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Reflection - reflection about first day at Coventry University including types of learning style

I can still remember the first day I landed in UK, all geared up and pepped up for my future endeavour but there was some nervousness laced with confusions regarding the new place, because it was for the very first time I was here all alone. The night before my first day in Coventry University, I couldn’t sleep properly. I tossed and turned, impatiently awaiting the ring of my morning alarm. I was anxiously waiting for morning to come. It was beginning of new life at a new place. I hurriedly took shower, got dressed, had my breakfast and I rushed to towards Coventry University.
This fall, I joined Coventry University, the campus’s first look gave me boost, and it looked best and was noticeably abuzz with new entrants. The campus’s aura made me a step into new ambitions to achieve, new fascinations to accomplish, new dreams to fulfil and new friends to make. My new institution was like a new promise of a new semester, new students, and new faculty. It was like to part of new world altogether.
I tried to catch every moment in my view. The building, the lush green lawn, students holding books, clear azure and leaves falling off trees. I was smartly dressed and so were other students. They too might have been enthusiastic for getting enrolled in Coventry University.
I was reluctant to break the ice with new inmates but somehow managed to strike the conversation and made couple of friends. I headed towards the class room and was utterly fascinated with the introductory lecture given by Mr. Frank. The day just passed like a gush of wind. I can never compare my first day at Coventry University with any other day as it was once in a life time experience. It was fresher’s day in real sense.


During the whole semester I got a chance to explore myself better. With the end of semester-I I was able to understand myself in all dimensions. I got to realise about my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats as well.


1. I am quite sociable and mix up with people quickly.
2. I am outgoing and explore new places.
3. I am an optimistic person who sees silver lining in every cloud.
4. I am empathetic towards people and often volunteer.
5. I am energetic.


I am impulsive and take hasty decisions of my life.
I am lazy at times and prefer to over sleep’
I procrastinate a lot
I am unpredictable sometimes.
I am easy going


I write and observe things so there I a possibility of taking up writing profession and making a full time career out of it.
I cook well
I sing and dance also
I am an adventure freak and travellers


Insecurity often hovers over me and leaves me hopeless in certain matters.
Overall my personality groomed in the Coventry University. I learnt enumerable things from my colleagues, professors and books. I am happy with my performance but yet one thing that needs to take care of is time management (Moore, Brooke Noel and Parker, Richard, 12). Although I got honed in many skills like how to concentrate on particular task at one time but I often find myself running out of time. I need to pay attention to the time utilisation as it would hamper my productivity at a larger scale in later years.
I am very surprised at certain instances when I behaved clumsily and later on laughed by recalling those clumsy moments. I learnt to laugh at myself rather I learnt to accept myself whole heartedly.
I had to leave my home and it was a tough decision before joining Coventry University but that made me stronger in every aspect. I feel lucky to be part of Coventry University and I am blessed to I achieve this once in lifetime opportunity. I am satisfied with my qualification at my education performances. I have learnt new techniques and approaches in my subject. I really worked hard and pushed myself off limits to achieve desired result.
Coventry University played a vital role in making me an international student by imparting quality education, by making me understand the education system and behaviour of academics in UK.

Plagiarism and Harvard referencing

Coventry University gave me a better stand to get an in-depth insight of certain conceptions. It has been a very productive time so far as my writing skills are concerned. I got a detailed comprehension of analysing definite concepts that help to construct better writing styles. I came to know the legitimacy of content, in the form of texts, ideas, thoughts, artwork, and other forms of expressions, towards its creator, and how to utilize such material without playing with the validity of our own work and to respect the others. Yes, I am talking about plagiarism.
Plagiarism is the "wrongful arrogation" and "thieving and publication" of certain materials, claiming them as their own (Green, 11). Plagiarism is more or less concerned with the utilization of someone else’s work by a person, representing it as his or her own. It is totally unethical and plays with the legitimacy of the concerned person who holds right for the original work.
I got better awareness about the types of plagiarism right from the inception of our course. It helped me to develop a sense of responsibility towards the academic and professional community (Michel,9). It taught me the significance of original contributions to the world knowledge, and how to preserve the status quo of the authors and the inventors.
It is quite interesting to mention that Plagiarism is one of the biggest problems that the world of academia and professional milieus are facing. It is definitely a threat to the legitimacy of the authentic personnel who devoted their life to create such novel and innovative conceptions.
Our tutor shed some light on the legal perspectives of the plagiarism- as it is considered as a crime. Also, it is again hard to avoid light contours of plagiarism in this world of ‘information explosion. Strictly speaking, there are certain nuances of understanding that acclimatise responsible attitude of certain people in order to put forward their original work. Also, it is important to mention that plagiarism is more prominent in academic world and has created a wave of disgust among the people who practice such filthy habit. It is considered as academic and professional dishonesty and jeopardizing journalistic attitudes (O'Connor, 7).
There is also a unique style of referencing sources that I learn at the university (Cully, 6). I came to know that that there are many ways of referencing sources including American Psychological Association (APA), American Sociological Association (ASA), American Anthropological Association (AAA), Chicago, and Harvard etcetera. All these styles have corresponding referencing and in-text citation styles (Anglia Ruskin University Library).

Using library recources , academic writing

Academic writing includes art of presenting things with an apt understanding of the theoretical and practical deliberations. There is a debate as how to present information that includes the legitimacy of the author (Cully, 4). There are various ways to paint the information on paper in order to justify his or her arguments. At the university, I happen to learn certain ways to present information in a very nice way, I mean there are rules that govern us to make systematic arrangements of our arguments so that we can weave a very attractive narrative structure. In order to boost the quality of an academic paper, it is necessary to mention sources (also to avoid plagiarism) viz., primary, secondary and tertiary sources. It is quite interesting to observe that using authentic library sources in a right way.
Library material act as rich sources of authentic information in the form of theoretical concepts, statistics, facts, figures, addresses, and other accurate information. I learn how to give use library information to authenticate the qualitative aspects of academic writing. Furthermore, library referencing is most vital in sustaining the information of the paper (Kock, 17).
Academic writing is important in every respect and there are many formats of the papers that can be used to present information. Such formats include essays, research papers, articles, term papers etcetera. All these formats have their unique style in representing information which illustrates proper ways in weaving narrative structure of the respective papers.

Critical analysis

Critical analysis involves critical approach to evaluate the content of a paper or an image. Actually media text includes any form of text, images, video, graphics or any other kind of content that reflects the novelty of a paper (Mulnix, 12). It involves critically evaluating the media text that can offer in-depth understanding of the content.

Reflection about my presentation

Coventry University provided me with better understanding of various conceptions. I presented at the university and discussed about the concepts that are very helpful in formulating academic papers. I am well equipped with better understanding of the important concepts of plagiarism, and Harvard referencing etcetera. I talked about the pros and cons of the academic writings. I presented the whole thing with better body language with apt confidence (Kate, 3). I got better feedback from the audience, and I felt that I have better understood the conceptions about the writing.

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