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Sports and leisure are personal recreational activities that enriches the peace of the soul and helps to keep mind and body fit and sound. West Bromwich Leisure Centre provides world class facilities for sports and leisure so that people may spend time with their body to replenish it with energy. It is run by Places for People Leisure which was formally known as DC Leisure. The leisure center has various facilities including swimming pool, gym area, sauna bath, steam room, children’s special room, dance studios, skating ring, a spacious cafeteria, a four court well equipped sports hall etc. The main focus of the leisure group lies upon health, wellbeing, fitness and leisure for the people. The center is primarily conceptualized for individuals aiming for the improved and healthier lifestyle.
The worth for the center is about £ 12.5 million with the centerpiece being an attractive swimming pool.The center at the Moor Street was inaugurated in 2004.The campus area is a curve façade with highlighted glass panel of red color in the entrance hall with swimming pool raising up the standards of the place and is available for the professional swimmers as well as for the learners. The main feature of the pool is that learner’s lane have floor that can be adjusted according to the depth required either by raising above or lowering down to a level. And as a result it can be used for various learning sessions starting from those of kids to the adults too. The swimming enthusiasts have a special six lane pool for practicing hard.
The 50+ Club is a special feature giving facilities to aged people for maintain their health and physical fitness. Children have play rooms and dance classes. All in all there are plethora of facilities provided by the center for the fitness of people.
The aim of the center is to provide healthcare and fitness activities for the people seeking leisure in their routine lives. The center provides world class facilities with a mission to provide peaceful setting for the health of body, mind and soul. The center visions to become true to their commitment for providing a lifestyle for the community that is improved and enriched with wellness.
The objectives of this report are to evaluate the sports and leisure facilities of the West Bromwich community, to evaluate the degree of which the leisure center complies with the obligations connected with the health and safety rules of the company as well as the licensing and equality laws. The report would also give an insight into the theories for relating the design with facility operations and to consider the feedback and experience of the clients. Finally, this would give a report about the pricing and promotional strategies that can further enhance the customer base.
Since, the center is new in formation, they have been able to develop their mark in the market by effective delivery of services to the community. The staff includes different managers for each of the department namely activity, sales, swimming, fitness, technical, operations, contract etc.

Facility design of the leisure center

The visitor’s experience can be enhanced and refined with world class facilities provided at a reasonable rate by the leisure center. West Bromwich Leisure Center is conceptualized and designed for improving the lifestyles of people and hence provides truly royal facilities in terms of training, cleanliness, services etc. The centers targets every demographic group of the society including kids, teenagers, adults, aged people including customers with all ages, genders, races, ranges, social status etc. The campus is designed to be huge to accommodate many number of people at the same time to provide them their personal space as well as to conduct group sessions for training.
The sports and leisure activities should be derived from the theoretical principles of equality which is followed well in this training center. The outcome of many of the sports competitions have been regarded as unequal and biased having racial bias and inequalities and hence the leisure center at West Bromwich gives equal access and opportunity to people belonging to any race, caste, creed or color. But due to social code of conduct, there have been reports about the racial and ethnic differences being created in the center which is leading to lesser number of customers from the ignored or deprived class or section of the society. Some of the theories connected with this indifference are ethnicity, nation and new racism. Racism is guided by presence of some whiteness critiques that whites of the nation are favored above the lacks of the nation. In these centers for leisure, fitness and health to enhance the social status and well being of a personal the general trend is that white number of people outnumber the blacks as they consider these activities to be related with race, cast, status and as a social symbol of highness. The facilities provided at the leisure center and the area of the campusare symbolic of the magnitude of people that would be interested in going to such places because of various reasons.
The design of the center is so made that it accommodates various facilities that is difficult for a single spot to accommodate. Swimming pool gym, dance studios, skating rink, cafes, rooms, spa, sauna etc. all at one spot attracts the customers having different needs at different times. The experience of the visitors are enhanced by the services provided by the staff and the cost set by the center to cater to the rising demands of the customers in terms of leisure and health.

