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There are many different foods all around the world. Every culture has different types of food they like to eat that are normal for the people in that area. For example the Japanese culture eats a lot of seafood, like sushi and squid. They also eat a lot of rice. The Indian culture eats a lot of rice, as well, but they also eat curry and other spicy foods that are not like the foods eaten in Japanese culture. The Japanese culture does not have many spicy foods. Russian people eat fish, much like the Japanese, but only depending on what region they live in. Many Russian people like different types of cheese, eating dairy for an entire meal. Foods across the globe are all very different, though some are the same, much like with Japanese and Indian cultures and rice, or the Japanese and Russian cultures with fish. These difference and similarities can be found in foods eaten in American culture and Hispanic culture. Some of the foods are very different, while some of the foods are the same.
American culture is known for a few traditional foods. When people around the world think of America, they think of hamburgers, hotdogs, and fried chicken. Hamburgers are simple and appear to be an American staple. They are made with beef. Beef comes from cows. The beef is ground and used as a patty to create the hamburger. Hotdogs are processed meat that comes from many different animals. Fried chicken, of course, comes from chickens. Each of these foods can be grilled or barbecued, but it normally seen as bland when compared to other foods around the world. They do not get many garnishes and are not often seasoned for flavor. Traditional American foods are not really that spicy or flavorful either. American food is normally covered in sauces or condiments if the person eating wants to add flavor to the food. Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, pepper, and salt are a few condiments people use to make these foods taste better when they are eating them. Judging by the typical food choices, most people might assume Americans do not light spicy or very flavorful food. These foods are very different than those enjoyed by the Hispanic culture.
In contrast, traditional Hispanic food is very flavorful. When the world things of typical Hispanic food, they think of beans, seasoned rice, flavorful dips, and of course tacos. Many traditional Hispanic foods are very flavorful. They do not need ketchup and mustard, or come with barbecue sauce. They are flavored because of the way they are cooked and the seasoning that goes into them as they are being cooked. Many Hispanic dishes also combine many foods, which makes them more flavorful than bland dishes like the hot dog. For example, chilaquiles are a dish that include corn tortillas, two types of salsa, pulled chicken, cream, onion rings, and avocado. Standard hamburgers receive a slice of cheese and ketchup for flavor, while corn tortillas get five different types of food for flavor. Hotdogs do not have much flavor either unless you put a lot of condiments on them or purchase the ones with cheese stuffed inside them. Hamburgers are sometimes flavorful, but it depends on the quality of the meat being used. Chicken can be tasty but it depends on how the chicken is cooked and if it is seasoned. If it is not seasoned it is bland, as most Americans prepare it. Hispanic food is always flavorful, and also very spicy. American food is almost very spicy. Hispanic food is hot and full of flavor, not matter what the individual is eating, while American food is usually boring and flavorless.
It sounds like American food and Hispanic food are completely different but that is not completely true. There are some small similarities between the two cultures and their food preferences. For example, almost all Hispanic foods are seasoned as they are cooked. Some Americans season chicken as it is frying. Some also season hamburger meat for flavor as it is cooking. Hamburger meat is beef, which as I mentioned comes from cows. Beef is used a lot in America, but it is also used for many Hispanic dishes. It does not taste the same. The beef used in a Hispanic taco, or carne asada does not taste the same as the beef used in American hamburgers, but it comes from the same animal and is beef. Chicken is also used in many Hispanic dishes, though it does not taste the same as when it is used in America. Hispanics make a dish involving a fire grilled chicken, much like when Americans barbecue chicken, but the Hispanic recipe still involves more flavor than that of American dishes. The most flavorful chicken appears to get in America is in chain restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken or Bojangles. These places use many spices that make the chicken’s skin tastier than if the chicken were grilled or fried in its own juices.
In sum, there are more differences than similarities between traditional American foods and traditional Hispanic foods. Typical American foods are usually bland. They can be made more flavorful using condiments, or salt and pepper. Sometimes typical American foods are stuffed with other foods in an attempt to make them taste better. Typical Hispanic foods use many spices while they are cooking. They are hot, spicy, and flavorful. Traditional Hispanic dishes like carne asada, seasoned rice, fire-grilled chicken, tacos, and molotes use many different spices, as well as many different foods, and typically are very tasty. Though each culture is similar because their dishes use some of the same ingredients they are mostly different because one is bland while the other is flavorful.

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