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Juniper, Tony and Parr, Mike. Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World. Yale University Press, 1998.
Juniper and Parr’s book about various Parrot species identified the African Grey Parrot as found in most parts of the moist lowland forests in West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire through Cameroon, Congo forests, Northern Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe and around the Lake Victoria in Uganda and Kenya. Through this book the readers can read and know various types of parrots that are in the world. The book distinguishes the parrot species through their physical features their mode of feeding and the way they respond to stimuli. The book is very helpful in giving the knowledge about parrots.
Athan, Mattie and Deter, Dianalee. The African Grey Parrot Handbook. Burron’s Educational series, 2009.
This book offers detailed information about grooming, acquiring and training parrots. Written by Parrot consultants and researchers Mattie and Deter, their book talks about the parrot as a companion and further explains its life away from the jungle. The African Grey Parrot has its characteristics that distinguishes it from other species and brings out its uniqueness. The guide is very useful in giving a detailed information about the African Grey parrots through describing it into depth and giving all the properties that make the bird extemporary in the bird family.
Pepperberg, Irene. Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence-and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process.
In her book about her over 30 years stay with Alex, an African Grey Parrot, Irene Pepperberg talks about the intelligence of the bird. In the book she gives the history of how she lived with the bird and several things that she benefited from the bird. The book gives the researcher a firsthand information of the bird since Irene stayed with the bird for a very long time and learnt its behaviors.
Alderton, David. Keeping African Grey Parrots. T.F.H. Publications, 1995.
The book by Alderton is very fundamental in the study of the African Grey Parrot. Alderton, an expert on cage birds gives a deep insight on how to keep the African Grey Parrot. The book gives the reader the motive of having the bird in the home and tips on how to take care of the bird. The book will give the researcher enough information on the ways in which one can raise a bird, feed it and give it medication.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Review, 2006.

This review indicated that the African Grey Parrot is highly endangered and that from 1994 to 2003, up to 21 percent of the world population was harvested. The international conventional in their review recommended a number of things that could lead to a better living standards of the bird. The review gives detailed case studies done on the bird and outlines on the methods that are necessary for retrieving the bird from the list of the endangered species in the world. The review will be important in the study since it contains information collected from the field through reliable sources.
BirdLife International Trade in Africa’s Grey Parrots and Timneh Parrots is currently not sustainable. 2013. Accessed at, Checked: 16/03/2015.
This report indicates that the African Grey Parrot is facing overexploitation and as a result, there has been a decline of their world population in Africa. As a result, the world population of the African Grey Parrots is estimated to be around 500,000. The report is another influential tool that the researcher will use to ensure that people believe on the outcome of the study. The source is from a very reliable source that is necessary in delivering information to the people all over the world. African Grey Parrots, 16th-03-2015.
The African Grey Parrots are midsized parrots weighing about 400 grams. Its length is about 25 to 36 centimeters. They present the bird’s wingspan between 35 and 45centimeters wide. It has four toes on each foot; two in front and two behind. In general, the male African Grey Parrots are bigger than the female ones. The African Grey Parrots have been victims of hunting for bush meat and spiritual/witchcraft rituals. The natural habitants of these species to are also facing extinction mainly as a result of human activities leading to clearing many of the forests., checked on 16th-03-2015. This article talks about different African Grey Parrot behaviors. Parrots tend to be with behaviors that are sometimes deemed naughty. Some of the most common behaviors identified include; biting, chewing and gnawing, standing and sleeping on one foot, stretching, beak grinding, cleaning of the beak, seeking attention, yawning, screaming, charging and so forth.

Videos of the African Grey Parrot Video of African Grey Parrot feeding
The video gives detailed information on how the bird feeds and the food that it takes. The information in the video is evident to the researcher and to the audience in which the study will be received. The video will enable the researcher to be confident in giving out the facts about the bird. Alex, one of the best known intelligent African Grey Parrots died in September 2007. The video link shows CNN’s Jim Clancy spoke to Dr Irene Pepperberg who was in charge and a companion of Alex. The video shows the close relationship between Alex and the African Grey Parrot. Photos of the African Grey Parrot

Photos of African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot eating a fruit
The image shows a parrot that holding food. These Parrots are fond of eating fruits, vegetables and smashed bones. However, when raring one as a pet, it has to get used to a specific diet and may not eat just anything brought at its beak. The image will be very helpful to the researcher when researching the types of food consumed by the parrot and the way in which the bird engages to get the food into its peak.

African Grey parrot flying

The African grey parrot can fly and thus if kept indoors, it should be clipped very carefully especially after the parrot has learnt how to fly. The flying ability of the parrot gives it the advantage of staying on big trees. Although it flies, it does not get the freedom to go far since it is domesticated by people. The picture will help the researcher to show the ways in which the bird moves and how best to domesticate it in the house without causing inconveniences to it mode of life.

The African Grey Parrot exercising The Timneh African Grey Parrot.
The picture shows how the bird engages in different exercises to make its body fit. The source will help the researcher to explain how the bird exercises and utilizes its free time.

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