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Some people suffer from diseases that are very stubborn or may be their bodies are always not in a good position to eliminate the disease totally. These types of patient are fond of visiting the hospital in a regular basis due to the fact that the disease has a tendency of reappearing after some days. It is very important for such patients to rely to one doctor who is well conversant with the disease. The reason of sticking to one doctor will enable the doctor to have a good understanding of our disease and how the patients are progressing. The doctor will be in a position to understand how the disease is responding to a given medication and the need to change medication in case of no observable improvement. Furthermore, doctor will be in apposition to realize any new signs and symptoms that may come up as the patients continues with his or her medication.
For all the above to be possible and more effective, there is need to find the right doctor who is highly qualified and has had some good experience. However finding such doctors may not be easy, but this is the only possible way for the treatment such a disease. It is very important for the patients to consider not only the qualification but also the experience of the doctor. Doctors that have good experience are in a position of understanding a disease very fast and providing the right. This may possibly due to the fact that she or he has handled the same case previously. The chosen doctor should be one that has a good understanding of the patient’s condition.
The experience factor of a doctor is the best factor to consider when it comes to the treatment of certain diseases. It is not very easy for a doctor just from the collage to identify some symptoms in patients. This is due to the fact that some diseases have symptoms that are much related and very slight differences in them. However for an experienced doctor, identification of such symptoms is very easy and much time is saved as the patients have no need to move to the laboratory for the cause of the disease to be determined. However some condition in patients is not necessarily due to the illness of the body but as a result of the psychological problem. The patients may be given the right medication but the body might not be responding to the medication but worsening. This condition might not be easy for a doctor with no experience to identify as they mainly follow the books description of the given signs and symptoms of a disease. Even though they may give the right medication, they might not identify the reason why the body is not responding to the medication but confuse it with another disease all together. This situation confuses the inexperienced doctors and they end up giving the wrong medication which intern worsens the patient’s condition. However when it comes to the experienced doctors, identifying such a condition is very as they may be conversant with situations like that. This identification of the doctor who is experienced will be possible by determining the age of the doctor, the years of his professional work and the number of hospitals he or she has worked (Wibulpolpraser et al, pg. 12). The number of hospitals is very critical because various regions experiences different diseases. This is to mean that, there are some diseases that are common in a given region as compared to others this is mainly due to the climatic condition experienced in such regions.
It is very important also to understand how the patients who have been treated with a given doctor or the doctor of your choice are responding. Although these doctors may be experienced, their delivery in terms of services may be different. Other doctors are in the field of medicine for the purpose of making money. Such doctors mostly are not concerned with the progress of the patient. However in the same field of medicine, there are some doctors with experience and are mainly in the field of medicine to help the people who need there services. These kinds of doctors always provide the best services to the people and always have a higher rating from the patients (Hall et al, pg. 811). These are the kind of doctors who take every given opportunity to learn from the challenges he or she has faced in line of duty and tries his or her level best to find the solution to the challenged faced. This challenges may be an approach taken for a given patient’s condition that was not effective and finding a different approach either from his fellow doctors who are more experienced than him or her or having a research on the medical condition encountered to come with a possible solution to the problem. They are always determined to find a solution to any challenge they have faced in their life or work.
Finally, the quality of the hospital is a very important factor to consider when looking for the right doctor. Most of the hospitals are like other business firms that are determined to profit making (Weinberg and Beth pg.120). For the hospitals to make profits, they need to have more patients as compared to other hospitals. Because of the need to have more patients, the hospital have decided to improve on their service delivery to the patients to attract more patients and to maintain its patients. This competition has led to improved service delivery and well equipped hospitals with highly qualified doctors. It is very that a hospital that is highly rated is one with highly qualified doctors and it is equipped with more advanced machines for determining of a disease or treating of a disease. It is very important for a person to choose his or her doctors from this place as he or she will be guaranteed of quality treatment. Choosing a doctor from highly rated hospitals increases the chances of getting a quality health services. This is due to the fact that the hospital is well equipped with the machines and when it comes to treatment, the patient will have a thorough investigation of the disease that is disturbing him. The accessibility of the equipment by the doctors makes the doctor to be the best choice when it comes to choosing a doctor. When a patient considers the entire three factors; hospital quality, patient’s satisfaction, and the experience of a doctor, there are very high chances for the patient to obtain a good health service from the doctor (McClellan et al, pg. 93).

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