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Morphology can be described as the identification, description and analysis of a language morphemes, such as affixes, roots words and intonations. Consequently, words and clitics are accepted as smallest units of syntax. Perhaps, words are associated with other words by productive rule that jointly describe the grammar. The fundamental concept of morphology is differentiated by word forms and lexemes. For instance, cat and cats are closely associated, thus, the identical word is known as a lexeme. The 2nd sense is called word form, in which cat and cats are considered different words of the same lexeme. According to linguistics, the phenomenon of morphological productivity is the potential that speakers, have to create unintentionally and uncountable in principle number of words. Therefore, morphology can incorporate creativity in light of learned rules, language users form new words. For instance, the application of suffix is added to adjectives to create nouns. Typically, word-formation process involves creativity and productivity rules. Consequently, productive rules utilization is typically natural, in which neologisms is hardly noticed because they look familiar. I.e. suffix are used to create nouns from a range of adjectives, and language users have internalized this rule that, with-ness of neologism is unparticular and more often created than neologism with a suffix.
English morphology is dull compared to other languages, for instance, in Turkish, a wide variety of words can be generated by including suffixes to one root, which results to higher number of words. In other languages, morphology seems to take control, for example, in Turkish, the application of suffixes is determined by vowel harmony. In fact, distribution of plurals relies on whether the sound is front vowel or a back vowel.
Through learning morphology, I have acquired the knowledge to understand how English words are modified to reveal their grammatical function, therefore, I am actually able to combine roots and affixes to form meaningful words. I have also learned how bound morphemes are practically used in a language.
As illustrated, the concept of lexeme, is probably to differentiate two types of morphological rules. Some morphology rules are associated with different kinds of the same lexeme, and thus referred to as inflectional rules, while others associate with different lexeme referred to as word formation., therefore, the formation of cats from cat is called inflectional rule, while compound phrases like cat catcher or honeymoon are examples of word formation. Word formation combines two words, while inflection combines a suffix with a verb to form a subject of a sentence.


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