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Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia

Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia

Proposed Policy Change:

Manual cleaning with chlorhexidine swabs or brush in conjunction with suctioning for ventilator assisted adults to reduce incidences of ventilator assisted pneumonia.


Obtain statistics on VAP cases pre- and post-implementation.
Obtain input from Leadership Teams concerning actual and potential problems with staff members before, during, and after start of implementation.
Conduct staff meetings for input on deterrents to proposal such as availability of supplies, time constraints, difficulty with completion of process, and so on.
Obtain report from Compliance Team on maintenance of staff member compliance before and after implementation. Enforce both staff documentation and visual verification of compliance by the Compliance Team.

Verify continuing education concerning process is in place and future sessions scheduled for imbedding of education.

Provide literature including posters and brochures for consultation by staff if needed prior to performing revised process for oral care.
Confirm with the Supply Department that adequate amount of equipment is readily available at all times for the intensive care department to maintain quality of care and adherence to revised policy. Discuss with the department Director methods of assuring adequate supplies in stock in the event there is a failure to order from the floor. Discuss maximum numbers needed and necessary inventories both in the supply department and on the floor to maintain equipment readiness.


Perception of staff members concerning importance of the process and influence on compliance.
Perception of staff members concerning their responsibilities on the process and influence on compliance.
Statistics on incidences of VAP.
Unforeseen problems creating influence on the application or results of the process.
Any possible reactions of patients receiving the amended oral care procedure including allergies, distaste, ineffectiveness, or others.
Inadequate or inaccurate compellation or analysis of data on the part of information technology and/or technicians.
Reception of staff on receiving results of their contribution and acknowledgement of their success as a team and individually. The acknowledgements should be given personally, in a group, and throughout the institution via bulletin boards, staff meetings, and the company newsletter. Consult with the Compliance Team if the actions created changes in staff compliance to the procedure.
Consultation with the Leadership Team will yield suggestions for tools to continue favorable results from the implementation and dissemination to the medical community. Possible requirements include guidelines for pre-implementation data gathering for comparison of results, suggestions on assembling Compliance Teams (if not already in place) and Leadership Teams for the project. Contact information will be determined for departments or individuals with the time and manpower to handle inquiries. Questionnaires for staff and potential teaching opportunities will branch from those already designed. Teaching materials including manuals, brochures, videos/DVDs of the procedure, and references to the printed journal article will require production.


Following organization of findings and creating a presentation of material, a conference is arranged with upper management of the facility and the Policy and Procedure Committee. After approval of policy change for the facility, presentations directly to the Leadership Teams, Compliance Team, and staff members of the intensive care units inform them of the results and appreciation for their efforts. Continued dissemination of the findings involves creation and submission of an article to appropriate medical journals and inclusion on the website of the facility. The facility website would include a link to a video with full instructions and rationalization. Consultation with the legal department is required pertaining to liability and disclaimers. In addition, leadership staff or the public relations department of the facility can reach out to the medical community through clinics presenting the information to the staff members of other facilities beginning with those locally and moving outward if requested. Request for inclusion in national medical seminars for presentation of material may be appropriate. In anticipation of the clinics, print material in the form of brochures and instructional manuals with reference to the research performed and methods used originally will be created by the public relations department. Credit will be given to the original facility with reference to the website for access to an instructional link and publication information. Finally, the possibility of contacting other research groups for comparison of findings and conversations concerning unpublished findings and ongoing research could create the opportunity for cooperative efforts and additional assistance refining the current policy implemented.
It is essential the Compliance Team and the Leadership Team continue efforts for maintenance of the process of oral hygiene for patients at risk for VAP. In addition to ethical concerns and adherence to the amended facility policy, it is necessary for periodic follow-up for statistics of incidence and cost comparisons. A concurrent cohort study would address outcomes in patients receiving the revised oral care and those who did not for reasons of preference or other restrictions. This study can be carried into the future. Due to lack of random allocation, statistics require adjustment to make the groups as similar as possible.


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