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Baldrige principles

Baldrige is a national program in America formed with an aim of monitoring the performances of the country’s organizations. It is a union between the private sector and the public sector. Baldrige principles are unique from the other organizations that carry out performance management. There exist many similar organizations that carry out the similar roles to those of Baldrige. However, there is a clear distinction between Baldrige principles and other related organizations policies. One of their principles is applying an all inclusive criteria that describe an integrated framework (Brown, 2013). The framework usually addresses all the determinants that define an organization. They include how the organization operates and the organizations results. Baldrige uses a unique criterion in the accessing the performance of management; the approach involves offering awards to those who work well thus motivating others to work hard to receive the awards as well. Managers should always ensure that there exists a motivation strategy that ensures that they survive in a competitive market and maintain a high quality of goods and services offered by the market.

Organizational issues

Baldrige is applicable as an assessment tool for the various organizational issues that may be affecting a Business. However, there ought to be a clear outline of the participation of the implementation of the program in an organization. It is necessary to create a guide that will include deciding whether to use the entire workforce or use random participants across all the sections or use a specifically appointed group. Progress in an organization is one of the criteria that are used to measure the progress. Leaders should facilitate the process. Baldrige Excellence Framework used in the identification of strengths and opportunities that helps in the development. Gaps always exist in any organization; they may be leadership market gaps. The gaps are identified by creating a comparison with other related organizations (Brown, 2013). Organization profile establishment is also an essential aspect of conducting a full self-assessment of an organization. Any conflicting issue that is detailed or faintly detailed will be considered at this point.

Personal and organizational learning

Individual and organizational learning are crucial to the organization in the achievement of the highest level performance. Organizational learning involves the continuous improvement of existing approaches and forming adaptations to change, leading to a new format of goals and strategies. Learning is part and parcel of the organization's operation. It is a regular undertaking done on a regular basis; consequently, it leads to solving the problems from their cause. There exist various sources of both personal and organizational learning. They include, learning from other staff members, learning research findings, sharing the best practices and benchmarking from different organizations that share the same dream as that of our organization. For the program of learning to be successful, there must be a clear course outline and curricula development (Ford, Evans, & Masterson, 2014). However, a clear framework and curriculum is formed based on the needs and scope objectives of the organization. The studies involved should focus on the line of the organization's field of operations.
There is a need to develop a strategy that can be used to monitor the progress of learning by the student or the utilization of the skills by the organization. Such a strategy should have clear learning objectives and contain a cle3ar outline of the needs of all the parties involved in the learning process. The success of any organization is determined by the available opportunities for the staff to utilize the available opportunities to venture into the learning process. There are various avenues that organizations use to enhance learning; they include education, training, and many more possibilities that foster growth (Ford, Evans, & Masterson, 2014). New technology advancements have played a crucial role in making the process of learning to be more simplified and are carried out in a more efficient and innovatively.

Focus on the Future

In modern environment, it is essential to understand future prospects in terms of market and organizational changes. Following short, and long term factors help to elucidate any changes that may occur in the future. Various factors need to be considered when evaluating any possible changes. They include; demographics, internet environment, new market segments and diversification of the resources (Ford, Evans, & Masterson, 2014).


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