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Sleep has been puzzling humanity since we can remember ourselves. So akin to death but so necessary for staying and feeling alive – it was always mysterious and fascinating. The natural rhythms of day and night, light and darkness, activity and rest, sleep and wakefulness in everything around them lead our ancestors to believe that sleep is a part of divine order. In later periods of history, sleep was perceived as an annoying waste of time, or even as a sign of laziness and weakness. Not once people tried to cut corners and reduce the time they spent in the arms of Morpheus – overwhelmingly to miserable results.

Millennia later, we still cannot say that we know everything about sleep. What is its purpose? How can we sleep better? Can we not sleep at all? How can we treat insomnia and other sleep disorders? One thing is certain: every student must write an essay about sleep to understand it better and appreciate it more since cavalier attitude towards sleep is woefully persistent among college freshmen.

In our collection, find your perfect sleep essay sample, whether you major in Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Nursing, Education, Psychology, Neuroscience, Health and Safety, or any other field of study that makes sleep the object of its attention and research. See the paradigms within which the sleep is studied in your field, what terms describe it, and what theories exist to explain it.

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