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Apple watch has great potential benefits in the modern day business world. Even though “Smart Watches” have been in existence for over three decades, business people have had little interest in them. The pretermitting of the business significance of “Smart Watch” is attributed to the availability of alternative computing devices, such as laptops, tablets and Smartphones. Nonetheless, in the past two years, “Smart Watches” have gained substantial momentum following the release of smart watches by several companies, including Motorola, Samsung and Sony. The momentum has demonstrated that the salience of these novel technological devices in the business world is unmistakable. Business people have been able to save a great deal of time through the use of smart watches. Even so, the business potential of “smart watches” has not been fully integrated into the existing smart watches (Revill 1). It is for this reason that Apple decided to bridge the gaps left by the industry in regard to “Smart Watches” and thence, enhanced the design and technological aspect of the Apple Watch. Apple introduced the Apple Watch almost three weeks ago, and the official sale is yet to begin. Unlike the mundane business tactic of offering highly innovative products to the customers, Apple went against the grain in the development of the Apple Watch in the sense that rather than intending to be the first to develop the smart watch it wants to be the best (Apple Inc.). Given this, the benefits that businesses stand to gain from the integration of Apple Watch into the business is colossal. It is the intent of this discussion to hash out the potential time-saving benefits that will accrue to business provided that the staff personnel are equipped with Apple watches.
The notification feature of the Apple Watch’s emerges as the prime time-saving element of this novel development by Apple. One of the requisites of the effective use of the Apple Watch is that the user has to be in possession of an iPhone 5 and above. The idea here is that the Apple watch will be synced with the phone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth platforms. By so doing, the Apple Watch can display notifications as soon as they reach the phone. The notifications that may be received on the watch include text messages, emails and even phone calls (Parrott 1). Research shows that an average person in the U.S. receives a stupendous amount of notifications on phones. The research statistics indicate that on average, 61 text messages, 5 emails, and 10 phone calls are received by an average business user of a “Smart Phone” in the U.S. (Woollaston 1). The implication of the research is that business people are expected to pick their phones severally from desks, bags or pockets, depending on the storage preference of a person and then put them back. Intrinsically, attending phones wastes a great deal of time that business people would utilize in increasing the performance of their businesses. However, with the Apple Watch, notifications can be viewed quickly without having to pull out the phone and subsequently make a decision of whether to respond to the notification or not. As such, business users make decisions with immediacy in regards to response to notifications.
The Apple Watch offers the user a plethora of communication possibilities concerning responses to the notifications. Unlike other “Smart Watches”, the Apple Watch allows the user to answer phone calls by talking to the Watch, albeit for brief conversations, thanks to the inbuilt microphone and speaker. However, long conversations have to be transferred to the phone due to the limited battery life of the watch. Moreover, users only need to cover the Watch in order to mute an incoming call. Besides, users read message notifications with barely any hustle since they are only required to hold up their wrist. The arm is lowered to dismiss the notification (Dave 1). Compounding these time-saving features of the Apple watch, the business applicability of the Watch is fate.

Photo 1: Call receiving feature on the Apple Watch (Kovach, “Apple Watch’s most exciting features”)

In addition, the Apple Watch enhances the core functions of mundane watches. The modern business world has engaged people insofar that they even forget to undertake some salient tasks; hence, the urgent need for scheduling of appointments and tasks. With the Apple Watch, business users always stay on schedule since the Watch meticulously records important details and accurately reminds the user at the scheduled time. For instance, the watch will inform a business user of a scheduled meeting in advance so as to prevent the user from being late for the meeting. Moreover, the business users are relieved of the task of having to adjust the time on the Watch as people move the switch from one time zone to the other in the globally connected business world. Rather, the Apple Watch adjusts itself to fit the time standards of the location a business user is in, as well as the time on the iPhone being synced with it (Gruman 1). Given this, business users have to worry less about being missing out on important meetings, regardless of the time standards of the location of interest.

Photo 2: Reminder feature of Apple Watch (Hassan, "Everything You Need")

Another important, unparalleled feature of the Apple Watch is the consolidation of the watch with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a novel product of the company and has relished a degree of success. Apple Pay is a virtual wallet that allows users to make payments wirelessly through NFC-enabled till and Touch ID. In the past, the technology of Apple Pay has only been compatible with the latest iPhones. Nonetheless, Apple Watch will present new opportunities for business users, who need not to undergo the agony of looking for wallets or trying to find the right credit card in order to make payments or even carrying their iPhones to the payment terminals. Rather, with a mere click on the side button and a tap on the Apple Watch on a payment terminal, business users can make payments with much ease (Apple Inc.). In essence, a great deal of time is saved and devoted to other tasks in the business.

Photo 3: Apple Watch use for payments (Limer, “Apple Watch”)

In conclusion, there has been a revolution in the technology and design of “smart watches” to the extent that business people are beginning to consider them as an integral part of their daily tasks. However, the later introduction of the Apple watch has been a changing initiative since the weaknesses of the current “Smart Watches” have been taken into consideration. As such, the Apple Watch a heightened benefits potential for businesses more than ever. The notification function of the watch enables business users to save time as pertaining to the picking of phones from storage locations and putting them back. Besides, the communication possibilities underlying the technology employed in the development of the Apple Watch are appalling. Apple also pays great attention to the core functions of watches which is timekeeping and reminding the use of special events, such as meetings. In fact, the Watch goes an extra mile of reminding the user long before the scheduled time to ensure that events are attended on time. Interestingly, payment possibilities are apparent through the Watch due to the compatibility of the technology used with that of Apple Pay. Without doubt, businesses have to fit out their personnel with Apple Watches given the magnitude of the benefits that the business stands to garner.

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