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The Maze Runner is a science fiction film that begins when a teenage boy wakes up and finds himself within an underground elevator. He does not remember his identity or any prior activities that happened before he found himself inside the elevator. The elevator stops at the top where there is a large field called the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by tall walls of stones that form a maze beyond the Glade. The boy finally remembers his name to be Thomas. Each month, a new boy is sent up the elevator together with supplies for the group of people living in the Glade. All the boys in the Glade do not remember about their past, but they remember their names after spending some time in the Glade.
The film is based on the idea of isolating people for the purpose of conducting experiments on them with the intention of providing solutions to problems that afflict the world. The maze is used metaphorically to show how hard it is for humans to find their way out of the protected area. I can also say that the maze represents the many attempts that scientists make to discover a cure for a disease.
The maze has nocturnal creatures known as Grievers. The Grievers have poisonous stings which infect a person with a deadly disease that has no cure (Dashner, 2009). A person becomes delirious and attacks other people. There is a scene where one of the maze runners, called Ben, who was stung by a Griever attacks Thomas. Thomas manages to kill a Griever while trapped within the maze at night.
The final person to be sent to the Glade is a girl called Teresa and she is able to recognize Thomas. She arrives with two syringes that contain liquid substances. I can say that the inclusion of a girl in the Glade is meant to test how different genders adapt to a situation. The girl could also be used to make the life within the Glade interesting.
Thomas is made a runner and he works together with Minho to find an escape route. The entrance to the maze fails to close, and the Grievers get into the Glade and attack the Gladers. Thomas injects himself with the sting of a Griever so that he can remember the past. The Gladers use the substance in the syringe to revive him. He is able to remember that he and Teresa had worked with the company that created the maze. The Gladers were test subjects for the experiments performed by the company. Some Gladers who are led by Thomas and Teresa leave the Glade and fight the Grievers in the maze. They manage to reach a lab that has dead scientists. A video that is left for them explains that the planet has suffered from a solar flare and everyone has been infected with the deadly virus. The Gladers were an experiment carried out on those people who were not infected so as to study how their brain resisted the virus.
The film follows a typical setting of a science fiction movie where the world faces a pandemic and the scientists work hard to find a solution to this problem (Kunkel, 2008). However, the film does not show how the majority of the world is affected. The film also indicates that the world suffers from a solar glare. The solar glare is based on the fact that the present world warns about global warming. People are encouraged to engage in activities that protect the environment. The film uses a dramatic model that focuses on the future of the world (Elkins, 1979). The scientists in the film have adopted a model that involves experimenting on subjects that are not infected with the virus called solar flare.
The film uses science fiction that creates an interaction between technology and science. The Grievers are created using technology with the intention of studying humans and how their brain functions when faced with attackers. The sting contains poison which could possibly be the virus called solar flare. The use of technology to create the Grievers enables the scientists to display their visions. Science fiction films tend to rely on technology to visualize the perspective of the scientists (Steinmuller, 2004).

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