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Nowadays, a lot of people understand that someday our oil reserves will run low, and there will be necessity in alternative energy. Nature could provide us with such energy, with no expectations whatsoever. One can use wind, sun light and water to produce handful of energy. As for me, as we living in a planet with so much water, it is essential to use it to produce alternative energy. Today, about 1.1 billion people lack access to clean fresh water. According to some scientists estimate in the next two decades, a third of the world's population will live in regions facing severe water shortages. The phrase of Andrew Liveris the President of Dow Chemical that the water - "is the new oil" has already become common knowledge and it is not only that the price of water is constantly increasing, but also that it will be the cause of many new conflicts.
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It is essential to state that with the help of this article, one can see the ongoing thinking and planning by describing methodologies to address the water demand gap. It evaluates the practicability of desaltation powered by renewable energy from different points of view – political, economic, technical, cultural, social and environmental. Frankly speaking, this article considers efforts in order to create such renewable energy accessible for broad layers of population, showing how this issue can be resolved economically and socially.
With the help of author’s emphasis on the alterations that are needed in terms of policy, financing, and regional cooperation to make this alternative method of desalination a success, one may perfectly see the scope of the water as an alternative energy problem, That is why it is perfectly say to say that with the help of different researches done, this article may provide one with full description of the methods and strategies regarding the topic. Hence, and as with various leading edge technologies, the topic in this article is undoubtedly, about scope, impact on environment and economy of the country, and also decent neighborly relationship between countries that share same water bodies.
Delucchi, Mark A., and Mark Z. Jacobson. Providing All Global Energy With Water, Part I: Reliability, System And Transmission Costs, And Policies. 1st ed. 2010. Print.
This article show a very wide analysis of providing all the world's energy needs via renewable resources such as water. With the help of this study, one may find a great discussion on renewable energy and suggestions for the various of setups of such systems required to provide energy for the whole planet in next 15 years. The article shows that such resources as water would decrease world energy demand by third and need only half raising in land use. The authors propose that the obstacles to this installations are political and social only, and not the economic.
Delucchi, Mark A., and Mark Z. Jacobson. Providing All Global Energy With Water, Part II: Reliability, System And Transmission Costs, And Policies. 1st ed. 2010. Print.
In this article one can see a study of the manageability of providing all the world's energy using renewable energy sources such as water. It is possible to see the problems that this article addresses. One may find that the issue on changeable energy production by renewable sources proposing various solutions that include; demand responses management, storing electric power on site, oversizing top generation capacity, making hydrogen with excess, storing electric power in vehicle batteries, forecasting weather to predict energy supply necessities. It is also important to state that the authors of the article found that costs for such energy will be the same as the cost of nowadays energy, therefore proposing that the limitation and obstacles of using such energy is only political and social.
Clemmer, Steve. "U.S. Renewable Electricity Future Is Within Reach." Weblog. The Equation. Union of Concerned Scientists, 8 Aug. 2012. Web. 13 Aug. 2012.
This article shows us that the release of a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), claiming that the United States is capable of generating more than 75% of its energy demand by next 35 years with that are in esse technologies while also meeting maximum simultaneous demand every single hour in every single state. In general, this article gives a review of the possible usage of renewable energy, especially water and how such usage could imfluence the future of the United States. Furthermore, there are also an extensive analysis of cost, potential, implications and benefits for all nature sources and the conclusion on how they can be combined in order to create a single system of electricity. Main findings consists of; there is no need to invent new technologies, energy can be produced every hour in every state, multiversions are apt in every sector and usage of such sources will have benefits for climate change and water management.
Delucchi, Mark A., and Mark Z. Jacobson A Plan For Sustainable Future. 1st ed. 2009. Print.
In this article, one can find a clear examination of the proposal of authors to power the global energy necessities via of water by 2030. With the help of thorough examination made by the authors, one can see the current state of usage of such resources. Furthermore, they offer a plan, showing how such aim could be achieved, and how to improve the situation in whole. There is a study in the article, that shows that with the help of almost 4 million wind turbines, coupled with hundreds of water rooftop setups around the world such goal could be achieved. It is essential to mention, that author claim that such usage of energy, would cost less than contemporary fossil fuel.
McKibben, Bill. Our Energy Challenge. 1st ed. 2013. Print.
This article takes into course of history, showing how people’s mind changed over the last century regarding the energy in general. The author tells about the importance of some alternative energy, as inevitably, we will run out of some of the energy we need and can not use the rest for fear of wrecking the atmosphere. The article also shows us the data about the fact that we already passed the peak of oil production, therefore resulting in urgent need of alternative energy. One of the author’s suggestions about what could replace our fuel is coal, however then he provided with clear information on pollution caused by the coal burning, such as global warming. Moreover, he claims that we would need to completely stop burning coal anywhere on the planet by 2030, in order to stop global warming.

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