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When the term politician is mentioned, we immediately think of a person of honor. At times, we think that the person may most likely have a criminal record especially if the politician is from a developing country. Another thought is that the person is from a royal family as a prince, king or emperor. Politicians in most cases are entangled in controversies. We tend to see them begging for votes during or around the election time. The often have many promises to the electorate being put across using slogans, posters, and sweet words. These promises give false hopes to the citizens. Almost every time after these elections, these hopes are shattered, and the people then realize they made a mistake to put the politicians in power. In addition, the issue of elections rigging is often the case diluting the effort of the people who were targeting positive change in the governance of their country.
The citizens are usually the ones that are greatly affected by corrupt leadership. We, therefore, tend to ask ourselves whether the problem is with the leadership or use of the electorate. Do we lack the ability to choose good leaders? Is the political seat by itself responsible for turning all people that aspire for it to be corrupt? If there is a lack of our abilities to choose a good leader, then action should be taken to decide wisely during elections to look for a leader. If it is a corrupting power that politicians have, then we should hang the politicians. The clearest and most likely notion doing rounds among us is that we are all equally responsible for electing corrupt leaders, and we should also be hung. The individual politician was also part of our society and culture and, therefore, these values are similar to those that we possess. Their thinking process is no different than ours as they have come from among us. If the politician, however, has stolen millions of dollars and hidden them in overseas banks the politician is no longer human. The politician should take full responsibility for their actions and should be hung. Politicians engage in corrupt voting processes to ensure their stay in office and are questioned by quotes from a thinker like Tom Stoppard, who said that democracy is not in the voting but rather in the counting.
It is unfair to blame the corruption on the politician alone. The rot is widespread within the hierarchy of leadership and politics. The political hierarchy may consist of an individual who only thinks of how to better the lives of his subjects. The individual is then promoted, and their thinking broadens. They then realize that being merely in that position makes them corrupt. When dealing with the issue of corruption we should first assess our behaviors and thinking.
Alexis de Tocqueville once said that the health of democracy in a society is measurable by the quality of functions performed by individual citizens. This way we shall have realized that corruption is not in the leadership hierarchy but is within us. Just as murder is punished by death, corruption should also be punished by death. Corruption is responsible for the misery most people in countries with corrupt leaders suffer. As a result of corruption, most services that are a right for citizens are not offered or are offered badly and inefficiently.
Political correctness usually fails the freedom of speech granted by the first amendment to the constitution. It is impossible to speak our minds openly if we are not willing to offend others. People usually think of ways that may end up hurting or offending others even if they don’t intend to cause any harm. It may seem like people today think of various ways in a manner that nitpick offensive things to others. These offensive ways may be in terms of pictures, speech or even billboards that may be termed by people as offensive. Citizens should have the ability to speak freely without any discrimination. They should also be able to think in a free manner without the concern of being politically correct. There is a very large disparity between being a good, fair, caring person, and being what others call being politically correct. It is a common belief that people are caring and, therefore, cannot intentionally want to hurt each other. However, even the most caring person will at some point end up offending someone from their point of view. The result of people being so frightened of being politically incorrect is them not being able to think or speak freely. The questions of what will happen to democracy and political openness will then arise.
Several questions and thoughts people have are whether they are trying to offend others or if their belief in something is strong. The answers to these questions are targeted on whether or not to hold their tongue in political and democratic debates. The thoughts and speech may be hindered if it will offend someone else or be in vain. This situation, however, fall for people rather than their leaders who in most cases do not care about the repercussions their words will have. A correct form of political correctness is not generalizing an individual as people regardless of their religion, race or even gender. The younger generation today is outspoken and very intelligent. They are more aware of their rights and are less afraid to offend others who may care less. They make all proud as the future of today’s politics has a bright light of hope. Political leaders that will emerge from this generation will be less in control as the electorate will be more aware and outspoken on what they want and require from their leaders.
In conclusion, it can be stated that political leadership and representation is at the center of democracy. Democracy is defined by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to be aimed at uniting and ruling rather than divide and rule. However, according to Franklin D. Roosevelt, it cannot succeed if the parties involved do not make good choices. He also states that good democracy can only be achieved through education. Ronald Reagan also stated that democracy is worth dying for as it is the most honorable form of governorship created by humans.

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