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There has been much discussion over the issue of abortion for the past decades. There are many questions that still remain without answer. For instance, should women have right to decide the fate of their unborn babies? Is abortion a murder or the right thing to do? Anyway, according to Lyons (2003), "Whether we like abortion or not, we argue it is morally wrong to kill unborn human beings". I personally give hearty support to this point of view as there is nothing being as abnormal and horrible as a murder.
American feminist writer Valenti, a columnist of the Guardian (2015) explains, "There is nothing selfish about wanting to live - it’s the most simple, instinctive, human desire there is". I think that the desire to live and to come to this world is one of the fundamental things that makes our world what it is. Abortion cannot be regarded as a common and natural occurrence and therefore, should be made illegal all over the world. Therefore, the main idea of this essay is to prove the fallaciousness, lawlessness, and wrongfulness of abortions. With this end in view, various aspects of pregnancy interruption, reasons for having an abortion and side effects associated with it will be argued and analyzed in the essay to support my point of view.
In the first place, I would like to explain what abortion is and to define the term. Abortion in the majority of cases is regarded as elective interruption of pregnancy. In conformity with the current medical standards, abortion may be performed on a pregnant woman in case her duration of gestation does not exceed a term of 20 weeks.
According to Dr. Suzanne Trupin, "Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year". Statistics indicate that four of ten women will have an abortion at some point of their genesial lives.
With the course of time and the development of modern human history, the attitude of a society towards abortion has been changing and evolving under the influence of the development of scientific knowledge, based on the position of the professional medical community, law, and civil initiatives. The values of feminist movements were contradicting with those of the religious views and movements towards the preservation of life of the fetus. Apparently, there has never been general opinion regarding the issue of abortion.
In order to prevent abortions it is very useful to define and analyze the reasons for pregnancy interruption procedure. There is a variety of reasons that may contribute to a woman's decision to have an artificial abortion. Some women consider such decision to be the right thing, but most of them will regret of having an abortion for the rest of their lives. At this point, I would like to discuss the most common reasons and justifications for an abortion.
One of the main reasons for having an abortion is precocious pregnancy and immaturity of a pregnant woman. In fact, the majority of women interrupting their pregnancy report that they are too young and immature to have a baby. I am of opinion that in most cases the reason for a young woman's getting pregnant was their ignorance of means of contraception. Some of them were not even aware of the possibility of getting pregnant.
Another considerable reason is impossibility of affording a baby for money reasons. According to Lang (2013), 4 out of 5 women claim that their decision to have an abortion was induces by lack of money to satisfy basic living requirements and needs not only to support the child but even to support herself. The problem here is that women do not try to seek a solution to support the baby, but they only seek justifications to have an abortion.
Fear of being a single parent can also be considered as a serious reason that may contribute to a woman's decision to have an artificial abortion. Of course, it is quite understandable that most of unmarried women are afraid even of the thought of having a baby as they realize that their men are not likely to support them once they have a baby. On the other hand, I think that the biggest problem is that most women didn't even talk to their men and discuss this issue as they were too afraid to lose their beloved ones. Some women still think that it is socially unacceptable to be a single mom, forgetting that we do not live in the 19th century anymore.
Possible health problems may also contribute to the decision to have an abortion. In the majority of cases, various health problems that may develop across pregnancy seem to be the most non-egoistical reason to have an abortion. At the same time, I truly believe a woman should not disregard the fact that the majority of diseases can be easily managed and that even a serious health problem is not a sentence.
One of the most appalling reasons for an abortion is a pregnancy as a result of a sexual assault. Taking into consideration the fact the rape pregnancies are quite rare and account for less than 5 cases of pregnancy one in a hundred, one should realize that it is not one of the key reason of an abortion. Moreover, the physical and emotional consequences of abortion may be even worse than those of a rape.
Once something is done, a person should realize that there are not only reasons or justifications for his/her actions, but also consequences and side effects. The effects of an elective abortion are different for every woman. The side effects vary from health and physical complications to irreversible psychological problems and mental diseases.
And once again I come to the same question: is having an abortion worth regretting it for the rest of the life? Is it worth feeling sorry and blaming yourself? There is no exaggeration to say that one thoughtless decision will influence the rest of a woman life. So, why not prevent women from ruining their lives by adopting special laws, making abortion illegal?
Taking into consideration all the possible reasons and side effects of an abortion procedure, a very logical question arises in our minds: what can be done to prevent women from performing abortion? Although abortion seems to be a major issue and a great problem as of today, it should not be neglected but should be solved. Sociologists, physicians, politicians, public person and civic leaders actively express their opinion upon issue of abortion and quite often come up with new and even more advanced measures to legislate against abortions.
Arons and Saperstein state in their article that there are two basic approaches to reduce abortion rate. The first way involves the implementation of a wide range of measures in order to make abortion less desirable and necessary, while the second approach is aimed at the reduction of abortion availability. If you want a woman to think of her possible abortion as of less desirable and needed choice, you have to explain that there are always other options. It is a proven fact that women are more likely to reconsider their decision to have an abortion when they feel love and care and if they are held through their pain. Another good thing to do would be to visit an pre-abortion center which provides counseling services for pregnant women. In most cases, such visit leads to a decision to leave the child and give birth to it.
Whereas the majority if women are more likely to change their mind after talking to her loved ones or after visiting a pre-abortion medical center, these measures may become apparent to be ineffective for other women. In this case, the only thing left for us to do is simply to make abortion illegal or at least to reduce the availability of such procedure. I believe that the only reason to make an abortion should be health problems which may lead to fatal outcome either for a woman or her child. Otherwise, elective interruption of pregnancy should be strictly prohibited by governments all over the world.
There is a wide spread stereotype that right to an abortion is an undisputable right of any woman. I do not really believe that a woman should be entitled to shape her child's destiny and I do not think that killing a child in his mother's womb before he/she is even born is a normal and acceptable thing.
As far as I am concerned most decisions to interrupt pregnancy were caused by some illusory reasons in a woman's mind? The worst thing about abortion is that once it is done, nothing can be changed about it. No matter how hard and disconsolately a woman regrets about having an abortion, the consequences and side effect of such procedure will not be too long in coming. Ovarian suppression, polycystic ovarian disease, cervical and liver cancer, penetration of uterus and cervical lesions are likely to become major concerns of a woman 's physical health. Nervous and mental disorders requiring psychiatric treatment, insomnia and other psychological side effects do not even constitute the full list of problems a woman who had an abortion is likely to experience.
The most important issue of abortion is responsibility. What I say is the decision to have an induced abortion is not a thing that will be forgotten in a couple of days. It is a real cross to bear for the entire life. All in all, it all comes to taking responsibility. And if young men and women are not ready to take it, so why expose to risk their own health and life of their future child? Killing an unborn child is not an option. It should be understood that it will not make a woman's life easier. But if people are not willing to understand and accept this, there is only one thing left for us to do. And I believe that this thing is making abortion illegal by prohibiting it in all countries and at all levels.

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