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Analysis of Fox Broadcast Networks

Broadcast networks have had different ways of presenting and sharing their information on their website. Notably, some do it for strategic or specific reasons, which are aimed at improving the operations or relationship of the broadcast network with related firms. Based on this overview, this paper seeks to conduct a detailed analysis on Fox broadcast networks. Categorically, the detailed analysis will include operational and business perspective of Fox broadcast networks.

Program schedule are easily found on the Fox website and that any person accessing the site can easily on the link. They have been well organized in a timely manner to allow the reader follow the schedule closely and without any complications. Some of the prioritized programs have been highlighted on the face page of the website as a way of creating awareness to the reader or audience. As this is not enough, there is an overview of the program schedule on the right-hand side of the website to allow readers to have a glimpse of what they should expect at specific hours.

Relationship with affiliate partners

There is a strong relationship between Fox broadcast network with affiliate firms. This is evident in the way the former has created links with affiliate firms such as national geographic channel. It should be noted that forging such a relationship with national geographic channel seeks to inform the audience about some of the shows or documentaries that feature on Fox broadcast networks.

New and public affairs on the Fox website

Fox website has been one of the renown broadcast networks, which has been presenting prominent news and public affairs. After having conflicts between Syria and America that have lasted for last time because of civil wars and difference in political ideologies, the Syrian president is on record (by the Fox news) saying that he is ready to negotiate with America, but he cannot relinquish his position in favor of the latter. Furthermore, he defends himself strongly against allegation of collaborating with terrorists. According to Fox, President Bashar Assad states, “We didn’t support terrorists who did anything in the United States,” Assad told CBS’ "60 Minutes." (Fox News 1)
On public affairs, Fox news is noticeable because it captures some of the current and sensitive information that affect the public. For instance, it is from Fox news that the audience learns of the tsunami warning given by the authorities in Australia. Furthermore, it is from the Fox news that the Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren is aware that she is being spied on for commenting on financial regulations that would affect the operations of Citigroup bank, which survived the financial crisis that hit most of the banks in America and the E.U.
On the Fox broadcast network website, there are public projects, which utilize the taxpayers’ funds to ensure the security of the President. For instance, information about how the military plans to spend billions on Air Force 1. Although the project does not aim at benefiting communities, it seeks to utilize the public funds to secure movements of the United States President. According to Fox news, the project is ran because it was noted that the previous Air Force 1 is old and therefore, not effective in ensuring the safety of the President while on transit to other places.

Cross-promotion of other shows

Fox broadcast networks have cross-promoted some of their shows on other media platforms, but within their network. Notably, this promotional habit has been done on some of the films especially those that have been released recently. For instance, Fox Movie channel has been used as a platform where most of the recent or showcased films on 20th and 21st century Fox are shown. Although the shows or films are different, the broadcast network belongs to the same corporate owner.

Press releases and brand positioning of the Broadcast networks

As one of the reputable broadcast network, Fox has created a section on its website where one can access press releases and another section that include corporate information where the firm has used it to position itself in the market. These sections are available on the links shown at the end of website, under Fox News.

Presence of ads of the website

There are few adverts on the Fox website; however, some of the Fox broadcast networks have displayed this feature. For instance, on the Fox News, the reader leans that the Fox broadcast community also use peeps milk. The presence of few adverts on the Fox website might be a media strategy aimed at positioning the operations and services of the broadcast network relative to rival firms.

Interactions on the social media

As an active broadcast network, Fox has allowed its users to interact via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+. Most of these interactions are geared towards informing the users about updated corporate and business information such as management practices, newly released films, upcoming shows, and even seek users’ comments on operations of the firm.

The target market

Fox broadcast networks targets all facets of people including politicians, students, government institutions, the business community, and the public. This is evident from a variety of information it presents via its networks. For instance, on Fox news, there is a section for U.S., and politics among others. It should be noted that the target market is not only based in America, but also other places.

Promotional strategies

Fox broadcast networks has used an exemplary strategy of advertising on some of its television shows. The firm uses characters of the shows to create awareness about the shows. For instance, Terrence Howard and Grace Gealey of Fox Empire use public organized shows and online magazine to inform the fans about their show. Apart from that, the characters use shows to link some of their fans located in different parts of the universe. For instance, while Lynch indicates, “Empire has connected powerfully with African-American viewers, who make up 61 percent of the audience.” (Lynch 1)
On each of its networks, the broadcast network as created a link where the audience can listen to on-air programs and access on air personalities. By so doing, the firm informs its public about what is being featured on television and radio in terms of programs, shows, and films. Although there is competition from other rival firm, Fox broadcast network has positioned itself in the market in such a way to sustain its operations and fight competition. The idea of using affiliate firms such as National geographic channel aims at increasing viewership relative to rival firms. The rationale behind it is that the broadcast’s content alone cannot attract a wider viewership; it has to collaborate and air the content of other media for sustainability.

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