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The several issues that transpired in JetBlue Airways can be pointed into two business complications. It is actually the absence of communication or effective communication maneuvers in times of crisis and media spreading the news of JetBlue’s mishaps. The possible loss a crisis may perpetrate on a business’s reputation can frequently be just as substantial as a fall in production, degeneration in stock assessment, or the damage of valued corporate possessions.
The absence of communication clearly was manifested in Newark Liberty Airport as customers were described to be out of control. It reached to the point the airport personnel had to call for help form the police department to control the frenzied and unruly crowd. The flight interferences at JFK staggered JetBlue’s full operation into turmoil, compelling the carrier to withdraw in excess of one thousand trips over a six-day duration. Although it can also be attributed to the weather disturbance but the burning tempers of the clients were clearly unmistakable. Flight attendants tried to delivered apologies and drinks to placate the customers but most of them lost their patience. The unending ground postponements seriously aggravated the clients progressively. However, the customers demanded more than apologies because of the trouble they encountered. The needs of customers on the ground, on board airliner and in airport stations for the duration of prolonged delays differ, and usually necessitate the responsiveness of more than one sector. It is because weighty disturbances to carrier schedules or setups can harmfully influence the customer experience and their general contentment with the air transport arrangement. JetBlue’s reputation continued to suffer as more flights were cancelled and several luggage were reported missing. Some of them waited for lengthy hours for trips that are before long cancelled. JetBlue Airline obviously failed to provide the right message to the clients. Nevertheless, to have a more reasonable approach to this complication, JetBlue decided to solve the problem. “JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights” was initiated for the duration of 2007 to attend to consequential adversities suffered by the customers. It provided policies for arrival, ground and departure delays. JetBlue essentially elevated the company’s standards by compelling to a strategy to make passenger’s travelling involvement satisfying. Organizations are undoubtedly prone to issues, threats, disasters, crises and difficulties. A crisis typically instigates with certain intense and unexpected trigger incident motioning its start and finishes with some resolve and coming back to near regularity. Just like what happened in JetBlue airlines mishaps with its communication maneuvers in periods of crisis. Compounding JetBlue’s distresses was apparently a deficiency of operative communication with the internal and external investors. The need to define how to institute mutual aid with local service sources so as to satisfy customer needs. These take account of airlines, ground transport, concessions, and government organizations. For any business to accomplish stability, they should be able to prepare an effective scheme that provides conjoint support and attention on collaboration. Fortunately JetBlue was able to recover from the so called ‘Valentine’s Day Storm” because the company was able to make an effective strategy to be able to adjust to any future comparable or related complication. The airline company was able to learn in a hard way. They have realized that information must be properly disseminated to passengers and describe how an airport procedures for response to a diversity of emergency circumstances.
The media made it more controversial and escalated JetBlue’s damages. The media did a lot of criticisms and negative comments. However, JetBlue’s head and the company itself handled this problem by facing it squarely. The role of apology and the new media played its success on the company’s efforts. A good rapport or bond with media benefited both parties. Trigger happenings could actually indicate sweeping opportunities with earlier conditions of existence. The Valentines’ Day Storm taught both media and JetBlue company significant lessons. Both parts turn out to be more responsible especially in times of crisis. The media stopped sensationalizing the issue and focused on the apologies and solutions offered by JetBlue. In this present time, JetBlue’s System Operations department is known to weigh various issues before canceling a flight. The company now, during weather disturbance conditions create every exertion to cancel trips more than four hours prior to the departure, even though it’s not always probable. If flights are cancelled, JetBlue contacts customers by email and makes programmed phone calls. These concepts clearly describe the corporate crisis communication actions implemented by JetBlue Airways to restore its reputation. JetBlue began extensive employees’ trainings are necessary to embolden communication, direction, and teamwork between service sources at an airport. Cooperation is desirable for answering to after-hours task, outpouring in the number of passengers in the airport and concern for diverted trips, of which includes international trips into airports. All airline companies should take into account that the passengers’ comfort or first class amenities is needed but the most important factor is for them to be able to feel secured and cared for in times of any crisis.

The ground of ‘communications’ is wide-ranging, surrounding professionals who generate updates or want to drive facts to the public relations, public facts, marketing, individuals who transport updates and media to the public. Strategic communications combines the “pushing” and the “transporting.” Corporate communications need strategic communication. It simply means collaborating the finest message, by means of the correct passages, measured against well-deliberated structural and communications-precise objectives. It is the variance between undertaking communications mattes, and performing the correct communications matters. Reliant on the natural surroundings of an institute, strategic communications can array from marketing to course of action. Issues from management or planning’ must also have efforts to expect difficulties and predicaments before they happen. It is in this way, an organization till be resilient to particular tough times. A corporate handbook can be a great help since it would relay the appropriate guideline for everyone in the company. Strategic communication is a method for distributing a unified communication through public tactful channels and in this means the company will be able to attain a harmonious relationship among the workers.


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