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Transcendentalism is a mission for truth. This is considered as one of the major principles of Transcendentalism; Emerson and Thoreau both composed broadly about it. Basically, truth is anything where an individual judges to be right out they could call their own instinct; in general acknowledged societal convictions are thrown aside. Also one of the most ideal approaches to discover this truth is to speak with Nature, furthermore to pursuit inside one's self. Transcendentalism stresses singular contemplation and discovers society entirely to be a damaging power towards individual flexibility.
An alternate conviction is that God can be found in all things, particularly Nature. Going to chapel or some other spot of worship is not considered as essential, all that is required is to be tuned in to one's self and the regular world. Materialism is likewise looked down upon, this corrupts genuine life. At the point when one becomes involved in getting and dealing with belonging there's no time left to live. Following are some quotes from Transcendentalism:
“Rather than money, than fame, than love, provide me truth.”- H.D Thoreau

“Go instead where there is no path, but do not follow where the path may lead.” – Emerson

The thesis statement for this topic is Transcendentalism by Henry David Thoreau Walden. Thoreau is categorized as a transcendentalism writer whereas Walden is classified as one of the seminal works of the specific philosophical or literary movement. In recent years, transcendental movement and the natural world was the belief in the intrinsic value which was tangled among the basic beliefs and significance of the nature.

Transcendentalism in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden

According to Zhang (2014: 1049), some of the transcendentalists identified that social activism was a direct result of the cosmic unity. It is examined that an individual is intimately connected with the reflection of God in the way that has been suggested by transcendentalists. On the other hand, if God is good then man is also naturally good. It means evil only exist when man has an imperfect understanding and awareness of his necessary godliness and goodness. It is known that this prospect provides the importance and dignity of human activity and raised a belief in man’s power to bring the social change and personal improvement in harmony with God’s reasons. Thoreau described the significance of the nature somewhat then living disengaged from his procedures and cycles, both obvious and understated.
Transcendentalist reflects upon the dignity of physical labor which was fortified and conversed at great length. In accordance of transcendentalist such as Emerson, Whitman and Thoreau, natural world and the nature was considered as the template for the human world whereas this theme was appeared in transcendentalist poetry specifically in the case of Whitman that forms the backbone of significance in his poetry. It is identified that transcendentalist’s life was connected with the nature which drives the ideas and thoughts behind its movements in poetry. Thoreau can be categorized as a transcendentalist with regard to the themes of his poetry.

“Nothing surprises man in this world as plain dealing and common sense.”

As indicated in the writing of Smith (2014: 80), Charlie is as similar as Thoreau not considering the reason or result of his actions. It can be said that major aspect of transcendentalist is nature which demonstrates that how the individual come to life and express their true selves.
“Man can do a good action as some kind of charity and courage, as they would pay a fine in expiation of regular non-appearance on parade. The man work can be done as an extenuation or apology of their living in the world. I wish to live but do not wish to expiate. My life is life not an apology.”
In the view of Lin (2013: 3), Henry David Thoreau in his civil disobedience found himself in prison against taxes as they are essential to preserve coherence of the state. Conversely, the idea of Thoreau regarding civil disobedience influenced Gandi and the entire nation. This seemed to be overlooked the risk which is disintegration in society and several valuable infrastructure and services resulted in breakdown and turmoil. On the other hand, Thoreau makes a point that all men identified as the right of evolution and this quote is embodied in Charlie. It is observed that Thoreau emphasize on boys that they must strive to find their own voice whereas he said that most men central purpose of lives is quiet desperation. Hence, Thoreau also states that:
“For the most part, the title wise is, incorrectly applied. How can an individual be a wise man if he does not have knowledge or awareness of how to live than other men?”


This essay examines the transcendentalist by Henry David Thoreau Walden that allowed the understanding and realized the potential to foster change in the natural, social and political environment by exploring the contribution as a free-thinking individual. It can be said that by exploring the philosophies of transcendentalist, it encourage me to apply the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau in my life.

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