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He starts to feel that his house is too big for him and his family. He begins to wonder, “what if I live in a smaller house instead of this that is too big for us?” He puts a sale post in front of his house up for sale and starts looking for a smaller one. He finds the house that is just enough for his family. He realizes that his family can connect more and share even more information. He feels that the small house brings his family closer.
“What if I donate some of my money to charity, instead of spending of expensive vacations? He wondered. They (he and his wife) found a charity that caters for disabled children who are orphans. They donate some money, and this kindness made him feel very satisfied in his heart because he had helped another human beings. Prior to this, he had never sponsored anyone or even thought of it.
His children have always attended the most expensive schools in the country since they were young. He talked to his children about how life is not about having or living a large life. He told them about what he was going through, and that he wanted them to experience the freedom and joy that he had recently found. He was referring to freedom from material wealth and luxuries. His children agreed and without wasting time, and he enrolled them in a public school.
“What if I buy vintage clothes instead of designer clothes which are expensive? He began to question himself. He realized that all his clothes were new with a designer tag attached to them. He slowly started to buy vintage and second-hand clothes, and he felt different. He felt like he does have the pressure to put up with the latest trend anymore. Wearing second-hand clothes made him feel more at ease.
He had always attended private hospitals for his medical needs. However, he started to feel the need to see how people are treated in the public hospitals. He went to a nearby hospital one day, and he was amazed by the experience. He meet people from all lifestyles, people who were happy even though they did not have much money. He sat in line next to a middle-aged man who started a conversation with him. He was astonished by his friendly nature and kindness, and he vowed to make him a long-term friend. Public hospitals meant making long queues, but he was okay with it because he used less money.
He always used a lot of money for his lunch while at work. He would invite his friends over to a fancy restaurant for lunch or an evening snack after work. One day he went to a small restaurant on the block to try their food. He used less money, and the food tasted wonderful and the other customers eat while conversing with their friends comfortably. Interestingly, he made a friend they freely laughed and talked unlike in the fancy restaurant where people are more formal.
Over the years, he always took his family to expensive vacations overseas. However, he started to question, what if they vacated locally, seeing that they have always gone to other countries for the holiday. He tried this method by taking his family to stay at his brother’s home in a different town that was in the remote areas. They experienced a very different vacation compared to the one they are used to. They interacted with the local community and learned very many things about them. They tasted their food, learned a little bit of their language and danced to their traditional songs.
He was very determined to change his life in all aspects. He wanted to live a simple life and just enjoy it. He even went ahead and changed his friends so that he can fully fit into his new life. His former friends are people who go on expensive vacations overseas, live in mansions and drive expensive cars. However, now that he has started walking to work and has moved to a smaller and cheaper house, he will no longer be accepted in that circle of friends. However, the good news is that he has already started making friends in the restaurants and places that he now visits.
One day he realized that he could change his phone for a cheaper one. He researched and found that there were cheaper phones in the market that have the exact same features as the one that he had. What if I sell all the expensive electronics in my house and buy only want I need, but they have to be cheaper? He wondered. He was very lucky to have a good wife who understood him. Therefore, she obliged to his requests to sell the electronics. He went ahead and suggested that they should cook their food traditionally, for example, they can cook from outside the house using firewood. As the food was getting ready, they can relax and spend quality time with a family. Additionally, they can interact with the neighbors as they sit outside.
The other day he invited people from his new neighborhood to his home for lunch. His family prepared a lot of food to feed all the visitors. During the function, everyone was having a wonderful time; they were all laughing and talking. As they continued to eat, he stood and looked at the crowd, and thought that this was something that they will be doing once in a while. He realized that in his former life he lived a very isolated life; he did not know his neighbors. The people who attended the function were very grateful to him because for some that was even their first meal of the day. He felt touched to have made a difference in other people lives.
He vowed to resist the temptation to go back to his former life. His new life made him and his families were very happy because they learned that money could not buy happiness. Many of his former friends do not understand his decision to change his life and for that, only two remained his friends. However, this does not discourage him because he has successfully made many others. He is very much aware that the decision to change his life will take a while to get used to, but he is not about to give up on being happy. He has made his life mission to live a simple, happy life. He is lucky that his family is willing to take this life-changing journey together with him.

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