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In the late years, Canada has been endeavoring to endeavor endeavors to end up financially as well as earth solid. Real activities, for example, Canada's Clean Air Agenda, U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialog, The Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative, have been embraced by the Canadian government keeping in mind the end goal to free it from the developing ecological contamination concerns. Starting 2014, Canada has been making moves to wipe out natural concerns in their own nation as well as different nations. Canada in 2014, swore $300 to the Green Climate Fund to help less created nations make their nations all the more naturally proficient. There are different joint endeavors which Canada has set out upon with the United States and Mexico to reduction the generation of destructive substances from nature (, 2015). Be that as it may, there is dependably opportunity to get better which is the reason a percentage of the major ecological issues confronted by Canada will be talked about and conceivable answers for these issues will be recommended.

Contamination of the Great Lakes

Water pollution is a major issue which is of concern for the Canadian government, mostly due to the fact that it is not inflicting only the smaller water resources but is now affecting the major lakes of the country as well. The water from these lakes needs to be clean and sanitary enough for the people to consume. The fact that it is being contaminated on such a large scale is a sign of alarm and should be the point of reflection for all. This chemical contamination is affecting the health of Canadian nationals in a way unlike ever before. It has even affected the birth rates of males and females in the country and is a growing concern among the health and environmental communities (Davies & Mazumder, 2003). Due to these issues, Canada is the first country in the world to have a birth ratio of 2 male births to every female birth (Mackenzie, Lockridge & Keith, 2005). Another reason why this is a major issue is that due to water contamination, there is a lack of availability of clean drinking water. Unless a clean and pure water supply is ensured, the standard of health and living cannot be maintained in the country. Contaminated drinking water does not only cause illnesses in people, it can even be responsible for major disease outbreaks, which is why this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Marine life has been known to be greatly affected by the chemical pollution of the major lakes. Fish and other marine animals cannot survive in conditions which are contaminated by chemicals, which is why there has been a marked decline in the rate of marine life in Canada recently (Davies & Mazumder, 2003).

Solution of Contamination of the Great Lakes

This issue can be easily resolved with a forceful and visionary initiative taken by not only government officials but also collectively by the people. The first major step that needs to be taken is to establish a distinct outlet for the waste of factories and industries. Most of the contamination is done by the factories and industries as their waste finds its way to the lakes and rivers. Unless a clear and distinct pathway is established for the outlet of this waste, no measures will be enough to ensure cleaner water supplies. The most commonly assumed solution for this issue is that industries need to be built away from the lakes. While this is a solution, it is not entirely/ a great one. Rather than the relocation of the industries, more emphasis needs to be made on alternative measures to ensure the recycling of industrial waste. Sanitation plants can be built near industries which ensure that chemical waste which is produced by them is recycled in an effective manner. This measure will not only ensure a cleaner drinking supply for people but also minimize the negative effects on the marine life caused by these chemicals. These measures need to be taken by Canada and USA collectively as the Great Lakes are shared by both the countries. On a smaller scale, people individually, can strive to eliminate water pollution by ensuring that they do not pollute the water accessible to them.

Acid Rains

The second major issue that currently plagues Canada environmentally is the frequency of acid rains. Acid rains are caused by the excess air pollution caused by the urban settings as well as industries and factories. Automobiles which produce large amounts of carbon dioxide also add to the production of acid rain. The major elements which when produced in excess in the air cause acid rains are sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. They upon mixing with the air form hazardous clouds which pour acid rains that are dangerous for all life forms (, 2015). Acid rain is one of the leading causes of the major skin related health issues in the world and is effecting Canada similarly. Humans have been known to develop skin infections and even skin cancer due to the contamination caused by acid rain. Apart from humans, acid rain has is affecting the major natural resources in Canada too. Forests and plants are being damaged due to the unnatural chemical exposure caused by acid rain. Due to the frequency of acid rains, plants and trees have been getting hazardous amounts of exposure to chemicals and in effect their growth is being inhibited. Productivity of plants specially trees also falls rapidly due to excess acid rain as well. Wildlife and marine life are also parts of the environment which have been getting damaged due to the excess amount so acid rains Canada has been receiving lately (Hutchinson & Whitby, 1977).

Solutions for Acid Rain Problem

This environmental concern has a very similar solution to the solution mentioned for the water pollution issue. Sanitation plants can be established which will eliminate output of contamination issued by the industries to the major supplies of the country. As far as the air pollution aspect of this problem is concerned, that can be addressed if specific and purpose built laws are enforced on the major pollutant industries. Under these laws, it should be enforced upon the major industries to ascertain that they adapt to environment-friendly machinery which limits the production of hazardous chemicals. They should also be forced to limit their production of hazardous substances and be banned in case of noncompliance.


Another issue that will be discussed in this paper is of alarming concern for the government. This is the danger posed to the natural resources of Canada mainly the forests. Due to the deforestation, there is a serious threat being posed to the forests in Canada. It is common knowledge that forests are an important part of any environment and their cutting down can lead to hazardous consequences.

Solution for Timber Problem

While the most common solution for deforestation seems to be reforestation, there is another way this problem can be solved. Afforestation is a process through which trees or forests are planted in areas which previously did not have any forests. While there is a dire need for the conservation of the already existing forests in the country, this method can also ensure a balance in the environment.

Oil Sand Projects

The last issue which will be discussed is a more recent one and tone that is slowly becoming a cause of major concern for the country. The recent expansion of the oil sands projects in the country has led to adverse effects ecological effects to the fresh water resources of the country. Oil sand is basically a mixture of hydrocarbons that yields large amounts of bitumen if treated with hot water. However, due to the large amounts of water being used for these projects, there is serious concerns among government and health officials about the feasibility of these projects. The water which treats oil sand in order to yield bitumen is recycled over and over which leads to its quality being compromised. On one hand these projects are proving to be effective for the natural resources of the country, but on the other hands these projects are the leading cause for water contamination in the more recent days (Woynillowicz, Severson-Baker & Raynolds, 2005).

Solution for Oil Sand Project Problem

This issue can be solved if policies are introduced to ensure a balance between the productions from these projects and the management of water. Water supplies need to be monitored and alternate methods need to introduced so that only a limited amount of water is used for the treatment of oil sands. Another necessary step to be taken is the establishment of projects which can better analyze the treatment of water. These projects can focus on the properties of water and ensure methods through which water can be protected from contamination.

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