Example Of Gay Rights Movement Critical Thinking

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Published: 2021/02/15

One of the trending social movement in the United States and other parts of the world is the LGBT rights movement that covers the rights of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender. These group have been facing marginalization and discrimination and living in the fear of being isolated from the mainstream society. Is due to this reason the Gay Rights Movement was established in the United States with an aim of fighting for such discrimination as well as acquiring the marriage rights. The Gay Rights Movement was established in Europe about 100 years ago and have achieved a substantial success in the contemporary world. However, although gay community have been able to integrate into the mainstream society across different countries, the homophobia and discrimination are still common in the society.
Currently, the gay community led by the gay activists are fighting to change the state laws that prohibits same-sex marriage in states such as Virginia. The Gay Rights Movement is tirelessly developing efforts and policies that can help them win the hearts of the society that has been resisting them. The movement argues that the gay community should be treated with equality since they are paying taxes, pay property taxes, and owns property among other things done by straight men. However, in some states such as Mississippi, people have grown with negative attitude and perception about the gay community, and this makes it hard to change their ideas. From the religious perspective, people view that the gay community violates the marriage right because the Holy Scripture defines the marriage as a union between a woman and a man. However, the Gay Rights Movement proposes the gay community to be legally and socially accepted in order to evade the current controversial issues associated with them. For instance, acquiring the same-sex marriage right will enable them to have legal advantages such as rights of inheritance, tax advantages, and retirement benefits among other concerns.
Since 1970s, the other major concerns of the Gay Rights Movement involves prevention of diseases and combating of the sexual epidemics such as HIV/AIDs. The movement pushes for the rights that allow the gay community to be covered by the health policies that fight diseases that are associated with sexual intercourse. In addition, the movement encourages the government to develop nondiscriminatory policies in housing and employment among other aspects associated with the civil society. This implies that the Gay Rights Movement seeks the legal and social acceptance of the gay community and be included in the development policies. They also challenge the governments to introduce the hate crime legislation aiming to protect the gay, transgendered, and lesbian communities. For instance, currently, the Gay Rights Movement in United States are files various cases that challenge the states that have banned the same-sex marriage. Such challenges are pending in the court, and the outcome are yet to be released. However, the main question arises; will such challenges enhance common ground and change the perception of the mainstream society about gay people?
In conclusion, despite the tremendous efforts made by the gay right movement, the mainstream community remains resistant to such group. This is because their goals for reaching equal civil rights and enhancing of the common cultural ground remains a challenge in many communities. Various cultural and political conservatives argue that such movement remains a threat to the foundations of various communities. Religious groups, such as Christians argue that pushing for the homosexuality in the society is morally wrong.

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