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Irregular lifestyle and lack of exercise affects people in various negative ways. Health experts and dieticians keep alerting people against the threats of obesity and irregular routine. Rich and nutritious diets and junk foods cause obesity that is a major concern. Growing obesity in youngsters affects every aspect of their life. Dieting is one of various solutions of this constantly growing problem. This paper intends to discuss dieting and its effects on human health.


Diet affects our body and mind in a substantial way. A healthy and balanced diet keeps us fit and fine, but junk food creates a number of problems. Growing consumption of junk food by people causes various health related problems. Dieting is found helpful in some cases, but dieting also has its limitations and dieting cannot be recommended to everybody in every cases. Problems, faced by people vary from one to another and there are different solutions to these problems (Fairburn et al., 2002).
Dieting has been very effective in some cases. Dieting needs proper monitoring and it should be started in monitoring of an expert dietician only. There are positive and negative aspects of dieting. People have various misconceptions about it and they start dieting without considering its positive and negative aspects. Dieting is frequently recommended to obese people by friends and relatives.

Effects of dieting

Like everything else in human life, there are several positive and negative effects of dieting. Dieting makes positive changes if it is done accurately, but there are a number of negative effects of dieting if it is unmonitored and done out of panic of obesity.

Positive effects

1. Longer life- it has been observed in various cases that people who are on dieting live more than others. One of two elderly people from japan recently revealed that the only secret of her longer life is dieting. She is 115 years old and happily living. This is not the isolated case and many elderly people have endorsed dieting as secret of their longer life (Fairburn et al., 2002).
2. Active and energetic- dieting helps people in maintaining balanced weight. People who are on dieting are found to be more active and energetic in their elder age. They are more active and energetic than obese youngsters who are sick of various diseases in their young age (Hofmann et al., 2014). Being active and doing all works of daily life is not less than a boon for elderly people in their life.
3. Better memory- balanced dieting helps people in maintaining sharp memory in their old ages. It has been observed that people who are on dieting are better in memory than others. It is believed that function of dieting is to purify body as well as soul and this process affects human brain in a positive manner and sharpens memory.
4. Weight loss and confidence- people start dieting with an expectation of weight loss. Dieting lets human body burn unnecessary fat and accumulated weight. It has been observed that people who are on dieting remain fit and slim. Losing weight affects psyche of people in various positive ways. Fitness brings confidence in people who are on dieting them. They can wear clothes of their choice and dieting helps them in leading their life their own way (Stinson, 2001).
5. Decreased health risks- dieting helps people in maintaining a balanced body weight. Dieting also helps in curing various chronic diseases. Diabetes, arthritis, sugar and various other problems can be treated by appropriate dieting. Dieting does not help in curing chronic health problems, but at the same time, it also helps people in avoiding new problems. It avoids obesity and other problems (Hofmann et al., 2014).
6. Healthy family life- considering the abovementioned benefits of dieting, there is no need to say that dieting helps people in leading a healthy family life. When anyone is free from all health related problems, he or she may spend healthy time with their family. Less health related problems means huge savings and spending this money on family means huge happiness in life. Dieting gives stamina and happiness that people lack otherwise in their life (Hofmann et al., 2014).

Negative effects

1. Eating too less is equally injurious- eating too less is equally injurious as eating too heavy. When people are on dieting, they tend to eat very less which affects the human body in negative ways. It has also been observed that when people are on dieting, they keep thinking about food and beverages and when they decide to quit dieting, they start eating higher amount of food. Such behavior affects the human health and all benefits of dieting turn into losses (Neumark-Sztainer et al., 2012).
2. Dieting impacted how youngsters and adolescents used to think about their body image. In a research study it is observed that adolescents’ girls are more conscious about their body image; they want to look like their favorite models or actresses. The changes observed in thinking of young girls significantly impacted their diet. Girls stop taking various nutrients that are essential for their body and development. In order to look skinny they reduce intake of food which resulted in various illnesses and deficiency of components such as low level of hemoglobin, calcium, fatty acids and other components (Stinson, 2001).
3. Changing diet frequently also impacts intestine and body mechanism. Human body requires certain amount calories every day to perform internal activities and functions of the body. In absence of proper diet and certain amount of calories body mechanism get adversely impacted (Stinson, 2001). Wrongly planned diet also collect toxic substance in the body. It is essential for Humans to de-toxicate their body by adding adequate amount of fiber and water in their regular diet schedule.


Having observed the short and snappy analysis of dieting and its effects, this paper concludes that there are several positive and negative effects of dieting. Dieting brings surprising benefits when it is monitored and done appropriately. It helps in losing weight and increasing memory, it may get relief from chronic diseases. But at the same time there are various negative effects of dieting when it is done without guidance. Dieting is an easy way of maintain good health and does not cost much if it is done accurately, but it may harm human health if it is not done in an appropriate manner.


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