is represented in the form of Voldemont. The series also seek to show the journey of harry potter as he goes through normal teenage transition and he experiences all the different stages that teenagers go through in life, there are instances of bullying and also romantic interests. Various ideas in the series are revealed but mostly the series focuses on the fight between power of evil and that of good. However thought out the series it can be identified that the focus is mostly on the influence of evil and the power it has the capability of possessing. Aspects such as corruption and prejudice come up as strong themes in the series. (Marian 2003)
The series are built upon the notion of death. With lord Voldemont looking for a way to conquer death and achieve immortality, harry potters parents dying to the mythical creatures called the dementors who have the ability to consume a man’s soul. This creates a frightening disposition throughout the movies as the characters find was to evade death, to survive. (Wilson 2007) It seems to be related to general human survival techniques but in an exaggerated form. It can be quoted as “facing your demons” as each new challenge presented to harry potter is in form of an evil person or an evil creature. These representations of evil show the challenges that one goes through in life in one time or another, and that one has to be prepared to deal with every situation and every “demon” as it comes, here harry potter was introduced to Remus Lupins who is a teacher in the defence of dark arts to help him prepare for his role to eventually defeat the dark lord Voldemont.( Steven 2000)
According to the series it is evident that the basic idea that the movie is trying to relate is the importance of true friendship and also the strength on one self. Other aspects related to that may include the power of knowledge and intelligence against to conquer obstacles and also being able to identify the true colours of the people that one puts their trust in. harry potters friends Ron Weasley and Hermione granger who are his greatest friends throughout his life in school and who also help him in the plan to finally destroy Voldemont. Harry potter is also able to believe in his own strength and power as he is finally able to overcome the power of the dementors with the light from within as they ambush him by the lake and almost kill him, he was able to hold on to love and family and concur the evil. Quirinus quirell is one of the characters who cloaked himself as a good person a simple teacher working at Hogwarts while in fact he was one of the followers of Voldemont. Even though Snape did not like harry he came to his defence when quirinus attacked harry and he saved him. This shows that people are not what they seem to be and one has to be careful of who they trust or follow.
The series seem to have been targeted to a young generation of children ranging from ten years to around sixteen years old. However adults who have an interests in magic and fantasy can also enjoy the films. Due to its high imagination setting of a fantasy world children are most likely to be intrigues by the magic and the magical creatures of werewolves, giants and other mythical creatures. His may however has a negative impact on children of a younger age with an impressionable mind who would be too frightened by some of the creatures and actions in the films such as the dementors. In general the film has a wide array of audiences the only thing that matters is the interest in the subject being relayed in the series (Rebecca 2008).
The series has created a worldwide revolution with millions and millions of harry potter fans in different countries all over the world. The series has been watched in most parts of the world and has been translated into different languages. The series has created believers in the world of sorcery and has also improved the imagination of children. In the movie industry the harry potter series created a revolution in terms of pushing the creative boundaries in movie production. Through excellent depiction of mythical creatures movie producers have be able to relay this form of creativity into other movie productions. Since the release of the books and later the release of the movies harry potter is now almost a house hold name and there is no child with access to information who does not know who harry potter is. (BBC, 2004)
There have however been criticisms regarding the series. This has mostly been from the religious community more so the Christian community. In their argument the movies promote an unacceptable worship of witchcraft and that they seek to hail evil and acknowledge it as a very powerful element. The religious critics also argue that the series is a form of mental brainwash whose aim is to create the acceptability of practice of witchcraft into society. This is against all religious believed as sorcery and witchcraft are seen as demonic practises which should be never practised as they are not sacred.
The harry potter series have definitely awakened a form of revolution for the magic world. The films have also revolutionised the movie industry and allowed for more magical and fantasy films to be created leading to better quality films and pictures. In the positive sense harry potter series has allowed children to broaden their creative horizons and be able to easily understand and relate to the book and to also know that at last one can overcome all obstacles just as harry potter managed to finally kill lord Voldemont. The harry potter series is therefore a very informative and creative work of art.


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