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Project Proposal

Re: New Compliance System Project Proposal
Problem Statement
The new compliance system will center on the implementation of the technology of the company, it was found out that the implementation will be successful when the company will require at least ten hours of training over 2 days for all the managers around the country on both the host of the new compliance policies as well as exercise of new platform being introduced. In addition, the training should be performed in-person and hands-on at the central site. In this view, the company has to require receiving buy-in of organization because not all managers are willing to dedicate themselves to take their time from their usual responsibilities for some training sessions. This centralized training is not usually carried out by the company; hence the CEO wants to acquire feedback from the participants to assess the efficiency of the training performance.

Users and Stakeholders

The expected stakeholders that are directly involved are the managers across the country and the employees that will participate in the training session of the new compliance system. The new compliance system will focus on the implementation of the technology of this company.


The research and development of the companies in the United States frequently continue the unrelenting and worrying gap between the capacity to put the technology to work efficiently and the innate value of technology they improved. With today’s globalizing world, entering at the global competition is a must, the distance between the real attainment and technical promise is a topic of particularly grave concern. The success of the implementation lies on the right people and to have clear development in place for making of decision as well as the project management. In addition, acquiring buy-in from all of the stakeholders is clearly defining roles of participants through having a better understanding of the expected results and how decisions will be achieved are all essentials to success. Introducing the change and innovation of technology into a business present a new set of challenges to the management rather than the work of competent project administration. The success of the implementation could provide rewards in the effectiveness and rewards of an organization. The ‘human factor’ plays a significant role in the implementation process, these includes analytical thinking and making of decisions based on systematic, capability to encourage others in a perspective of efficient communication and cooperation, and the interaction between the organization and the technology. The main objective of the project proposal is to acquire feedbacks from the participants that are involved in the training session to assess effectiveness of the training. The success of the training evaluation will be evaluated through the learning of the participants, the response of the participants on the training session through observing them during the trainings session and survey questionnaire that will fill out by the participants, the behavior of the participants, and the outcome of the training (Barton et al 1985; Burke et al n.d; Vaughan n.d).


This training session and the evaluation of the success of the training through evaluation are essential to ensure that the project proposal will succeed. Given that this wide scale centralized training has not been done before by the company, thus the company does not have the experience and knowledge about the training session for the new platform and the host of new compliance policies.


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