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Global Marketing

Canada is a very important country for the SnoPoles firm, especially due to the exciting time when it is at its best performance in the global market index analysis that we have chosen to seek and explore this new market. We intend to start operation as a domestic firm before going global with further increases in our investments, retail support and marketing. SnoPoles has plans of producing a product with the capability of enhancing the enjoyment, performance and safety of the snowboarder and skier while at the same time maintaining product durability. We aspire to maintain environmental sustainability by producing products that are made out of recyclable metals and still have the capacity of strength and stability.
Since, snowboarding and skiing has grown to occupy a 50% stake at the snow sports games, we aim to grow to become a leader in quality and technology with superior service to customer and improved rider culture in the industry. The Canadian consumer is currently an essential source of our inspiration of market exploitation due to the stable employment performance in the country for the last five years. The Canadian western economy is of a particular importance to the firm due to its better performance. This assures the firm of a greater demand for skis and snowboards as compared to the much slower spending growth in Eastern Canada and a weaker demand for skiing. Since skiing in Canada has a huge potential for growth, we foresee a future of a thriving enterprise base that will spearhead our multinational investments exploits. Because a high percentage of the population in Canada as well as different other countries in the United Kingdom, Europe and America is increasing, there is a higher probability of active participation in sports decreasing. This consequently assures SnoPoles of increased participation in snowboarding and skiing in the next several years. There is however a growing concern of decreased participation in the long term as a result of decreased birth rates that will lead to a decrease in the number of Canadians and an increase in new immigrants who rarely participate in snowboarding activities. In British Columbia, for instance, the potential figures are the same as there is an estimation of this ratio of one to three Britons to minority groups. This is according to research carried out by the Canadian Ski Council that indicates that most minorities rarely participate in skiing and snowboard activities.
There is a hope however for a growing market base in the youths of different ethnicities who are increasingly becoming more interested in skiing. Our target market is therefore versatile and definitive as we also strive to tap into these young generation skiers and snowboarders who have commendable statistics with almost 50% of snowboarders being under 17 years and 70% under 25 years. Our products can be used by a large range of consumers who include both the males and females from the ages of ages 10yrs to late 40’s. SnoPoles snowboards and skis will therefore be appropriately fit for the diverse ranges of our consumer’s necessities to enable them meet the safety standards required for both adults and children. Our products will consequently have to go through various careful examinations and tests to ensure their quality, durability and quality. SnoPoles wants to make products that can be used to their maximum potential while still providing high quality comfort and design. SnoPoles is furthermore banking on the rebellious rider culture in Canada that was invented as a result of the cross over between urban and suburban snow styles to increase its target market and eventual overall sales. We similarly have every intention of thriving on the current scarcity of snowboards and skis within the country, an event that coincides with the Canadian subculture of non-conformist individuality. The scarcity marketing strategy will therefore be a major uplift to our sales. SnoPoles will keep consumers on their toes as we will continue with constant production to maintain supplies while at the same time improving innovation and quality. SnoPoles will furthermore offer manufactures a guarantee of damaged products over a period of 5 years.
Finally, on the environmental front, the Global Warming phenomena is of a crucial concern to the firm as well as the industry in general, we however hope to swiftly navigate through and adapt to the changing weather conditions. The variability in the length of the winter seasons is the main cause of uncertainty that will influence the drive to the Canadian ski market. Although Environment Canada’s forecasting models indicate an increase in the average temperatures more in the west and north rather than the interior and south, there are still positive forecasts on cities like Quebec and Ontario. Even with the prediction of an overall decrease in winter snow cover, it is clear that snowmaking technology will still manage to be a soft landing for the rather grim future.
SnoPoles will therefore collaborate with the Canadian department for marketing and sales on snowboards and skis to help evolve the strategic direction of the market base in Canada. The marketing team will work to implement programs that will help to build momentum for SnoPoles and the snowboarding market in Canada.

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