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The Cloisters Museum and Gardens in New York City, a branch of the coveted Metropolitan Museum of Art is a site to behold by art aficionados, as well as the average citizen. The Cloisters are used to specifically display art, artifacts, and architecture dating back to Medieval Europe, making enthusiasts and historians from this period particularly interested in the establishment. Regardless of interest, the pieces and the Cloisters, constructed with a medieval architectural feel, not only house some interesting artifacts, but also enhance the overall experience of all who visit the museum.
The Cloisters themselves, as mentioned can affect one’s personal experience. I was not immune to this as I entered five reconstructed European abbeys, rearranged to resemble a European medieval Cloister. Set on a daunting hill overlooking the Hudson, I was immediately swept into the past by the Cloisters’ architecture; it has a looming presence that demands to be noticed. Dark and brooding, looming over the surrounding gardens, at times I had the sense I had entered a medieval castle filled with lavish paintings and sculptures. Had the pieces been arranged in a typical setting, or “normal” museum, they may not have evoked such powerful feelings. However, within the Cloisters, I was not only looking at art, but also experiencing it. The Cloisters allow art enthusiasts to step into medieval times, essentially letting visitors play pretend for a short time as they marvel at the galleries many works of art. Several rooms are dedicated to different genres of art. For example, one room of the Cloisters is sectioned off for Tapestries of the Heroes while the adjoining room shows the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries. The entire establishment is organized in the manner, ensuring that though individuals may feel transported to a different time, they will not find themselves as easily lost as a medieval citizen might have become.
While the Cloisters themselves transport museum visitors, the gardens also bring an original air to the site. Ornately manicured and delicately clipped, patches of grass and clean walkways lead visitors from archway to archway, reminding one of a seemingly magical, partially forgotten place from childhood. Beautiful fountains flow in central courtyards, while gentle flowerbeds flow through the grounds much like the water spouting from each fountain. The gardens are a work of art in themselves, creating an all-inclusive artistic atmosphere for visitors to take in. Whether inside, or outside, looking down a corridor or out through a window, there is always something wondrous or artistic to be seen. Comparable to other museums, the Cloisters and gardens allow for a calming atmosphere, providing visitors with a tranquil and peaceful experience that not only transports them back to a time when the art was created, but also assures them they need not rush to experience it. It was perhaps the most serene and relaxing museum visit I have ever had.
While the cloisters and gardens are a significant draw for the museum, the technical art pieces are also of significant value to any visitor. While there, I had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on pieces such as the famed Plaque with Saint John the Evangelist. Carved out of elephant ivory and standing less than a foot high, the plaque could easily be held in one’s hand. The carving’s detail is so ornate, visitors are able to see the apparent pupils of Saint John’s eye, as well as the many folds in his robes as they hang around his neck and knees. The surfaces of the plaque appear smooth, fine, and polished, allowing the ornate detail to be seen in all its grandeur. Tiny flowers carved into the top corners of the plaque also contain elaborate decoration; almost every petal can be seen blossoming out of the flower’s center. I also had the pleasure of viewing Standing Virgin and Her Child. Carved out of boxwood by Niclaus Gerhaert von Leyden, this sculpture was also very ornate, but also appeared more mournful than the last. Though the pupils of the virgin’s eyes are not visible, nor are the pupils of her babies, much detail can be noticed in the boxwood sculpture. The child’s hair is separated into delicate curls; at times, separate strands are noticeable. The same can be said of the virgin. Once again, the robes hang in many folds, signifying the posture of the virgin’s body. The sculpture, though suspected to have been completed by hand in 1470, is more ornate than many artistic endeavors undertaken today. These and many other pieces were enhanced by the magic of the Cloisters and gardens.
In sum, The Cloisters and gardens of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is a journey through art and time. The Cloisters allow for an unrivaled experience, transporting visitors back to a time in which the art was created. With beautifully sculpted archways and a view overlooking the Hudson, one could not ask for a more serene building. Furthermore, the surrounding gardens are a work of art unto themselves. Easily navigated walkways lined with lush green grass, flowers bursting with color, and flowing fountains add a whimsical touch that ensure no matter where visitors are walking on the grounds, they will feel inspired. The artistic treasures housed in the Cloisters, all taken from the European Medieval era, are not to be forgotten, despite the beauty surrounding them. The creative and detailed work will leave visitors in awe of the artistic ability and artisanship that seemed impossible centuries ago. One thing is certain for visitors of the Cloisters and gardens: with the magic of the architecture and grounds combined with the countless art exhibits, nobody will leave disappointed.

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