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Executive Summary This paper is based on Information security, buyer protection and the challenge of data protection as online businesses are concerned. It gives an assessments and strategies to deal with different protection and safety issues experienced by customers and online enterprises.Introduction E-commerce marketing is a modernized strategy that is associated with online advertisement and promotion of products. It also includes customer security and commercial emails. Trading of product and services is carried out through online market that we can also describe as e-commencing. It involves the use of computer internets as facilitator for these actions. Businesses and customers who are participating in this kind market are faced with challenges as it concerns information security, customer protection as well as data protection. Those three aspects are the pillars of online businesses because without them being looked upon to, and the appropriate measures incorporated, it becomes an impossible activity for the business to thresh on well.Findings and AnalysisInformation security It is concerns protection of business information in order to ensure records are not tampered with by anyone, but the appropriate procedures are followed if any changes are expected to be done. Online businesses are supposed to invest heavily in information technology systems that include computers. It is because an information technology system facilitates safe storage of business information (Shin, 2003). The information should be protected from website hackers.
Enterprises should always be updating their computer operating systems in order to embark on modernized and latest safeguards. It is the appropriate thing to do to ensure that the computer systems are well protected from viruses and hackers. As we know manufacturers of these safeguards, keep on updating security software from time to time, and every e-commencing business should be at the outlook in order to ensure the computer systems are up to date. The best antivirus software which is more reliable to this kind of business are those which can automatically update themselves because that will relieve the workers of the enterprise from updating them manually which is hectic. Businesses should ensure that they limit access to sensitive and secretive information to anyone who intends to or is in need of it. This is done by installing software that can monitor outbound communications in the enterprise to ensure the information is not leaking out. It can help to keep business information safe for long and encourage secrecy that should be part and parcel of every enterprise.Buyer protection Customers or consumers should be protected because if not they can be mistreated and their rights not put into consideration by the sellers. There is a body that looks into consumer protection rights and revises them from time to time to ensure that buyers are secure while transacting online. This is one of the best measure that have been put in place to ensure buyers feel secure while carrying on with this activity (Chirillo & Blaul, 2003). Buyers are safeguarded from inappropriate seller description as items undersell are concerned. If a consumer purchases an item online from a given enterprise by its description, the item should be as per the description given online, and nothing should change that. If the seller takes an item to the buyer that the customer didn’t order for as per the description given, the buyer has the right to refuse it and demand for his or her money back. It is what is termed as item description protection as buyers are concerned. It allows customers to enjoy the online shopping because they are assured that it is a perfect thing that is reliable and transparent and they can put their trust into without fear. The same right is covered in the global countries constitution in order to be able to prosecute any person who takes advantage of the consumer in order to benefit from him or her. Consumers’ accounts are always protected because there is no liability on the side of the buyer if he or she does not authorize purchases made from his or her account. It has made online transaction more reliable and secure because consumers are actually protected and given power that they can exercise. If this was not in place it could be very hard for online enterprises to get customers for their items because the buyer relies on and likes the safer side that he or she cannot lose his or her money.Data protection It concerns personal data that an enterprise holds about their customers or clients. This data helps both the seller and the buyer because it is always required for referring when the need arises (Harkins, 2013). Many online businesses have not been practicing transparency as customer data is concerned because when collecting it they fail to provide adequate information to them about the actual need for the data. Customers should always be treated in a way that they can develop trust for the enterprise that they engage with, This is core principle that every online based business should put in place in order to attract more customers. In accordance with data protection Act laws, any personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully. Technical organizational measures are encouraged to be put in place to protect data in all situations. The management of every enterprise must set up policies that will be governing the handling of personal data. It will help keep off criminals who are interested in the data. The business should embark on a training program to enable its workers to learn how to protect data appropriately. Companies also should consider the use of encryption to ensure its customers develop much trust because they are well protected (Rannenberg, Royer& Deuker, 2009). Enterprises should use the data they collect for the purpose that it was collected for. Some businesses have been using personal data for another unintended purpose that is against the customers will. It is not the appropriate thing to do because every enterprise must be focused to achieve its goals as per its objectives. Customers must be consulted in case the purpose for which the data was collected for changes to ensure that the enterprise maintains its buyers trust. Trust is an important aspect in every kind of business because it helps it attract more customers at the same time maintaining the old ones (Matwyshyn, 2009). Businesses have not been collecting accurate date that is more reliable, and it should be updated as time goes by. Enterprises should allow individuals to update their personal data often because this helps it in marketing communications that are a strategy to get more customers for their products. Accuracy is what should be anticipated for in all the businesses because it enables them to follow the appropriate path towards achievement of its goals. Data Protection Act principles have helped a lot in guiding enterprises in ways that personal data should be treated, and every enterprise should adhere to it. Enterprise should be collect adequate and not excess data, and it should not gather data because it might be useful in future. It shows the focus of the business, and it makes it easy to achieve its objectives. Some enterprises just gather data because a time might come for them to use which is not a necessity because the only required data is considered important, and it is what should always be collected. When the data is collected it should be handled with a lot of care to ensure when customers are in need to confirm from the enterprise it is possible.Conclusion Online based businesses should consider the three top points discussed above which are the fundamental pillars. Information should be protected by ensuring the company is equipped with well-established computer system. This computer system enables the establishment of an information system that helps the enterprise manage and protect its information effectively. As we know customers are the kings of every business because without them it cannot succeed. It shows that they should be treated with a lot of care (Azari, 2003). Buyer protection measures should be followed keenly to ensure the enterprises wins customers trust that helps them maintain old customers and attract new ones. Without customers, the business will end up collapsing, and it is advisable to treat them appropriately. Personal data should be protected because it an important item in the business and it helps it a lot in its day to day activities. Data helps the business in setting its objectives and goals of a given financial year. Because of all that data should be protected by ensuring that all the principles in the data protection Act are adhered to in every enterprise. As we know nobody can start a business without an aim of making profit, so the appropriate measures must be put in place to ensure easy flow of earnings. These measures include the three discussed pillars which include, data, and buyer and information protection. Finally, every online business should establish strong protection measures on the enterprise information, customers and data because those are the stepping stones to their success.
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