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So profound is the use of music in movies and the film industry that the same has earned the term soundtrack. The use of music in filmmaking has become popular because music helps in bringing about desired effects for optimal concentration, enjoyment and viewership. Throughout history, the use of music in filming has undergone transformation. This is the case even in the cartoons, as shall be seen in the ensuing discourse.

One of the roles that music serves in cartoons is setting the mood. This, the music does by filling in the empty sonic space. For instance, in Tom and Jerry’s episode known as Beach, the opening music is soft tropical or slow soft Spanish. This sets the right mood for the beach scenes. However, as Spike makes to the scene, drumbeats are synchronized with his footsteps to emphasize his weight or strength. As Butch also makes to the beach, the soft Spanish music gains faster tempo to prepare the mood of the audience for violent actions of the actors.
Music also helps animate the cartoon episode. This is especially the case since cartoons are long sequences of drawings which do not convey much livelihood in their own forward motion. For instance, in Tom and Jerry’s Beach Bully Bingo, the opening song with quick scouting tempo so as to liven up the friendly melee between Tom and Jerry. Music also plays the role of a storyteller in Tom and Jerry. This happens when the music is used to enhance the comical effect of the cartoon. For instance, in Tom and Jerry on the Beach, Tom and Jerry’s nemesis has his lips nibbled by Jerry, thereby producing funny nibbling noises.
The same applies to Aladdin in the episode, Prince Ali. In this episode, there is acoustic music with fast-paced danceable rhythm. The music is then conjoined with choral voices riding over the acoustic music. The music in this instance animates Aladdin and pushes the plotline onwards.
The same is applicable to Shrek 2, Final Battle. There is pop music which accompanies the motion. Unlike older versions of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Shrek is accompanied with music of different genres. There is pop music which the characters also join in singing. There is also some acoustic music. At the close of the movie, rock music plays but allows the characters to add their own lyrics and sing along. The music also help in the identification of the intended audience: the lyrics to the song indicate that the cartoon is more suitable for adults than children (Barbera, 1998).
It is interesting to note, it is striking to note that the use of music was more profound in older versions of Tom and Jerry, given that Tom and Jerry were not using their gift of speech. The newer versions of Tom and Jerry such as Tom and Jerry the Movie are graced with the gift of speech and this downplays the dependency on playing the psychological subtext. Given that Tom and Jerry uses more play of the psychological subtext, it is more an animated musical than Shrek and Aladdin.
2. A scene where the music hits the action
It is obvious that there are scenes that are accompanied with a lot of action. In Tom and Jerry’s episode, On the Beach, there is a struggle between Tom and Jerry at one end, and a new bigger cat at the other. Spike the dog is also present and is tricked by Tom and Jerry to pulverize the bigger cat. Music is greatly to imitate and hit the action. For instance, there is a blowing of flute to accentuate the swiftness with which Jerry swims across the ocean, to the beach to place the fishing hook on Spike. At another point, Spike hurls the new cat several meters away, into the ground. This makes the cat hit the ground several times before being immobilized by friction. Drums are used to imitate the thud that accompanies the cast’s slamming of its posterior onto the ground. The xylophone is also used to mimic and to make humor out of the cat’s movement in the air (Scheurer, 286).
In Aladdin’s episode known as Prince Ali, the song is accompanied with (clinging) cymbals, drums (to mimic marching footsteps), the xylophone (to mimic Aladdin’s twinkling teeth). The clinging cymbals mimic falling coins and accompany the music. All these instruments are used to liven up the dance. These bring about a geographical and ethnic music which depicts the Oriental (Clements, et al. 1992).
In Shrek, many modern music instruments are used. There is a heavy bass guitar and drums when Shrek’s friends are jostling for the magic stick with the witch. A violin plays when Shrek reunites with his wife midair. This brings about an aspect of romance, finality and serenity in this instance of the movie. The heavy bass guitar and drums also play to accompany the closing song. 3. The Content in the Tom And Jerry Cartoon and Kids and Adults By all means, the content in Tom and Jerry is directed towards children. The sound effects and accompanying music that are used are comical and appealing to children. The movie is totally free of any adult-related theme. The music is not continuous and changes instrumentation. The flute and bass guitar play in instances where there is relative peace. The music builds up from a single instrument before being joined by a bass guitar and later, a full orchestra. This is seen in the instance Tom plays the radio that belongs to him and Jerry (Goldsmith, 102).
The music in Shrek: The Final Battle and in Aladdin is not continuous. Just as Tom and Jerry, Aladdin is directed towards children. This is shown by the absence of adult-related themes therein. 4. How cartoons were filmed back then
Tom and Jerry and Aladdin were filmed through the use of traditional animation. Shrek on the other hand used the CGI technique.
The songs continue the plot and explain more about the character's personalities. This is because the songs carry and amplify the actions being carried out in Tom and Jerry, Shrek and Aladdin. The songs also reveal much about the character’s personalities. The fact that Aladdin (in the song Prince Ali) and Shrek (in Shrek 2: The Final Battle) leave the dancing to their protégés and subjects reveals them as serious leaders.
Unlike Tom and Jerry and Aladdin which use source music, Shrek uses pre-existing music. The preexisting music Shrek closes with is Livin La Vida Loca which had been done by Ricky Martin in 1999 (Adamson and Jenson, 2001).

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