Example Of The Implications Of Drones To The Society Critical Thinking

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Modern technology has transformed many spheres of human life. Many people can attest to the numerous benefits that modern innovations have brought. Notably, the modern inventions have bolstered security response in several countries. The subject of this article is the invention of the drones. Precisely, it analyzes the use of drones concerning its legal, social, geographical, and economic implications. Notably, most of the materials for this discussion are from five different articles that talk about various aspects of drones.

Most common topics

The most common questions in the readings are about the implications of the drones to the society. Ideally, drones are unmanned aircrafts that are controlled remotely. Notably, according to Lilly Chappa, computer-programmed Global Positioning(GPS)-based systems are the primary control models for the drones (Jarvis 13). The question of the legality of drones features in most of the articles. Indeed, historical records show numerous legal tussles that Americans have had with the use and management of the drones. For instance, the Congressional Research Service, in their article on airspace and property rights cites the case between Causby and the US government. Apparently, this was a suit involving someone who found the drones being a nuisance to him and his property. Incidentally, his homestead was adjacent to the US military airport. As such, the proximity of the military airport made the military planes to fly at close range to his property (Congressional Research Service; Jarvis 15).

The idea I find most interesting

Notably, these articles raise crucial issues. For example, one of the questions I find most interesting in the articles is the use of drones in journalism (Jarvis 13). I found this quite interesting because much of the thinking about drones is that they are meant only for the military missions. Jarvis interesting highlight on the benefit of drones to journalism is captivating. Indeed, the use of drones can be of significant benefit to journalism. For instance, they save time and money. As well, drones can provide real-time information and news coverage. Additionally, they safeguard the journalists security in that they can be sent to dangerous areas to gather the necessary footages and information (Jarvis 14).

Evidence that the readings provide

The texts provide numerous evidence for developing my essay. Indeed, they provide vital facts on the use of drones in other countries and their social, political, and economic implications. For example, they enlist examples of existing drones and their costs (Horgan). Additionally, the articles narrate stories and experiences that people have had with the drones. Indeed, these provide a real outlook of the strengths, weaknesses, setbacks, and successes of the drones. For instance, Craig notes that even the FAA drones flying under strict surveillance are susceptible to breakdowns. Craig gives the example of the drone operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).Incidentally, the aircraft’s generator failed while on a surveillance mission in the Pacific Ocean (Craig). Civilians reported 236 unsafe incidences with the drones in 2009. Apparently, most of the cases involved drones operated by the Customs and Border Protection(CBP). Surprisingly, Craig notes that CBP accounts for more than seventy-five percent of all FAA-certified flight hours for the drones(Craig).

Social, political, and economic issues raised in the articles

These reports raise significant economic and political concerns. For instance, Horgan notes that the President Obama’s signing into law of a particular security bill in 2012 directed the FAA to take significant military measures. Consequently, the law permitted FAA to open the US airspace for numerous drones by September 2015. Incidentally, the US military has deployed more than 11,000 drones since 2002 (Horgan).
Wood shares some of the economic and environmental benefits the drones can have. Of the essence, he speaks of the capacity of drones to help in disaster mitigation responses. He explains that, drones can assist in monitoring the flood-prone rivers. Consequently, the drones can generate vital information for to the managers for them to develop relevant responses (Wood 35).
Moreover, the drones can be used in the archaeological mapping and land survey sciences. Indeed, in consideration of their scientific and technological systems, drones can produce accurate figures compared to manual work (Wood 33).

My response to them

Certainly, the US government must take stern measures to safeguard the safety of its people and citizens. Indeed, it should consider the benefits and the adverse implications of the drones. Legislations governing the use and operation of drones should not infringe the Fourth Amendment of the American Constitution. Certainly, this amendment guards the Americans against ‘unreasonable seizures and searches.’ As it is, the Amendment does not state how the courts will apply this law to the drones (Horgan).

Value Questions

The articles raise crucial value questions that require a keen consideration. Of importance, they raise the question of safety of the airspace and the people. Of paramount concern, the drones should be well regulated and supervised to ensure that they do not collide with passenger aircrafts. Indeed, this would be a great technological failure if not addressed.

An arguable claim to the questions

One of the key functions of the drones is to protect the citizens against both internal and the external attacks. It is true that drones can play a significant role in achieving this goal. However, there is a need for policy measures that will ensure that the government does not contravene the dignity and peace of its citizens.


Drones are of great help to the society. Indeed, their benefits are numerous and diverse. Drones represent the hallmark of brilliance and innovation in human history. Governments must invest in such technologies, especially considering the increase in global terrorism and insecurity. However, it is important for the member countries to consider the various implications of this technology in order to reap optimal benefits.

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