Health, Safety and Equality aspects

It is mandatory for all the businesses to obtain legal requirements from the concerned government or authorities and to follow some of the guidelines and rule pertaining to the health and safety of the customers serviced in the center. West Bromwich follows various health and safety rules to be followed by any fitness center or gym or spa for that matter. The rules are to ensure the safety of both the customers as well as they employees working in the department.
The equality of opportunities is a regulation that pertains to describe that all races should have equal access to the club facilities in spite of any differences. Members or the employees have the responsibility to settle out the possible consequences that may be a result of breach of any regulation or law imposed in the campus of the center,
West Bromwich is particular in following Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 giving a fundamental structure to encourage, regulate and enforce the laws for workplace concerning to the health, safety and welfare of the people within the United Kingdom. There are interfaces and involvements of European Union of workplace health and safety, Health and Safety Commission etc. Another law followed by the leisure center is Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation in 1999 which places the duty on the staff members to manage the risks for other employees arising from any of the work activity undertaken by them. There must be assurance of situations of emergencies, adequate information for training and development as well as full time health surveillance for the customers as well as employees.
Inside the campus and the leisure center every employee and the customer is given equal rights and freedom of speech to give their personal suggestions and contributions in the diverse methods for the West Bromwich center. It also ensures that freedom is given to express any of the interests as this is a leisure center and the freedom is given in the terms of political beliefs, religious values, and other ideals of the people. The center have also adopted and have utilized the services of ‘non discriminatory language’ and have made it a key strategy to provide equal opportunities and options to the staff members.
Since West Bromwich leisure center falls under the umbrella of laws pertaining and relating to leisure activities they would have a relation with the time shares in the hotels, country clubs, health and fitness facility centers, service apartments, resorts, amusement parks and many other related places of relaxation. It strictly follows the rules about entertainment, recreation, art and other related aspects. They form a part of Leisure and Hospitality Law mentioned from the side of the government which covers a large sector of companies that provide services and operations to meet up the demands of entertainment, recreational and cultural interests of the people.
It also complies with the laws that are related to the preservation and exhibition of objects, educational and cultural interests, preservation of historical sites and aspects, involvement in the production, participation, promotion and presentation of events and exhibits for public viewing and the operational facilities provided to enable the customers to follow the recreational facilities of their interest or to pursue a hobby available at the center.

Pricing and Programming scheme of leisure center

Since the inauguration of the center they have been providing various products, services and facilities for catering to health and safety, wellness and sports development of the people. The fees structure of the center is also mandated by the law and order of the pricing schemes. Even the membership schemes closely matches up with the budget of the people of the region and hence it is observed that there is a rise in customer base for the center. There are options that enable the people to use the facilities either on pay and play basis or to save money by making a membership with the center. The gym only membership is priced at £17.99 per month. For a limited time offer, new members pay only £9 for their first month. The gym only membership comprises features such as unlimited use of the gym, personal training or workout program and introduction to the gym. For swim only membership, swimmers are offered half the price of the gym membership fee on their first month. Under this program, members are entitled to unlimited swimming. Individuals who want to maximize the whole leisure center, they can avail of the all-inclusive membership with a special offer of half the price of the monthly fee for on the first month. Other features included in all-inclusive membership include unlimited use of the gym, introduction to the gym, unlimited access to group exercise classes, unlimited swimming sessions and unlimited access to steam and sauna. There is a minimum fee of £20 start-up fee which is applicable to all types of memberships along with the half-price special offer.


The pricing and promotional strategies need to be pondered over to further enhance the customer base. The pricing strategy though is seeming to be fair and worthy for the international class services provided at one stop. However, what’s seemingly expensive is the use of basketball, football and netball at the dryside area. It is recommended that £45.50 should be cut down even half the price for all those interested to afford a healthy and fit lifestyle.The badminton and table tennis has another price range which can be upgraded to an unlimited use because 60 minutes seems too short especially for those who intend to utilize the area for practice and or competition.There can be promotional strategies employed to advertise for the center and to allure the clients for the leisure services provided. There can be special packages for festival times and seasons.


With an impressive beginning, the center has been able to develop with utter grace by providing multi faceted services at reasonable prices. They have made sports as a leisure activity and are providing fun packages for the kids. Therefore, it is a complete package for the leisure seeking people.

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