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Human physiological needs are quite diverse and complicated. This implies that there are so many opportunities in this level of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Considering that it is at the base of the hierarchy with the widest base, it is relevant to conclude that they are so many since every single human being has these needs depending on whether they are male or female. Examples of such physiological needs among the human beings include food and other basic needs in their everyday life. The needs force us as humans to look for the necessities that can be used to satisfy these needs. For instance, we will look for food in order to satisfy the burning hunger within us. The use of Maslow’s hierarchy can serve the basis of inviting market towards products that tend to serve the human physiological needs.
Maslow was a psychologist that wished to understand the motivation that is within us because he believed that this motivation system was basically activated or responded to rewards or our unconscious desires. This motivation ensures that people achieve and fulfill certain needs and they are achieved in succession as one is achieved. Maslow divided the needs that motivate human beings into five distinct groups and they include physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization. In general, they are basically the basic needs, those that are necessary for one’s survival, and the growth needs, the extra needs that one can live without them being achieved. According to Maslow’s classification, basic needs included the physiological needs, safety and social needs whereas the growth needs included esteem and self-actualization. Maslow dictated that total absence or deficiency of the basic needs will motivate the people to seek to meet these needs for they are necessary for their survival.
The publication is about drinking water that has been bottled. Considering that the need for pure water is increasing, the advertisement is quite applicable. The advert responds to the physiological need for water which is very basic in its nature for the survival of the human beings. Therefore, the first level of Maslow’s hierarchy, physiological needs, is being called for by this very advertisement. The physiological layer of the hierarchy is quite broad and diverse, reciprocating from the nature of this type of needs of human beings. Therefore, ready market is quite probable in this particular layer of the Maslow hierarchy of needs. The marketing of the water bottled and described in brief and inviting images for attraction of the clienteles is a sure deal in attracting market for this advertisement.
In general, the ad is trying to attract the attention of those people with the need for drinking water in their residence or anywhere place. The real point here is that the advertisement tries to create attention for a possible source of solution for the need for water that is purified and safe for drinking. The advertisement indeed taps in the motivation for human beings in terms of their basic needs and this is basically the physiological need for drinking water. In addition, this advertisement also captures another basic need though it is not comparable to the physiological needs, being higher than it, is the safety needs. The human beings seek safety a great deal and this bottled water is packaged to ensure that safety from disease through contamination. Maslow basically described that the lower needs are to be satisfied followed by the higher needs first.

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