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Big Picture-Life in Review
Time management as well as the three steps to be successful have been discussed in the Time Management Journal. The steps initiate from large to small objectives and the to-do list helps to achieve goals. But, there are times when people have difficulty in figuring out the reason for working on those goals. To understand the reason, a bigger picture needs to be looked at. The big picture refers to the phenomena where a worldview is taken into consideration. Writing an obituary by thinking big picture is a good practice. An obituary tends to let you imagine how somebody dies and what kind of achievements would you like to accomplish until then. Therefore, an obituary is written by taken into view the big picture goals that are to be achieved in the long-term. To accomplish this task, you need to figure out what steps are required to get there as the big picture allows a person to take a glimpse into the future.

Metacognition and Learning

Metacognition has originally been defined as the process through which one gains knowledge about the cognitive abilities which are required in the process of learning. The concept of learning is wide and many people are not aware how learning takes place. It is the metacognitive abilities and strategies that help you in learning. In simpler words, metacognition means to “think about thinking.” It is a systems through which a person monitors and control how one’s cognition performs. Through metacognition, people can take complete control over their learning. It helps to become aware of what the learning needs are and how learning can be enhanced. When people tend to recognize and build upon their metacognitive skills, the self-confidence is boosted learning becomes easier. To develop metacognitive skills, you need to inquire yourself the role of learning and to reflect upon your personal experiences. Self-questioning is encouraged which helps to ponder upon the different options while finding the right strategy to be used for improving the learning process.

Starting of the semester on the right foot

When starting a semester, it is important that the students should be realistic to know what they are supposed to achieve and how. Being determined to achieve a goal or vision means to be persevere which is a good sign. On the other hand, simply focusing on how the goal is achieved and repeating the process that has failed earlier refers to being stubborn. Insanity has been defined as the process where same things are being repeated but every time you expect a different result which is impossible to achieve. The term ‘definition of insanity’ was used by Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, and Albert Einstein but it isn’t clear who used this term first. In both the articles, insanity is attributed to being mentally ill while perseverance refers to being steady at a course of action while being encouraged. So, for a student, it is better to be persevere and focus on what to achieve rather than insanely following some actions that may lead to failure.

Stress, Friend or Foe?

Stress is a normal thing in life which has both negative as well as positive impact on us. Stress refers to a threat or challenge to our comfortable zone. If stress goes completely missing, life would become completely boring. Becoming under pressure due to stressors motivates a person to work harder and to put in more efforts so that success can be achieved. But there are some stressors which demoralize us and weaken our mental health that eventually leads to hurting the physical health. A stress can take many form like a college assignment due in short deadline or a full-time job which leaves little personal time. Stress is an important part of our lives which needs to be present for the individuals to develop into a strong personality. Therefore, stress can be both a friend and a foe depending upon how one handles it.

Three steps to Time Management

There are three parts in managing time:
First step is to focus on the semester goals. For this purpose, syllabus of each class is to be used. You need to study thoroughly all the scheduled assignments and projects. It is preferable to make a physical planner to make a backup. The second step to manage time is to study the weekly objectives. Study all the deadlines and objectives that are to be achieved in this week. Prioritize your assignments while managing all the time so that all goals can be achieved. The third step is to make a to-do list. This is a list where all the large objectives and projects are broken down into smaller objectives that are easily achievable. Each small item precedes the other to fulfill a larger goal in the long-run. All the items in the list are doable and can be crossed off when completed. This list can be frequently looked at to revise the goals.

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