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Implementing a New IT Trend

Harley-Davidson is a key player in the automobile industry, with its world-renowned production of high-quality motorcycles. It has continued to adopt major IT innovations to maintain their market share and remain at a vantage point to the competitors. The company has faced stiff competition from worthy competitors such Honda, who has penetrated the market with a new strategy. This has resulted in new steps by the management of Harley-Davidson, staged at facing out the competitors by attaining the biggest share of the motorcycle market (Saladini, 2002). The research department of the company has made breakthrough innovations such as the recent electric motorcycles. It is targeting a wider market and has proved that the company can innovate beyond the demand of the core customers, which is a challenge to other players in the industry. In the face of the completion, the company has used different technology advancements.


The emergence of a new Information and Technology trend involves a gradual change in the pattern of a condition or way of output. It involves coming up with new processes or an average tendency to move in a certain direction within an extended period. Companies have recognized the ever-rising need to keep their systems up-to-date by including the latest of technological advancements that affect the industry. Strategic technological trends have a potentially significant effect on the organizations and businesses. Innovators in the IT industry have made important information and communication technology changes, with an aim of meeting the increased global demand for different products. Companies targeting new markets have to improve the quality of their products and services through innovations while still cutting down costs, for increased profitability.
The new IT trends affect the fastest growing employee segment worldwide, promising a new phase of business and corporate productivity. The new consumers from emerging markets will soon become digital players because of the mobile technology (Olivas, 2013). Integration of physical and digital experiences has created new means of communication and mutual interaction with the customers. The companies use different technological innovations to reach their customers and ask for their voluntary augment of individual experiences with the company`s product or service. The rapid evolution of commerce which is IT enabled has resulted in a reduction of entry barriers and has opened new streams for revenue collection to different companies globally.
Implementation of the new IT trends to other sectors beyond the businesses will benefit a wider population. Education and health care sectors should adopt digital technologies in different operations at some level. Incorporating these trends and innovations will improve the quality of services and will reach more people. The embrace of digital trends by different sectors is a consideration of immense importance.
Different companies have adopted many IT trends in their marketing mechanisms. Companies that carry out substantial production of complicated machinery, as is the case for Harley-Davidson, have continuously adopted Automating knowledge work technique (Saladini 2002). The advancements in data analytics, availability of low-cost computer power, and capability of machine learning have made it possible for humans to grow the automation frontier. Research in different fields of science has led to the innovation of tools that process interface language and can perform tasks at superhuman speeds. Companies that use of robot technology initially incur substantial costs in the purchases. They subsequently recover the investments from increased sales and high-quality products that attract a wider customer base. Since Harley-Davidson is an information-intensive company, the organizational structure has changed with machines that occupy positions in knowledge-work chain. The major IT advanced trend incorporated by the company is the use of social platforms (Olivas, 2013).

All companies have a profit-oriented base and can achieve their goals of increased profitability if they capture a significant market. Making advertisements in mainstream media has proven costly and in other cases not very effective. Businesses are now incorporating social technologies to capitalize on the consumer phenomenon. Social matrix extends beyond organizational networks. It is increasingly reaching potential customers outside the borders. Harley-Davidson has adopted this social environment in conducting its business. The company continuously relies on thetechnique of distributed problem-solving, where it taps the brainpower of extensive customer base. Experts within or outside the company will offer breakthrough thinking in their critic of the company products and services. Research has shown that reading and response to emails, search for information and collaborating with workmates take about 70 percent of a typical worker`s time. Use of new social technologies would make them more productive. Harley-Davidson has continually worked to reduce internal e-mail communication technique. The management has expressed desire to replace it with a new technological trend of a collaborative social-network platform.
Social media has become part of the digital communication and the transaction embedded in company`s products, business systems, and its market. Users of the different social avenues can express their opinions on the product e.g. by “like” on Facebook and can say what they want and suggest modifications to current products. The marketing department at Harley-Davidson has a team that takes into consideration the suggestions made by the fan base and customers in evaluation of product development strategies. The company has used social media to create feedback loops for users of its different motorcycle makes in improving the overall image of the brand.

SWOT analysis

There are varieties of strengths associated with the adoption of the social technology trend by different companies such as Harley-Davidson. In the brief period of innovation of the trend, it has profound favor with different culture-based consumers as compared to previous technologies. Application of the technology in collaboration with other modes of communications increases awareness of the company products to different customers. More people are aware of the high quality of the motorcycles produced by the company due to the increased social media campaign. Social media technology has improved communication amongst the employees of the company. The workforce can effectively interact in the process of service delivery, with an aim of saving time while ensuring high quality of products (Essvale Corporation, 2008) .The Company can draw insights from a world base clientele by use of social technology since it is globally based. Companies can get consumer feedback and incorporate it in product improvement. Companies that have adopted powerful social technology ventures benefit from fast and efficient knowledge sharing. They also have shorter product development life cycles that incorporate information gathered from outer sources (Essvale Corporation, 2008). Use of social technology trend has an enormous competitive advantage. The companies are more customer-oriented, and the potential market will always wish to associate with such a company. Creating unique and entertaining content highlights the brand and places it under consumer watch.
There are weaknesses that arise in implicating the sophisticated social media technology. Different participants in the platform are not genuine fans or customers of the company adopting the technology. They may give negative feedback geared towards distracting operations of the company. Running this technological process requires a skilled workforce that will work within a timeline. The have to remain on the watch to identify issues arising relating to the customers at all times. Employment of such a workforce is costly. The systems may at times fail implicating on the efficiency of the trend (Marabito 2014). Adoption of similar methods by competitors poses a threat to the effectiveness of the entire process. When all companies in an industry take to the market through the same process, they subsidize the competitive advantage of the use.
Major opportunities underlie the social technology. The implementation of the technological advancements is a process, and research has shown vast growth opportunities. IT systems of social interactions with customers provide an opportunity for the business to reach new customers. It also creates employment to new personnel with computer communication skills. Social media platform provides a motivation for engagement. The different players in the supply to consumer chain participate at their level of expertise through the interactions (Essvale Corporation 2008). Communication and social media trend creates an opportunity for introduction of creative content through sharing ideas.
Threats to any new system have always remained an issue of concern. Adoption of the communication technology will expose the company to different unwarranted issues. Adverse demographic changes and population monitoring is difficult. The company cannot draw conclusions on its market size based on users of social media. Adverse government policies effected to control the use of the platforms, implicate a barrier to the extent of information sharing. The companies can use this technology to a limitation set by the different state authorities


Harley-Davidson and other companies can gain new customers by using the social platform. The companies can formulate competitions among its customers, and offer sales discounts at times such as holiday seasons. For the company to set itself apart from the competitors, it has to identify their strengths (Marabito 2014). The business should thus perform benchmarking cycles through social media and other professional means.


High-level research has shown that user experience and entire social perception, both at individual and collective level, affect product selection and associated customer satisfaction. The potential impact of incorporating the new IT trend of social technology on revenue generation can be profound. The effects shown by a variety of analysis, conducted by skilled professionals in the field, in the different economy sectors ranging from retail to the extensive automobile industry (Olivas, 2013). Businesses with a strategic plan will continually capitalize on social experiences in an effort to shape their products and improve the quality of service delivery.


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