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It is explained that individuals express their grief in many ways. As for Charlie Wilson Peale decided to express his grief in the thing, he loves the most, which is painting. In 1772, his daughter Margaret Bordley died of small pox and he decided to paint the corpse. According to him, the idea of painting the last moment of an individual was the last form of respect he could perform. The idea was like a privilege for the artists who are sometimes the fathers. Charlie was not the only person who had painted the corpse of the loved one as Luca Signorelli also painted his son who was killed at Cortona. The artists always imply that the reason for painting this is always to indicate the work of their hands had also drawn something that dearly was held in their hearts.
According to the Peale family, the reason he had been painting the concept of painting his daughter was to imply that he wanted the face and memories of Margaret to remain as part of his commercial works. Rachael Peale, who was his wife, is reported to have supported the idea and had asked Charlie to portray their daughter as a remembrance figure. Her request was established as her daughter was painted in the exact portrayal as she was on her last journey. She was portrayed to have a white grave clothe, her chin was secured using a cap while her hands and body were bonded using a ribbon. The reason why she was buried in that manner was due to the family traditions and establishment accordance to their ancestors.
The conceptual intention in the mind of the painter is what matters to the viewer. Paintings are like a hypnotic language that lets the viewer interpret the painting in the manner that best suits them. Although the regard of the viewer is given less or no attention by the painter, the viewer will eventually find meaning in painting and the massage is relative. Although Peals work seemed private and family there is no doubt that the painting in some way were meant for the public statement. Perhaps with and intent of sharing his experience with others or desire to tell the story of his family to the world. Pearl had an exhibition of his work to the public.
Rachel is believed to have given birth to eleven children but unfortunately, four of them died during their early childhood and early infancy. Therefore, this was a reminder of all the children he had lost before completing their early childhood stages. However, things changed for the better during the 1880s when his artworks became part of the historical paintings. Majority of his drawings belonged to the family and he cherished them. This made him come up with the idea of having a museum which was dedicated for his family. Though he had intentions of changing the whole concept of museums, the key concept was built on ensuring the ancestral instigations were kept intact and the family practices kept.
The story of the pearl family could be initiated using the paintings he had established during this time. It is evident that this picture was meant for the family and a tribute to Margate although viewing by the public was not restricted. Pearl termed the painting of his family picture as the biggest achievement for his legacy. The family picture initially had inscriptions that meant harmony bonded. Peale basically wrote the history of his life and his relationship with his family in his painting. His attention to the family matters was reflected in his attention of details in his family picture (although such details are not obvious)
Majority of the paintings had different implications, which could be seen after thorough scrutiny. The painting on the Peale family was intended to show a different image of a happy family. The showpiece was painted in 1776 during the time the family was grieving over the death of several children in the family. The painting had a histrionic meaning in it. The first issue that can be seen was the addition of two medicinal bottles. From one aspect of analysis, one can establish that they had been struggling with the issue of diseases in the region. At the same time, the portrait might indicate that the family had finally found the medicine to curb the issues of deaths in the family. This might be true as after 1776 after their son was born, none of their children died during their early child hood.
The audience and followers of the Peale can associate with some of the work related to the painting which is seen to be moving. For instance, two images stand side by side indicating the life that the family was undergoing during the period. The Image of the death of her daughter gives the ideology of grief in the family. The wife was bathed with tears as the child laid on the lap. This portrait makes one forget that he is seeing the image of a copse. The picture is moving and makes the audience also move in tears after watching Rachael crying. The next image is on the family feasting and laughing. The image makes one forget about the grief in the family and focus on some of the family’s achievements. One might imply that the life of Peale’s family has always been marred by joy and happiness.
The successes associated with the moving ideologies of moving the viewers with his images makes his works are implied to touch the lives of people. Some people compare the image with the works of art, which depicted the Body of Christ lying on the lap of Mary in the Passion painting. This would mean that he had the ideology of adapting the compassion that majority of the Christians give to the image in Passion painting. He also had the idea of making his audience have emotions associated with the death of his daughter. Therefore, to his audience, he wanted them to understand that, the reason for painting this is always to indicate the work of their hands had also drawn something that dearly was held in their hearts.


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