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Colorado is the 38th U.S. state, considerably the best state to live in. It ranks eighth in the most extensive states in USA. It's ranking on the extensive states list is substantiated by the fact that it encompasses Southern Rocky Mountains, and part of Colorado Plateau and Great Plains. It ranks 22nd on the descending order list according to the population of all the States. According to a census, an estimated population of Colorado was 5,355,866 on July 1, 2014, with an increase of 6.50% since the 2010 United States Census. Denver is the capital and the most populous city of Colorado. (NLA Colorado, n.p.)
The state of Colorado does not cease to amaze its visitors by its diverse geography. Its geography runs the gamut from mountains to lakes, from sand dunes to green forests. In other words, it is dotted with both mountains as well as plain areas. Different forms of rock formations are also conspicuous in the state.It is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1000 meters elevation. Almost half of the area of the State comprises of flat land. As a rule, elevated land is usually bestowed with lower temperatures and greater rainfall. To the East on both the North and South, Colorado consists of high plains. To the Western side, Colorado is marked by mountains mainly. However, the Southwest and Southern Colorado present a diversity of land topologies.
Colorado comes under the states in the Mountain region. Still, its climate is different from its neighbors. North Colorado is usually warm and sunny while the southern part of Colorado is cooler. It is a great tourist point in winters due to its great snowy weather. Colorado has many mountains and high plains with are beautifully surrounded by valleys. Thus, the Coloradoan Landscape is diverse encompassing a whole variety of scenic beauty to be enjoyed. (NLA Colorado, n.p.)
The cuisine of Colorado is unique and offers a chance at the variety. The ctate is famous for its Mexican Restaurants. They are its main attraction. Interestingly, Bon Appétit declared Boulder, Colorado, as “America’s Foodiest Town 2010”. The significance of the State is also marked in terms of food because myriad food and beverage companies and illustrious restaurants are situated here. This small town of Colorado has more wine stewards than any other city in the whole of US. Most states of Colorado are famous for their food events. Aspen holds a Food & Wine Classic in mid of the year annually. This town is also famous for being a caption in culinary arts in Rocky Mountain area. Initially the town of Denver was famous for its steaks, but now it has expanded its diversity, and includes many of the top restaurants in USA. (America's Foodiest Town 2010: Boulder, Colorado, n.p)
Colorado's primary mode of transport is its advanced and convenient highway system. Interstate is the primary north-south highway in the state, connecting Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins. Denver International Airport is the fourth busiest domestic U.S. airport and thirteenth busiest world airport. While the USA has been a developed country since quite a long time, it is impressive how it has sought to develop the infrastructure of every State. Home to the largest number of commercial aircrafts, this airport is the central point of the travel routes that connect to the western USA. In addition, Colorado is currently the home of seven major military bases and installations. (Travel leisure, n.p.)
A selection of tourist attractions is in the State of Colorado. National parks add to the beauty of the state. Eight national monuments are an important part of the history of the State. Two national historic sites have been preserved. Colorado also consists of eleven national forests, two national grasslands, forty-two national wilderness areas, two national conservation areas, eight national wildlife refuges, forty-four state parks, three hundred and seven state wildlife attraction, and lots of other scenic, historic, and recreational areas. Colorado has five major professional sports leagues, all based in the Denver metropolitan area Thus, Colorado is the least populous state with its own major professional sports leagues. Along with an advanced schooling system, there are sixty plus Colleges and universities in Colorado including medical, engineering and technical institutes etc. (NLA Colorado, n.p.)
Colorado has also made its name in terms of visual arts. Denver Arts Museum and Springs Fine Arts Center are cases in point. The Denver Performing Arts Complex is the second-largest arts campus of its kind in the nation. Outdoor entertainment activities consist of ballooning, camping, boating, etc. (Colorado: come to life, n.p)
Thus Colorado and its cities have it all to make it the best state to live in, whether it is the temperature conditions, educational facilities, natural resources, work opportunities, food, outdoor activities, entertainment, etc. Colorado makes the dweller feel as though they are living in a place worth living.

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